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Taurus New Moon: The Shape of Things

Everything you are against,

Weakens you.

Everything you are for,

Empowers you.

Wayne Dwyer

The Taurus New Moon May 11 Brings us Down to Earth

Taurus is the earth, the natural world and our nature as physical beings. It is the resources that bring abundance, like agriculture and our food supply. The sign of beauty, it is the flowering bushes and the fabric and design of our clothes. Taurus looks to the growth of value which includes the stabilized growth of food, of money, of resources and of self worth.

We are invited at the New Moon to connect to nature and the nature of being human. Our senses are heightened. We may find ourselves slowing own, giving ourselves to the full sensory experience of being alive. We can more readily feel the ground beneath our feet and move at the pace of our body rather than the thoughts and ideas of our minds.

A fixed sign, Taurus has an eye towards stability and to building something that will last. The New Moon is the optimal time each month to set an intention for the coming month, and at this New Moon, we are supported in shaping a goal that is tangible, practical and realizable. Just as we would tend a vegetable garden, the seed of our intention can bear fruit through steady care and daily attention.

The creative urge and the dream of creating beauty is accentuated (New Moon sextile Neptune) and we feel the inner strength to transform ourselves or the nature of the project at hand (New Moon trine Pluto). The planetary alignments aspecting this New Moon make for a loamy, rich soil to grow something new. Considering the time it takes for a fruit to come from a seed, we are to realize that the making an shaping of things take time. We are to draw upon the nature of Taurus to take things a step at a time, let things emerge slowly while extending patience and devotion to the endeavor at hand.

The ground we walk on, the plants and creatures, the clouds above

constantly dissolving into new formations -

each gift of nature possessing its own radiant energy,

bound together by cosmic harmony.

Ruth Bernhard

There is yet More Happening in Taurus than Just the New Moon

Uranus has been hanging out in Taurus since 2018, promising disruption and change in areas associated with Taurus and the earth. The ground beneath us may feel less solid. The way we relate to our nature and the nature of our world is changing. The nature of food production, money and what constitutes value is in flux. The New Moon arrives in Taurus encouraging us attune to rooting ourselves in what will endure and withstand the shifts of cultures and disruptions that may happen in our lives.

The Gemini Influence – Venus, Mercury and the North Node

We are at to be more curious, seeking information and taking satisfaction in exploring new ideas with Venus and Mercury in Gemini. While Taurus is ready to nail down the details and lock in a course, we are to also supported in remaining open to adjusting to new information or opportunity. We can integrate new revelation or circumstance and make good decisions (Mercury trine Saturn) in support of the New Moon intention. And as Mercury and Venus are quickly approaching the North Node in Gemini (May 2020 – January 2022), it will serve us to stay open, as the North Node is urging us to seek new understandings through shedding beliefs that are unduly limiting the fulfillment of our potential.

Eclipse Season and Retrogrades

The Taurus New Moon occurs at the doorway to the eclipse season. There will be a pair of eclipses, one on May 26 and the next on June 10. In preparation, we are prompted now to be clear about what we want and what is most important to us. This will help us navigate and respond to shifts that will arrive in the coming weeks.

We are also readying for a slow down. We have had several months of forward motion energy, where we been encouraged to move forward with projects and goals. Pluto turned Retrograde April 27. Saturn will turn Retrograde on May 23 and Jupiter on May 23. Perhaps most notable is the Mercury Retrograde, May 29 – June 22., that will dovetail with the eclipse season.

The next newsletter will explore the themes of the eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. What is useful to know as this time, is that there will be new awarenesses, unexpected opportunities and challenges that will dawn in our lives the next couple months and that this New Moon gives us the opportunity to ground ourselves, feel connected to the earth, and to have a clear intention on what we will devote ourselves to so we can respond and move with what lies ahead.


May Special!

Eclipse Season Readings

45-minute Reading


Two eclipses (May 26 and Jun 10) offer a reboot and new opening in our lives.

In the midst of the eclipse season Mercury will be Retrograde May 29 - Jun 22.

What big shifts are you contemplating and readying for

and how will the summer open up in the wake of the June dynamics?

Offer good through May 31


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