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Virgo New Moon: The Beauty of Today

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

My grandmother, she was always telling me

Wealth is the way you live,

The way you conduct yourself,

The way you speak,

The way you look at things,

Your thoughts.

This is all wealth

Wealth is not all just riches.

It is all in you.

Marjorie “Grandma” Thomas, Chinle, Az

The Virgo New Moon on September 17 invites us to tend to what is right in front of us: the laundry, bills, weeds in the garden, details of a plan, preparation of meals, how we speak to one another... And we have the creativity and impetus to re-imagine our daily routines and rituals so they better serve our overall well-being.

Our ability to discern how to best use this hour, and the hour after this one, is sharpened and there is greater facility with handling detail. We need look no further than the day we are living to find small but distinct ways to create order and beauty so when we place our head on the pillow at night we fall asleep feeling satisfaction with what we accomplished that day.

Many ancient cultures operated from a lunar calendar. The solar calendar we use today gives us the perception that we are progressing one year to the next, pioneers heading away from past mistakes and achievements and heading toward some unknown future that has yet to take shape. For our ancestors who used the lunar calendar, life was cyclic. While changes occured, the essentials of life repeated over - like the seasons with a recurring cycle for planting, harvest, and celebration. They weren't 'going anywhere' but visiting and revisiting life with an ever-deepening engagement and wisdom.

To align with the lunar calendar mindset, we follow the cycles of the Moon, seeing each month as a complete cycle. A new beginning is seeded with the New Moon, which is what makes it an opportune time to set an intention. In the two weeks that follow, we initiate activity borne of that intention that will climax in a crisis or culmination of efforts on the Full Moon. During the last two weeks of the cycle, as the moon wanes, we give ourselves to completing and integrating what was initiated at the New Moon as we ready for the next lunar cycle.

There are cultures, like the ancient Egyptians, who viewed each day as a complete cycle of creation. At dawn, the world is newly created. At sunset, the world as we know it dies and goes back to the dream, to the womb, to be birthed again for a new day. In this way, the people viewed each day as a whole creation. They more or less said to themselves, I have this one day and I will dedicate myself to being fulfilled with what I can create with it.

The Virgo New Moon cues us to think of our days as our ancestors did, meaning that for the next four weeks we make the most of each day without thinking too much about the next day or week or month. There is plenty today to engage our heart, efforts and focus. Thinking and tending to more than today may be too much right now and if we dwell in possible scenarios of tomorrow we may only succeed in creating anxiety and worry.

Rather than trying to see the forest for the trees, our time is better suited to zeroing in on particular trees - the small tasks and routines that provide harmony within and without. 2020's larger movements of Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn continue to do their work to uproot, dismantle and transform the structure of society and our way of life. Rather than wanting to wrap our minds around the big picture, the New Moon urges us to break our ambitions down into small manageable tasks that can be completed within the scope of a day.

Virgo as an earth sign looks for practical results. Ruled by Mercury, our mental activity is enhanced and is best used to sort, discern, problem-solve and pay attention to the specifics of what we are doing. We look for activities that will create better order and balance, like cleaning out a closet, giving ourselves to a new self-care routine, or in tackling the next small project within our career. The key is to focus solely on the next step and the task in front of us and to take life a step at a time.

Creativity and Ingenuity is Readily Available to Us

(Venus square Uranus and Mercury square Jupiter)

We may be bored with the routines already. They have become deadening, rather than nurturing. We are highly encouraged to re-invent the rituals of daily life: from how we prepare a meal or the morning routine that kicks are day off, or how we spend quality time with those we love. It is within the daily routines that we find the well-being and centeredness that gives us the ability to adjust to the unexpected and meet challenges that inevitably arise. So, let us make our daily rituals meaningful and life-enhancing.

Virgo Does Not View Effort as Work, but as Service

Our attitude towards the tasks and routines we undertake is an essential ingredient in feeling satisfaction with our efforts. Rather than falling into patterns of frustration, resentment, or martyrdom about doing what needs to be done, we can source a feeling of care, a desire to take care of something or someone.

The Shadow Expression of Virgo is Worry and Over-analyzing.

We can overthink a situation to the point where we become paralyzed to act or make a decision. Worry about some future outcome and our inability to control it will create anxiety, worry and sleepless nights. The remedy is to harness our mind to focus on the essentials of what can be done today, trusting that if we give ourselves fully to the next step, the next task, we are doing all we can to move towards a better future.

The Virgo Moon is Caught in A Stressful Grand Cross Configuration

Getting rid of everything

That doesn’t matter

Allows you to remember

Who you are. Simplicity

Doesn’t change who you are.

It brings you back

To who you are.

Courtney Carver