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Taurus New Moon: Embodiment

There is more wisdom

in your body

Than in your most

deepest philosophy


The partner of head is heart.

Body has no opposite.

In body, heart and head are one.

Georgi Y. Johnson

The New Moon on May 7, 2024, at 18 Taurus 

invites us to embrace and cultivate beauty from within by celebrating our nature and humanity. We are to indulge in the things that nurture and enliven our body and disengage from activities or thoughts that leave us feeling depleted.


April was dynamic, sometimes turbulent, with quick moving energetics that stirred much up. In that April showers bring May flowers, we now have the potential to bloom within this month. Accepting the New Moon invitation and take this as an opportunity come home to ourselves, to listen and receive, and to rediscover an inner calm, we can find a new joy in living in our body.


It may be a good time for some of us to take a vacation or spend time with friends as a way to give ourselves space to integrate what has been stirring in our lives. For others of us, we have been stirred to action, and the New Moon supports grounded, effective action to move something forward. Either way, the New Moon asks that we do this in an embodied way, where we are connected to and act in response to what feels good in our body.


Five planets in Taurus

Jupiter/Uranus conjunct the New Moon

Saturn sextile the New Moon

Ruler of New Moon: Venus in Taurus


Within 24 hours of the New Moon is the optimal time each month to set an intention for what we will initiate and grow in the coming month. The area of life primed for a new beginning is revealed by the nature of the house in our natal charts where 18 Taurus resides.

Leo Full Moon: Be the Center of Your Life

its enough

to pay attention

to the little things.

the steam rising off

the first cup of coffee.

sunlight coming

through the window.

there is no Right answer

for what is going to

make you happy.

there are only these

little things that add up

to how you spend your days

and it can take a long time

to see it's as simple as that

kai skye

Bringing It Down to Earth

5 planets in Taurus (Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus)


Taurus, the first earth sign of the zodiac, honors spirit in form - the physical world as an expression of the divine. With five planets in Taurus, we are compelled to grow and deepen a conscious and respectful relationship with matter. Our self-worth is nurtured in the weeks following the New Taurus Moon through how we interact and relate to our body, to Nature, and how we elect to spend our resources (time, energy, money).


Taurus resists change and yet with Uranus in Taurus (2018 – 2026), we have felt the ground beneath us shift or even crumble. Uranus is all about change and in Taurus it is has shaking up areas of life that we thought would endure, that perhaps we even took for granted. Uranus is initiating change in areas where stability has led to stagnation, and where our vitality has been exchanged for a sense of security. While change has been necessary to revitalizing our life and freeing us up, it may have left us feeling insecure. This New Moon helps us to find new ground to stand on. It can support us in integrating the changes of recent years and even welcome new ones as we find a new way to be more fully present in our bodies and the physical world.

New Grounding. The coming weeks may offer us a respite from the rapid changes of the 2020s.   There is an inner strength we can nurture now that will serve us in the months to come when we encounter new changes. We are to come present and keep our focus on what is happening now, and not look too far ahead or let our mind get lost in contemplating the past. We can look for activities that can help us ground and nurture peace within our hearts and minds. The work of grounding may even extend to our work in the world as we nurture our business or career ambitions.


Re-evaluating What we Treasure. Taurus likes its possessions and like to own things:  land, homes, cars, clothes...  In part this impulse comes from a desire for stability and security. And in part, this impulse comes from a desire to enjoy the comforts in life, be surrounded by beautiful things and to secure the best of what the material world offers.  

Yet, as Uranus has moved through Taurus since 2018, we have been required to detach from something we valued, and thought was important to our well-being. But as we let it go, we may have seen that it was holding us back in some way. 

The New Moon asks us again to look at our attachments and to identify what is life giving and what has trapped us or boxed us in in some way. It can be a habit that was once enjoyable, a possession that is costing us a lot to keep or upkeep, or a relationship that depletes our energy and has us not feeling good about ourselves.

Since 2022, we have been compelled to move more and more towards a value for simplicity, so we are not weighed down by too many attachments that tend to make life complicated (North Node in Taurus: January 2022 - July 2023) . Mark, a next-door neighbor of mine some years back would say to me, “Don’t waste too much time loving something that can’t love you back. Things are just things."


The Garden of Life. We are to indulge in what feels good to our body. We are sensual creatures and while we can get caught up in the business of making sure our basic needs are met, the Taurus New Moon invites us to prioritize what will feed and nurture our senses.  The world offers us an abundant feast. The one cautionary note is that we don’t overindulge. But if we remain connected to what feels good in our body, then we will not be inclined to overdo.


Shape New Habits. This is a wonderful New Moon to set an intention to feel good in our body.  We can make strides in rebuilding our health, letting go of activities that deplete or leave us feeling out of balance. We are to forge or strengthen habits that promote beauty and harmony.  Some of us may feel that we have tried and failed at this in this past, but we are now poised to make breakthroughs in our capacity to value and care for ourselves in a wholly new and unprecedented way (Jupiter/Uranus conjunct the New Moon).


Projects Can Make Headway. Last month may have inspired new ideas (Jupiter/Uranus conjunction), sparked confidence in ourselves to stand for something we believe (Total Aries Solar Eclipse), and/or gave us new insights as we reviewed plans, dreams, and ideas (Mercury Retrograde). We may now be ready to move a project forward, to give it legs, to let it transition from conceptual to taking shape in physical time. The Taurus New Moon supports that inclination. The New Moon also amplifies our ability to focus, be tenacious and persevere. Given that all planets (with the exception of Pluto) are moving forward, we may get some real forward momentum going. We can look to where 18 Taurus lives in our natal charts to know in what area of life we may see a little effort go a long way.

The body tells

the truth regardless of

if we speak its language

or not. ...

Often my practice has focused

on trying to meet

my body where it is,

instead of constantly

trying to get it

to meet me where I am.

 Lama Rod Owens

Look at Our Life as a Garden

Saturn sextile the New Moon

The conditions are ready for planting. The intention we set at the New Moon has promise of not just fizzling out but taking root and growing something of value and substance in our lives. It might be a new habit, a sense of inner peace, a new avenue we are opening up in our work…


Saturn in Pisces helps us to see the weeds in our life that can choke new growth. Perhaps some habit or some person or some activity is now robbing the soil of our life of its nutrients. It is only natural we can say to ourselves that if we wish something new to sprout up, we first need to clear away something that does not promise to yield much future growth. We are identifying what it is time to say goodbye to as we make room for something new. This can be a good time for spring cleaning.



Ruler of The New Moon:  Venus in her own sign, Taurus

Venus is widely conjunct the New Moon. She influences the New Moon but it has little influence on her except to embolden her own inclinations. Beyond the relationship with the New Moon, Venus is unaspected, meaning she is not forming a relationship with any other planet in the sky.  She is on her own, not answering or modifying herself for anyone. 

Known as the planet of relationships, Venus currently finds herself outside relationship. What does this mean?  It means that this is a powerful opportunity for us to validate ourselves. We can recognize that we don’t need to look for outside permission or approval to stand strong with what we value. As Venus flies solo, we can more clearly feel and affirm what lights up our heart and has us feel good in our body.


In Taurus, Venus is at home and is strengthen in her own sign. Our own earthy and sensuous nature is amplified, and we desire to follow what has us enjoy our body and have it feel good. We can look to slow down and relish the tastes, smells, sights, sounds, and thus be present to how life plays on our senses. In our work and private lives, in our routines and daily choices, we are to find ways to honor and celebrate the physical nature of our lives on a lush planet that offers an abundant array of options to enjoy and savor.


With this New Moon, we can recognize that we are worth it!  And with this feeling, new ways of experiencing balance and beauty and peace will dawn in our lives.

In beauty I walk

With beauty before me I walk

With beauty behind me I walk

With beauty above me I walk

With beauty around me I walk

It has become beauty again

Navaho Prayer

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