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J. Hawkins, Bristol, UK

[Liv] analysed my chart, told me where I could best realise my ambitions and gave me brilliant, insightful and extremely helpful advice for the coming year. I am a former student of astrology, currently working as a psychological coach/Mindfulness teacher. I have had many astrological readings and have a good understanding of astrology and psychology– Olivia stands head and shoulders above any astrologer I have ever met. I highly recommend her.

D. Rafferty, Galway, Ireland

Enormous gratitude for Liv's clarity and relaxed way in reading my Natal chart and for her generosity of heart. It is very comforting to to see my personality and gifts, calling, and way of being me, reflected back to me in the reading. It is grounding, affirming and encouraging.. I am encouraging everyone to have this reading with you. It's literally a gift for life.

M. Macon, Winston-Salem, NC

The insights were spot on and the reading was extremely affirming!

K. Refoxo, Santa Barbara, CA

I have had a few astrology readings over the years with other astrologers, and Liv is as gifted an astrologer as they get. Not only does she have great clarity in her ability to see and connect the planetary energies at play, but her ability to translate what she understands for lay ears is precise, poetic and profound. Her reading is thorough and she goes deeply into answering the questions I have. I came away from my reading feeling as if I had stronger roots connecting within myself as well as an eagle eye understanding of my life. I will refer to my reading as a touchstone, and for clarity and illumination as I go down the windy road of the year ahead.

C. Brown, Seattle, WA

My readings with Liv helped me SO MUCH! And I've recommended Liv to a couple friends... a thorough, in-depth and spot-on reading! It has really illuminated a lot for me, about me energies these days and about my visions for my future. Simply beautiful!

S. Gleich, New York, NY

Several months ago I had a reading with Liv Woodford. It helped me to see things that I could not see on my own and has made such a wonderful and profound contribution to my healing. She opened my eyes to a new approach that has enriched my life. I highly recommend a reading with Olivia! I am so grateful!

J. Crebbin, Santa Cruz, CA

I have been listening to my reading with Liv and loving it. This is the first reading where I feel seen for who I am- the whole of me. With other readings, I didn't feel re-cognized, there were some insights, but not such a clear reflection back of who I am. 

A. Giles, Asheville, NC

Liv is wonderful!  I have been using Olivia for astrology readings for over 10 years. I have gifted many readings for friends and family and in each situation – the receivers were thrilled with the results.  Liv has a great sense of humor so even when she is conveying aspects of a reading that you may not really want to hear – her delivery and humor make it an easier pill to swallow.  I have found her accuracy to be incredible.  I always feel extremely inspired after one of my sessions.  I have done several different kind of readings with Liv- relationship charts, charts for the upcoming year and a natal chart.   All have been beneficial and helped me navigate situations that I needed help with…. I cannot give a higher recommendation

S. Lowell, Danbury CT

Liv is a gifted astrologer. I've been working with Liv for at least 7 years. Whenever she does a reading for me I am blown away. Her information is helpful and insightful. Her explanations are clear and concise. She goes into great depth, giving me information that helps me plan for life's challenges and understand my own dynamics. I highly recommend her. She is the best!

C. Rich, Phoenicia, NY

Liv, thank you for sharing your incredible knowledge and wisdom with me.  Everything you spoke about in my reading is still settling in, but I already feel more clarity and direction ~ and more love and acceptance for myself (unexpected bonus!).  Something shifted in me when you spoke about a past experience which helped me to release some judgment and misunderstanding against myself. What you are offering people with your astrology and who you are is an incredible very valuable gift.

N. Worthington, Pittsboro, NC

I knew my astrology reading with Liv was packed with useful information, but I didn't realize the scope and depth until I listened to it again six months later.  With that time span, and the possibility of listening for even more detail, I was able to see that Liv accurately described the energies that recently transpired and were currently in the mix for me.  More to the depth of who I am, Olivia was able to describe things about me from an objective viewpoint, filled with honor and humor, that were subtle, deep and true.


She lead me into the gallery of human emotion and stations of life, showing me the complex dream of today's life in colorful, relevant archetypes. They were ah ha moments, strung together as a strand of comprehension from the soul level to how and why the world appears as it does, how I can best relate to the world and myself, and how this relationship can be optimized for life purpose and effectiveness.  

Liv was able to clearly communicate an amazingly complex array of energies such as physical plane, my family, my commitments and inclinations, hopes and dreams, talents and applications, possibilities forthcoming, reasons for emotions, and best approach to career.


 I'm in my late 50's and can say I've done my share of self review; I thought I knew all this about myself.  She added clarity to the picture and lifted a veil I had securely fastened against some fundamental self-awareness. It was so helpful to simply look at these basic truths of my nature because in this process the revelation was totally comfortable and serviceable.


She delved deeply into every bit of my chart on a span of dimension from early childhood to soul purpose and spiritual nature.  She dealt competently with a great amount of complex information and articulately delivered myself, my life, and my loved ones, to me.  I felt honored, understood, guided and uplifted.  This was an experience I feel very fortunate that I can repeat as we explore the coming months. Liv is a dedicated, heart-centered, hard-working astrologer of amazing insight, wit and wisdom.​

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