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Virgo Full Moon: No Flow without Form

So, we have a paradox

where washing the dishes one time is seemingly unimportant.

But washing them 10,000 times (consistently, every day) is important

because that repetition ensures that we always have plates and silverware at our disposal.

But we can’t wash the dishes 10,000 times unless we start by washing them once.

A single action done correctly and repeatedly makes all the difference in our lives. Alex Kakuyo

Full Moon on March 18, 2022 at 28 Virgo helps ground us and bring our attention to the detail and task that is right in front of us.

Many years ago, while majoring in theater I had a movement teacher, Joe Gilday, who would say again and again, “There is no flow without form.” Musicians play an instrument but for an actor their body is the instrument. Movement classes for actors consist of yoga, Feldenkrais, circus acrobatics, and different forms of dance as a way for actors to strengthen their body, increase their flexibility and have a better awareness of their body as an instrument of expression. My teacher's repeated instruction of "no flow without form" was addressing the passion and vitality of his 20-year old students who had an abundance of creativity but were lacking in discipline and precision with their movements. The Full Moon brings our attention to the form.

Each Full Moon exactly opposes the Sun, and this Full Moon is on the opposite side of the sky from all the planets. A host of planets are in the mental and visioning sign of Aquarius and the intuitive and sensitive sign of Pisces. As an earth sign, Virgo brings a dynamic attention calling us to address 'the form' of our life – to the container, the structure, the particulars of a plan, and the routines that hold or channel ‘the flow’ of inspiration, creativity, and desire. Virgo brings analysis, discernment and focused attention to the mundane realities of what needs care.

The earth element forms the riverbanks that determine the course and flow of the water of a river. If the riverbanks are not as strong as the flow of the river, the water floods the land and the flow dissipates. Similarly, we are to look at how to strengthen the infrastructure of our life so it can receive and facilitate the flow of life.

Our physical body is the form in which our whole life is held and unfolds, so the Virgo Moon supports us in revamping routines to enhance self care and well-being. Our homes are the form that contains and holds our possessions and the movement of our personal life, so the Virgo Moon supports us in efforts to do the cleaning and repairs so that our home can be the sanctuary we wish it to be. As we look to our professional or social lives, we are encouraged to create or strengthen plans and systems to support future growth and achievement. The Virgo Moon gives a boost in being able to manage our time, resources and projects with an eye to streamlining and simplifying what we put on our plate to accomplish.

The Virgo Moon is helping us to effectively find a way to facilitate a time of transition, as one way of living is passing away and a new way is arriving. We are currently intuiting the seeds that will spawn new life even if we don't yet know the shape they will take (Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury in Pisces). In the next weeks, we can anticipate an incoming flood of inspiration, feeling and vision that will need to be effectively channeled (Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces) and the Virgo Full Moon marks the time to do the cleaning out and preparation so we can welcome and hold what will be awakening within us. If we do this well enough, the inspiration will not be a fleeting high but something that we can embody and bring to flower in our lives.

We may feel emotional confusion or overwhelm in the days leading up to the Full Moon (Moon opposing first Mercury, then Jupiter, then Neptune, before coming into opposition with the Sun). The abundance of Piscean water may amplify our sensitivity, feelings, and fears. Somewhere we may be flooding. The waters within us are flowing over the riverbanks of the structures we have built in our daily life, announcing where we need to clean up, detoxify and strengthen the container.

The Virgo Moon lights up the detail of what needs attention. In general, it is probably not a big movement, but one or more small ones that can have large rippling effects such as: getting to bed at a reasonable hour, cleaning out a closet, repairing a household item that is broken, reworking our monthly budget or looking at to better allocate our time so that our plate is not overfull. Our gaze is on the particulars with an eye with how to streamline, foster better efficiency, and set realistic goals that allow for balance, order and well-being.

There can be a tendency to go overboard wanting to get it just right or worrying that something is not perfect. Perfection is not the goal. Expecting perfection fro ourselves can create its own imbalance. This shadow side of working with Virgoan energy can result in excessive worry, stomach issues, headaches and sleepless nights as our mind works strives to get something just right. We are to do our best and relax our standards around some belief that we need to be more than who we are as we look to making improvements to our daily life and routines.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about sorting through things, and getting rid of clutter.

It’s about taking stock of who you are, and how others see you.

It’s a chance to redefine yourself, to change expectations,

and to remember that it’s never too late to recapture who you were,

or to aim for where you want to be. Unknown

"Less is More"

Earth Grand Trine - The Moon, Pluto and the North Node

The Virgo Moon’s invitation is amplified and strengthened by a glorious Earth Grand Trine that involves all the earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo). The Moon is working harmoniously and supported by the Transformative energies of Pluto and the Future-oriented pull of the North Node. Working together, they are facilitating us in strengthening the container and the structures that allow for the flow of life, dreams, creativity, and vitality.

There is great beauty and timeliness to the Earth Grand Trine as it opens the way for us to transform the routines that shape and make up a given day. With an eye to who are becoming (North Node), we can transform (Pluto) our daily habits and routines to support and enhance the smooth running of daily life to create good order and well-being (Virgo Moon). Changes we make now are to support better grounding, well-being and balance.

2022 is a year that propels us to simplify our lives, remove the extraneous, the drama and the intensity (North Node in Taurus) so that we do not overextend or feel disconnected from ourselves. There may experience an emotional intensity (Moon trine Pluto) that amplifies a deep need we may have previously minimized around the care of our bodies, our home, or the practical details that support our work in the world.

Less is More is one of the key directions I remember from my 2nd year acting teacher. This direction was given repeatedly when we we trying too hard trying to express an emotion, an intention, or communicate a character. This direction invited us to relax, to trust ourselves, to not overthink, overdo and allow acting to be easy and effortless. Often, the smallest of movements or expressions could communicate the volume of what we wanted without having to over complicate the process to achieve the desired result. The message of the Grand Trine resonates with Less is More, encouraging us to explore how to minimize our movements, not overextend, overdo, or try too hard. We are to pay attention to what is essential, nothing more and nothing less. Let our routines and our plans support the grounding of our lives to nurture what truly matters most.