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Virgo New Moon: Small Changes, Big Impact

It’s the small habits.

How you spend your mornings.

How you talk to yourself.

What you read and what you watch.

Who you share your energy with.

Who has access to you.

That will change your life.

Michael Tonge

The New Moon September 6, 2021 at 8:51 pm EDT at 14 degrees Virgo reminds us that even the smallest pebble tossed into a pond can create ripples that touch and change the shape of the water. It is the same with the actions we take in our life.

The Virgo Moon invites us to focus in on the details of practical and mundane matters. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo emphasizes our mental faculties to sort, discern and analyze the particulars with an eye to creating increased balance, order and efficiency.

Let the intention we set for the coming weeks zero in on daily routines and habits. It is an excellent time to introduce a new diet or exercise routine, clean out a closet, do the home repair we have been putting off, or reconcile our spending patterns with our budget. We can declutter, tend to the messy areas and devote ourselves to activities or projects that promote healing and greater wellbeing. We are to pause efforts on big plans and projects and, instead, give generously to the cyclical, repetitive rituals of daily life so that these routines can support us when we turn our attention back to the big things we wish to move and change.

The New Moon Invitation is Given an Added Boost

Mars (also in Virgo) trine Pluto

There is a force, a passion being stoked within us that wishes to transform and make something happen. These two power planets (Mars and Pluto) in earth signs have teemed up to give meticulous and substantive momentum to small definable ways we can better care for our physical body and our immediate environment.

It is the small incremental adjustments we make to shift a habit that will yield the biggest results. Shifting how we conduct ourselves in our career, in the routines at home, or care extended to our physical wellbeing will have a ripple effect, thus shifting the overall shape and feel of our life. This passion for giving attention to the smallest of details or patterns will continue in the coming days as both the Moon and then the Sun trine Pluto.

Our power lies in our small daily choices,

one after another,

to create eternal ripples

of a life well lived.

Mollie Marti

The New Moon Sparkles with Possibility and Brilliance

Sun and Moon in an exact trine with Uranus

Uranus (planet of sudden change) is also in an Earth sign: Taurus. Sudden opportunities, surprising developments, and unexpected events can wake us up from our automatic way of operating and viewing things. A Progressive and exciting change may happen quickly and bring excitement and a sense of freedom. We can welcome a break in our routine and being out of our comfort zone. This can lead to self-discovery, creative breakthroughs, and innovative approaches to how we care and feel cared for.

Strong Emphasis on the Earth Element

Brings us Down to Earth, to Ground Ourselves and Keep it Real

With so many key planets in earth signs, our attention goes to what is right in front of us, what we can reach out and touch. We are to slow down and enjoy taking our time tending to what me call the tedious, mundane tasks we overlook when we are hurried and busy tending to big endeavors.

Where Virgo falls in our natal charts will indicate the area of life where small changes can yield big results. If we have planets in our chart that are between 12 and 15 degrees of an earth sign (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus), we have added potential and desire to have the small changes we make at this time to yield greater spaciousness and wellbeing in our lives.

There is a lot of conversation happening between the planets at this New Moon, encouraging shifts in perception that allow us to clean up our act. It is beneficial to take a look at was these are and how they give further shape and texture to the invitation of the New Moon.

In the dew of little things the heart finds

its morning and is refreshed.

Kahlil Gibran

Mental Clarity and Healing Communications

Mercury, Ruler of the New Moon, is in a Grand Air Trine with Saturn, Ceres and the North Node, and opposes Chiron

There is a clarity about how to cooperate with others (Mercury in Libra) to build something long term (Saturn) that