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Your astrology birth chart

holds the key

to understanding your potential

and aligning with your life purpose


Perspective to Navigate Life

The natal birth chart is a blueprint of our life that illuminates the talents, challenges, inclinations and patterns that  show us our life purpose and the means to realizing our potential. A method to enhance self-awareness, astrology fosters an understanding of the connectivity of all life. Working in concert with our nature, we can find acceptance for what is happening and better navigate decisions, relationships and the road ahead.


During an astrology session receive insight and perspective to embrace your life as priorities are clarified, strengths are affirmed, and guidance is provided on how to meet opportunities. 


30+ Years Experience as a  Professional Astrologer


Astrology is a lifelong vocation for Liv. Her practice as an astrologer has been enriched and informed through the study of various astrological modalities. She is certified in Mythic Astrology with Wendy Ashley and Fixed Star Astrology with Bernadette Brady and has studied Shamanic Astrology with Daniel Giamario and Chart Synthesis with Noel Tyl.  She is in the process of receiving certification for Evolutionary Astrology with Mark Jones. 


Liv has a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University, is the Founder of Healing Theatre and is a Certified Life Coach. Through her roles as an artist, storyteller, teacher and nonprofit administrator she has  range of experience in which to view life and understand the human journey. 


Her spiritual practice and avid exploration of world cultures, Jungian psychology and eastern and western philosophies have given her a depth of perspective and experience in the realm of archetypes and symbols. 

As an astrologer, Liv values a down to earth approach to providing an insightful reading that is personable, warm, and inspiring as she creates trust between her and her clients. During an astrology reading, Liv looks to uncover root motivations and impulses, and offers practical solutions and next steps for what is discussed.


"Liv Woodford is as gifted an astrologer as they get.

Her ability to translate what she understands for lay ears is precise, poetic and profound. 

I came away from my reading feeling

as if I had stronger roots connecting within myself

as well as an eagle eye understanding of my life." 

K. Refoxo, Santa Barbara, CA

Featured Services

There are several options for an astrology reading using your natal birth chart. Below are popular options. Other options: Location (Astrocartography) Reading, Transit Reading and Electional Reading (picking a date). Astrology Events have proven to be fun and insightful at a bachelorette party, birthday party or reunion.

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