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Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Desire Insight

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

In my dream,

the angel said

You can only know something so long

before you have to admit it to yourself,

and I said

I haven’t felt any real time limit myself

and she laughed

so loud I woke up

and from far away

I heard her whisper,

Time’s Up.

Kai SkyeThe

Listen to your mind; it thinks.

Hear your heart; it speaks.

Hearken to your soul; it knows.

Matshona Dhliwayo

The Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022 at 2 Scorpio arouses our deepest passions along with accompanying fears associated with having or not having the object of our desire in the way we desire it.

Scorpio is the sign of Transformation, so this ultra powerful New Moon aims at sparking a revolution to undermine anything that stands in the way of us wholeheartedly loving and valuing ourselves. There are powerful and deep energies that are being stirred and we can slow down to welcome what is surfacing for us to feel, embrace and integrate.

To navigate all we are handling, we are to face ourselves with a fierce self love and acknowledge the truth about what makes us tick the way we do. Insights related to what this eclipise introduces will unfold over the next six months and will inevitably adjust our outlook and priorities so that we move from the abiding truth of our worthiness.

For the time being, we can be cautious about acting on what we are discovering or trying to persusade another to our point of view. Other planetary alignments cue us to slow down, to not take anything at face value, and to curb feelings of urgency or restlessness. It is beneficial to be patient with ourselves and our situation. The astrological climate for the coming weeks is unusually dynamic and complex, and we can expect sudden shifts and unexpected twists to the plot of our life.

The House where 2 Scorpio resides in each of our birthcharts indicates where the new opening is occurring that will likely arrive with emotional intensity associated with some truth about ourselves that we are ready to see. Sun, Moon and Venus in Scorpio tap into and release fear and powerlessness to catalyze a healing process that leads to us becoming more whole and true to ourselves. We are being provoked to move out of denial or dissasociation so we are more integrated, empowered, and not burdened by the past.

Scorpio Rules Areas of Life Where we Encounter Intensity concerning Issues of Trust. We may have insight into ways we wield or are subject to secretiveness, control, manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness or power games most especially related to money, relationships and sexuality. On the world stage there are disclosures and shifts in banking, financial systems, the stock market and with the hidden powers that influence or manipulate economics. This eclipse, and its sister eclipse on November 8, signal us to big and long-lasting changes we can anticipate in the realm of monetary systems.

We are called to a fierce self love that burns away issues of distrust and the residues of betrayal. We can better see the truth about ourselves and how to stand in our own power. Pointing a finger at how the world can change, or some person, or some law, or some work culture is a distraction to the deep self work that we are invited to undertake with the Eclipse as it unfolds over the next six months. Astrology Bracha Goldsmith said of the eclipse, “What is external is not deep.” Primal desires are being stirred. If we can desire insight about ourselves as our primary desire, we can avert getting pulled in by people and events that can distract and pull us off course.

Venus in exact conjunction with the Solar Eclipse

Jupiter quincunx the Solar Eclipse before re-entering Pisces

Eclipse Ruler: Mars square Neptune, Trine Mercury and Quincunx Pluto

Eclipse Ruler: Pluto quincunx Mar, Square Mercury

Grand Air Trine: Mars, Mercury, Saturn

Neptune square Mars, inconjunct Mercury

Saturn stations direct (October 23), still square Uranus