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     The night sky has captivated my sense

of wonder from the moment I first looked up


and beheld the vast mystery and beauty of the canopy lying always and reliably overhead.

As a child, I began learning the constellations and where and when I could expect to see them in the heavens above. Both sides of my  family are immigrants and we have been a nomadic people for several generations, compelled to move away from the place we were born and raised.


While my ancestors did not belong to or have deep roots to a given place, we have all seen the same sky.  The starry sky orients me in time and place, has me feel the bond with my ancestors and a connectedness to something larger and more expansive than the life that daily engages me.

My study of astrology began with a sense of play and curiosity.  It was fun. 

As a young adult, I was fascinated by the tradition of astrology. An ancient art developed and practiced since the dawn of humanity, it claimed to inform me about my own nature. It did not disappoint. It gave me a language and tools to understand my life design and the design of those I love in a way nothing else I explored offered


As I learned the basics of astrology, I received readings from multiple astrologers to see how they synthesized, read and explained my life by simply looking at a set of symbols and lines. Conversations with friends who were exploring astrology opened doors to talking about what made us tick and to understanding each other.


Playful curiosity became a vocation as I discovered astrology a reliable medium for:

  • Understanding myself, what makes me tick, and embracing who I am and am not

  • Deepening compassion for myself, the people in my life and my clients

  • Acceptance of the past and what is happening now within and around me

  • Fresh Perspective and insight into what is unfolding in my life, which empowers me to make decisions and navigate daily life in alignment with my soul purpose and design of my life.

  • Clarifying practical solutions to a current situation from knowledge of the cycles, patterns and understanding of key markers of my chart

  • Feeling myself part of something larger than myself – feeling the universe in me and my connectedness with all creation

  • Empowering and support others with fresh perspective, insight and clarity so they can better align with their soul purpose

My astrology practice took root and developed alongside a career in health and the arts

My career began as an actor and director in New York City after receiving a BFA in Theater Arts from Boston University.  My healing journey, study of depth psychology and experiencing working with Shakespeare and Co in Lenox, MA led me to a realization that at its core theater is healing. 


There is great power in the telling of a story- the story we live, the story we tell ourselves, and the the stories

we tell to guide our lives. My career has been diverse, with each position requiring a different set of skills.  The through-line of my career path has been a journey to discover what makes a good story and how to best tell it. A good story stirs the heart, opening us to something beyond what we already know.  It produces healing, a remembering or inspiration that creates connection and pathways that lay dormant within us. Lewis Mehl-Medrona, author of Narrative Medicine, wrote, "Everything is a negotiation of story," and I have come to witness the deep truth of this.

Working with this concept, I created Healing Theatre, a nonprofit organization that utilized a methodology where participants re-enacted stories from their life. Workshops and performances were created around a world myth or folktale that provided the framework to illuminate the archetypal journey at work in our lives. The personal and the archetypal journeys merged and participants experienced their story as part of a larger story within humanity.

As an extension of Healing Theatre, Experiential Astrology workshops/performances emerged where participants enacted and witnessed their birthchart come to life.

How we tell the story of an organization, of our lives or of an event,

can empower and be generative or dis-empower and deaden. 

Central to successfully implementing our life's design

is the story we tell about it.  In this vein, our

birth chart tells a story that can inform

and empower the story we create with our lives.


As an non-profit administrator for Kriplau Center in Lenox, MA; Revels, Inc. in Cambridge, MA; and Arts in Health

Arts Network at Duke in Durham, NC, I had the opportunity to shape, clarify and further the story of an organization. Teaching in public schools, facilitating retreats for adults, and in being a certified life coach, I sought to empower the imagination and creative impulse of those I served. Not all of us are painters, musicians or performers, but life is a blank canvas and we plan and execute a design for our life each day.


I maintained and grew my astrology practice while holding positions in small and large organizations, within

schools or as a consultant.  I have lived in six different states, in urban and rural environments and have befriended and worked with people of diverse backgrounds. Along the way I naturally became a storyteller.


Life experience deepened my understanding of astrology.

Likewise, my life was enriched by my continued

dedication to observing the cycles

and dynamics of the starry sky.

 I continued the study of modalities and approaches to chart interpretation, and am certified in Mythic Astrology

with Wendy Ashley and Fixed Star Astrology with Bernadette Brady.  My practice has been enriched through studying Shamanic Astrology with Daniel Giamario, Asteroids with Demetra George and Chart Synthesis with Noel Tyl. Currently, I am in the process of becoming certified in Evolutionary Astrology with Mark Jones.


The activities of my life are grounded in and informed by my spiritual practice and exploration of how the divine lives in and through me. I have delved into Eastern, Western, and Indigenous traditions with an added interest in gathering and finding the wisdom encoded in stories that cultures throughout the world hold as sacred.  My spiritual journey has led me from Christian mysticism to a residency with Kripalu Ashram, to my current immersion in Taoist practices and indigenous ceremony. My healing journey and practice have been enriched by a lifelong study of depth psychology.  A dedication to the healing and realization of my nature has given me a depth of perspective in the realm of archetypes and symbols, and a foundation for telling the story of a chart –the seemingly hidden but apparent design of a life there for those willing to unlock the mystery that will connect them with their own nature.

One morning,  I woke to discover astrology

had emerged at the forefront of my life.  


After 25 years of steady practice and observation of the sky's patterns and cycles, I made the leap in 2012 to being a full-time practicing astrologer. My practice draws upon all my talents, experience and wisdom to the reading of charts and teaching classes with a language that opens and unlocks truths about our essential nature.

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