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Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Desire Insight

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

In my dream,

the angel said

You can only know something so long

before you have to admit it to yourself,

and I said

I haven’t felt any real time limit myself

and she laughed

so loud I woke up

and from far away

I heard her whisper,

Time’s Up.

Kai SkyeThe

Listen to your mind; it thinks.

Hear your heart; it speaks.

Hearken to your soul; it knows.

Matshona Dhliwayo

The Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022 at 2 Scorpio arouses our deepest passions along with accompanying fears associated with having or not having the object of our desire in the way we desire it.

Scorpio is the sign of Transformation, so this ultra powerful New Moon aims at sparking a revolution to undermine anything that stands in the way of us wholeheartedly loving and valuing ourselves. There are powerful and deep energies that are being stirred and we can slow down to welcome what is surfacing for us to feel, embrace and integrate.

To navigate all we are handling, we are to face ourselves with a fierce self love and acknowledge the truth about what makes us tick the way we do. Insights related to what this eclipise introduces will unfold over the next six months and will inevitably adjust our outlook and priorities so that we move from the abiding truth of our worthiness.

For the time being, we can be cautious about acting on what we are discovering or trying to persusade another to our point of view. Other planetary alignments cue us to slow down, to not take anything at face value, and to curb feelings of urgency or restlessness. It is beneficial to be patient with ourselves and our situation. The astrological climate for the coming weeks is unusually dynamic and complex, and we can expect sudden shifts and unexpected twists to the plot of our life.

The House where 2 Scorpio resides in each of our birthcharts indicates where the new opening is occurring that will likely arrive with emotional intensity associated with some truth about ourselves that we are ready to see. Sun, Moon and Venus in Scorpio tap into and release fear and powerlessness to catalyze a healing process that leads to us becoming more whole and true to ourselves. We are being provoked to move out of denial or dissasociation so we are more integrated, empowered, and not burdened by the past.

Scorpio Rules Areas of Life Where we Encounter Intensity concerning Issues of Trust. We may have insight into ways we wield or are subject to secretiveness, control, manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness or power games most especially related to money, relationships and sexuality. On the world stage there are disclosures and shifts in banking, financial systems, the stock market and with the hidden powers that influence or manipulate economics. This eclipse, and its sister eclipse on November 8, signal us to big and long-lasting changes we can anticipate in the realm of monetary systems.

We are called to a fierce self love that burns away issues of distrust and the residues of betrayal. We can better see the truth about ourselves and how to stand in our own power. Pointing a finger at how the world can change, or some person, or some law, or some work culture is a distraction to the deep self work that we are invited to undertake with the Eclipse as it unfolds over the next six months. Astrology Bracha Goldsmith said of the eclipse, “What is external is not deep.” Primal desires are being stirred. If we can desire insight about ourselves as our primary desire, we can avert getting pulled in by people and events that can distract and pull us off course.

Venus in exact conjunction with the Solar Eclipse

Jupiter quincunx the Solar Eclipse before re-entering Pisces

Eclipse Ruler: Mars square Neptune, Trine Mercury and Quincunx Pluto

Eclipse Ruler: Pluto quincunx Mar, Square Mercury

Grand Air Trine: Mars, Mercury, Saturn

Neptune square Mars, inconjunct Mercury

Saturn stations direct (October 23), still square Uranus

You’re not stuck.

You’re just committed

to certain patterns of behavior

because they helped you in the past.

Now those behaviors have become

more harmful than helpful.

The reason why you can’t move forward

is because you keep applying an old formula

to a new level in your life.

Change the formula to get a different result.

Emily Maroutian

The Solar Eclipse Phenomenon

Solar Eclipses opens us to potentials previously unavailable or just beyond our reach. For a brief time, the Moon blocks the Sun’s rays from reaching Earth. There is darkness, a night within the day. The unfolding of plans, lives, potentials is disrupted. In this disruption, there is an opening for something new and different to slip inside our automatic way of thinking and living.

Solar Eclipses happen at the moment of the New Moon when the nodal axis is near the Sun and Moon. While New Moon’s mark the beginning of a lunar cycle and signal what wishes to grow in the next month of our life, eclipses mark significant new beginnings.

The Path of the October 25 Path moves directly across Russia and Kazhekstan, Iran and Pakistan and so we can anticipate these regions to be most impacted by the eclipse.

Venus in the Mix

Two days prior to the New Moon, the Sun and Venus moved from Libra into Scorpio. We shift from having a social, fluid and creative disposition to one less compromising. We become more focused and attached to having our desires met in a particular way. This is amplified by the Sun/Venus quincunx to Jupiter at 0 Aries. This sets the stage for the Scorpio Solar Eclipse.

What is unique about the Solar Eclipse, is that Venus has interjected herself into the Sun/Moon/S. Node conjunction. Venus’s presence tells us that "What we Value" is undergoing some fundamental change in how it shows up in our lives. Venus, planet of Values, rules Self-Value, Finance, Relationships, Possessions, Real Estate and anything that we assign value in our lives. We are to discover something that we perhaps already knew but hadn’t faced around how we unnecessarily hold onto values that are no longer valid or empowering. Fears that have fostered obsessive behaviors that grasp for security at any cost are exposed. We can see controlling behaviors for what they are, crutches that mask an underlying insecurity that begs to be addressed.

Because this is a South Node Eclipse, and the South Node represents the past, we are ready to release something we have been carrying that no longer serve us. In Scorpio, we can see where we have outgrown some fear, need for control or demand to have something occur in a certain way. By relaxing this, releasing an old fear, life can become simpler, lighter, more straightforward. When I was a child, before I turned out the light and climbed into bed every night, I looked under my bed to assure myself there wasn’t a robber or monster hiding underneath. This went on for years, and then one day, I stopped. The fear, the nightly routine I enacted to ease my fear, was released as I no longer lived in the grip of it. Like this, the opportunity of this Eclipse is to identify habits and perspectives that were shaped by fear that are no longer needed and to release them, and to release the fear itself.

Love is a state of Being.

Your love is not outside;

it is deep within you. Y

ou can never lose it,

and it cannot leave you.

It is not dependent on some

other body, some external form.

Eckhart Tolle

The Juice is in What is Being Opened Up Within Us

Jupiter quincunx the Solar Eclipse

Jupiter amplifies the planets its engages. It forms the closest aspect to the Eclipse, and so magnifies the shift that is taking place. Something is being unmasked, coming out of the shadows to be seen for what it really is. We may be inclined to boldly assert and express ourselves, but because Jupiter is forming a quincunx, there is a distortion, an agitation, which cautions us not to get carried away with ourselves. We get the most mileage out of the Eclipse potential when we keep what we are discovering close to our heart, and slow down the impulse to adamatanly assert to others some value, some truth that we believe we now see all too clearly. We can enter into conversation in a spirit of inquiry, sharing what we have discovered and introducing questions rather than answers.

Jupiter has retrograded back to 0 Aries having us feel a boldness, a confidence. But with Sun, Moon, Venus in Scorpio, we will be especially sensitive to the impact of sharing too much and feel out of control if we expose too much. While Jupiter in Aries is inclined to throw the dice, play all the cards, the Scorpio's signature in current dynamics advises that we are intentional about what we wish to divulge to others.

A Note on the Quincunx Aspect

This eclipse has a notable number of quincunxes. This is the an aspect that is created when a planet is 150 degrees from another planet. When planets are opposing each other,180 degrees apart, we may not like what is standing in our way, opposing us, but we get what the challenge is and have a handle on how to engage. With the quincunx, something is coming in from left field, outside the periphery of our vision. It feels somewhat foreign and can knock us off balance. We then look to compensate for this to gain a foothold, but there is a distortion in the way we initially think to do this. Therefore, quincunxes introduce a process of discovery, where we entertain something foreign to how we are inclined to think, express and make decisions. With multiple quincunxes in the eclipse field, we are shown that there is new information, variables, and perspectives that need to be encountered and integrated to gain the desired insight into the truths we are facing within ourselves.

Slowing Down to Allow for Adjustment and Insight

The Eclipse Rulers: Mars and Pluto

Mars and Pluto, corulers of the Eclipse, are in a quincunx aspect. Both are in relationship with several other planets, reflecting a level of complexity and intensity surrounding what we are experiencing in our lives and within humanity. The heat has been turned up to fuel the transformation that is required.

We may feel amped up without any substantive clarity about what the heck we are doing. Intense feelings and desires are coupled with confusion around what information to trust and where the truth really lies. The next paragraphs will unpack the complexity of what the corulers of the Ecljpse are illuminating about the eclipse dynamics.

Mars and Pluto, corulers of the Eclipse, are planets that initiate bold action, but they have differing agendas and are currently butting heads with each other (quincunx aspect). We are revved up, conflicted about which direction to take, and can end up just spinning our wheels unless we actively slow ourselves down. We can find ourselves being busy for the sake of being busy, where we race about our day. By the day's end, we feel scattered and realize that we have not gained much ground and have just been spinning our wheels. Rather than allowing this energetic to drive us to distraction, we can take hold of the reins and slow ourselves down. We can be intential about what activities and conversations we chose to engage, so that we do not fritter our time and energy away.

The resolution for what is being stirred by Pluto and Mars will not happen until the Spring when the quincunx aspect between them is at last perfected. Mars throws a punch Pluto’s way, but instead of fully engaging, backs off and retreats for a few months. Mars is ready to station and go retrograde and will not fully engage the quincunx with Pluto until a few weeks after Mars moves forward again in mid-January. So, practicing patience, believing that all will unfold in the right time, we can be present to intensity without making rash decisions to dissipate the pressure we are experiencing. Our lives are a crucible the next few months for a transformation that is to take place. We need to be heated up for the transformation to be successful our lives. If we feel like a simmering stew, than we are on track.

The world has enough light from the sun,

but not from your mind; and

the universe has enough light from the stars,

but not from your soul.

Matshona Dhliwayo

Reaching for Clarity

Mercury trines Mars, squares Pluto and Quinunxes Neptune. Our minds are charged up (Mercury trine Mars), yet we are challenged to see something in a new way, a truer way (Mercury square Pluto). We may feel emboldened to impress on others the truth that we see, but this may not be the best use of our energies. We are much like Alice in the House of Mirrors for the coming weeks in that truth can be distorted as it bounces off one surface to another. Another metaphor that comes to mind to explain this is when we see the Moon’s impae resting on the surface of a lake. It appears that the Moon is on the lake, but it is actually just a reflection and the true Moon, the real Moon is high above us. We are trying to discern the truth amidst the onslaught information coming at us, but there is propensity for getting caught in our imagination and to get swept up in illusions based on what we wish were true (Mercury Quincunx Neptune). On the plus side, creative and artistic activities can flourish. Journalling, writing and composing can help us to sort through and process the complex feelings and new insights we are having

Air Grand Trine: Mercury, Mars and Saturn. In the days following the Eclipse, Mercury will move past the quincunx with Neptune, and there will be greater clarity as Mercury comes into an exact trine with Mars and Pluto. We will have greater clarity around the pros and cons around what will work, what decisions we are ready to make, and what we are ready to cut loose. We may get stuck in seeing the benefits of all options and the desire to please another’s wishes (Mercury in Libra). Overall, Mars support of Mercury will help us to come to a resolution about what will ultimtately work for us as we make plans for the future.

In the last days of October, we will be ready to have difficult conversations with others as we look to concretize plans. The catch, and there are a lot of catches with this eclipse, is that Mercury (Mind) is trine to Mars (action, drive) as Mars is slowing to a screeching halt, readying to turn Retrograde. There may be delays in our timeline of how our plans will happen and a need for multiple conversations to arrive at agreements.

Neptune square Mars and Sextile Pluto

Pluto sextile Neptune has been going on for the better part of the last 100 years, so most of us have this sextile in our birth charts. Pluto (Soul Urge) and Neptune (Spiritual Ideal) are in a harmonious aspect that quietly and consistently is prodding us to contemplate and align with what is most meaningful. This aspect, always operating within us, softly and yet resolutely pulls us to align with creating a life of deep meaning.

Mars and Neptune have Three exact Squares: October 11, November 19 (while Mars is Retrograde) and again in March 14, 2023 when Mars is moving direct once more. The planet of action (Mars) is caught in Alice’s Looking Glass, ensnared in Neptune’s illusory, ego-denying, spiritual web of dreams and ideals for weeks to come. We are confused about our direction, the best course of action and the timing for what wants to occur. There are questions about what is real, and what is just made up. The truth of a situation seems complex and just out of reach. The effects of Mars square Neptune are pronounced at this Eclipse because it is a dominating aspect from the beginning of October through March. This is due to the Mars Retrograde's prolonged engaged with Neptune, planet of illusion and idealism.

We can be easily caught in a fantasy, feel befuddled about where boundaries actually lie, and have difficulty discerning what is real from what is just smoke and mirrors. We are more likely to be gullible to other’s opinions or powers of persuasion and buy into something illusory. We can just as easily lead others down a path that is deceptively not what it seems. Issues that arise during the coming weeks may take a while to fully resolve. We are to welcome taking the circuitous route, or the detours that life takes us on as the straightforward route will prove not so straightforward. What appears to be a wild goose chase may be just what we need to shed our illusions about ourselves or a situation so that when Mars moves forward again, our wishes and actions are better aligned with our soul’s desire.

On The World Stage...

The Eclipse reflects big changes in financial systems, the stock market and investments. We can expect continued instability and surprises before things even out. Scorpio is also about secrets coupled with big power and big money. There wil be more airing out of what has been happening behind closed doors or away from the cameras.

The Eclipse Rulers Mars and Plutom and the aspects they are making, indicate that there may be an increase in power plays and power games being waged as those who hold power seek to secure their control. For these power players, rather than allowing space for their frustration and confusion, they may speak rashly or make impulsive actions in an attempt to secure their desire for dominance.

The Second Eclipse happening two weeks from now on November 8, after Mars has gone Retrograde, will happen on the United States’ election day. Again, finances and security issues are highlighted, as are outbursts of rage and demonstrations. We can not feed into the shadow side of what the elcipses and Mars’ movements may provoke, but slow down and be aware that all is not as it seems. There are transformational energies at play around secrets, power and money and how we approach issues of personal, national and world security.

If I love myself, I love you.

If I love you, I love myself.

Final Thoughts...

The Eclipse opens us to the secrets, the power and powerlessness, the fears and primal desires that live just beneath the surface. We are coming into intimate contact with our own depths.

We can better see these hidden energies operating within ourselves especially when it comes to how we view, reach for, and experience security (Venus conjunct the Eclipse). With this insight, we can release fears and needs that we have outgrown (South Node Eclipse).

It boils down to welcoming exponential growth in our ability to love ourselves - all of who we are. Money, possessions and wordly power are often used to bolster our sense of value. This eclipse dispels the myth that there is anything 'out there' that will remedy our sense of insecurity. Security and confidence emerge from the high value we assign ourselves above all outer things we value. To support this, the Eclipse has us encounter what stands in the way of being able fiercely, resolutely love and hold ourselves in high regard.

There are new and yet abiding truths coming to light that will support us to better realize our potential for love, connection, and acceptance. Vulnerability and transparency become part of what makes us strong as we release the crutches and habits that gave us a false sense of control. A strength we didn’t know we had, lying dormant within us, is quickened. This strength will emerge as we shed the skin of something we have held onto at the expense of self love. We may see where we have settled for something – a possession, person, job – that has reinforced the belief in our powerlessness and lack of value. We can see where it has given us a sense of security, but has been a poor substitute for the security and strength of valuing oneself.

The Eclipse burns away illusion and false narratives that have ensnared us. Deep feelings and fears can surface as part of the transformation being offered. We are primed to shed the protections that have kept our love under wraps. The Eclipse is inviting us to a fearless self love and deep trust in the movement of life and to see everything else as a distortion that we have fed and reinforced. It is time to remove the blinders, the fears, the patterns, the past. The pathway may feel treacherous, not practical, but being free of the drama and complexity that fear generates, is well worth the journey. This eclipse has arrived to assist us with that journey.

As we go done the rabbit hole into the secret inner workings of our psyches and soul movements, like Alice, we may discover wonderous things that reveal deep truths that shift our perspective and open us to loving ourselfves and life in a new and powerful way. Likewise, we will also be navigating the maze of Looking Glass, engage the Mad Hatter, face the Queen of Hearts and sort through a world of misinformation, alternative facts, and a self-destructive culture. We can feel how we are lost in the labyrinth of our mind’s conjuring, of our conditioning, of what other’s have influenced us to believe. We are not to wish it were different, or prematurely jump into a world of pragmatic clarity, but to seek a way through that will lead to remarkable insight.

We are to slow down, trust the process and feel the way through. The world we have known is undergoing massive change. The lingering Uranus/Saturn square emphasizes this. Things need to be destabilized, including our own way of thinking. The map we were handed by our parents and the culture about how to navigate life is no longer valid. The terrain is rapidly changining and we are called to take time the next months to discern the truths that propel our life towards one of love, connection to arrive at a sense of security that no external circumstance can shake loose.

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Stacy Lewallen
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