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Solar Eclipse: The Mind is Illuminated

It’s funny how we outgrow what we once thought

we couldn’t live without, and then we fall in love

with what we didn’t even know we wanted.

Life keeps leading us on journeys we would never

go on if it were up to us. Don’t be afraid.

Have faith. Find the lessons.

Trust the journey.


Solar Eclipse and Gemini New Moon

June 10, 2021 at 6:52 am EDT at 19° 47' Gemini

The seed of what will bloom each month is planted at each New Moon, and we can watch life unfold from this seminal moment as the Moon grows fuller and fuller with each passing night. A New Moon Eclipse marks a beginning that brings a radical shift to some area of life that was not open to us before and will be felt for the next six months.

The May 26,2021 eclipse prompted us to let go and release beliefs or attitudes that hold us back (Moon in Sagittarius conjunct the South Node). The June 10 eclipse is aligned with the future and offers a meaningful shift that that helps us move more assuredly towards the fulfillment our soul’s longing (Sun/Moon conjunct the North Node).

Ruler of Gemini, Mercury's Influence is Prominent

Mercury’s presence at this time makes for a powerful and fascinating eclipse. Mercury turned Retrograde on May 29 and has been moving closer and closer to the Sun each day since. When Mercury comes into Cazimi, meaning comes to the same place in the sky as the Sun, this marks the peak moment of the retrograde cycle. Mercury arrives at this peak moment on the day of the Eclipse.

Mercury is the Cognitive Mind, how we Think, Process and Communicate Information

With Mercury Retrograde, we are encouraged to turn our attention inward to review, reevaluate and regroup. New information or options may appear as we rethink our lives.

Mercury comes into the Heart of the Sun on the day of the eclipse, Mercury/Our Mind becomes illuminated by the Sun’s light. we have tremendous potential for a mind-opening experience where a shift takes place that allows us to see an issue, plan or ourselves in a whole new light.

Neither rare nor common, Mercury Cazimis are special and potent. They support us in discerning and deepening our awareness of an area of life that has been obscured or suppressed. Mercury in Cazimi provides a brief opening within our mind to wisdom, clarity and insight. It allows momentary and direct access to the Cosmic Mind where we can hear what the living world or the gods are saying to us, and has the potential to transmute our thoughts so we perceive something that previously was inaccessible.

Mercury will continue moving backward, separating from the Sun until it goes direct on June 22. Until then we are encouraged to reflect and review our direction and plans. If decisions must be made, and sometimes they simply do, make them from an informed and calm place, and avoid making one impulsively or from a feeling of false urgency. Often the urgency we feel to make a decision comes more from a desire to have the decision made and behind us, when typically there is greater benefit to taking an added day or two to sleep on it or do a bit of sleuthing so we can make a sound and informed decision.

A lot of the pain we are

dealing with are really only


A New Pathway is Ushered in with the Solar Eclipse

This will be the last eclipse in Gemini until 2029. Identifying the house where 19 or 20 degrees of Gemini falls in our birthchart, will give us insight as to where a new light is dawning in our life and in our thinking.

Be Curious about How and Why we Think What we Think

Gemini is speedy, curious and given to multi-tasking. The pace of daily life picks up. We may find ourselves darting about, with our mind jumping from one thing to a next. Daily life and mundane matters grab our attention and we find ourselves driving around town on multiple errands, surfing the internet from one topic to the next, or just allowing our mind to race. There may seem like a lot of things that need our attention, yet with Mercury Retrograde we may find that we are going nowhere fast.

Gemini’s Constellation is The Twins, representing duality: good and bad, dark and light, eternal and temporal. There are choices to make moment by moment. Do we want to go this way or that way? Which activity, which person, which task do we give ourselves to next? With Mercury Retrograde we may feel confused about which way to move or feel scattered jumping from one thing to the next. We will find greater benefit in slowing down, contemplating choices and even contemplating the nature of the motivation that would have us move in one direction versus another.

Eclipses by nature speed up the process of life. This eclipse is different. If we give way to the propensity to race, we may find ourselves confused or tired from trying to do too much. We are invited to counter the mind’s inclination to overstimulation and slow down! To receive the maximum potential of the eclipse, it is valuable to invest our time in reconsidering our approach to a task, confirming details of plans, inviting other’s perspectives, and in making sure we have the information needed to make a decision. The month of June is less about making decisions and more about doing the legwork to refine a decision.

The best way to engage the eclipse energy is to be curious about the nature of our mind and why it thinks the way it does. We can question our thoughts, wonder where a particular thought originated, and be curious about how we process information that leads to a decision.

We can select what thoughts to feed. In the same vein, we can identify the thoughts that serve only to disempower and zap our confidence. We can make strides in directing our thoughts rather than be at their mercy.

If we give into the energy to race about, we may miss the opening where we can hear something different within our own thinking. It is a time to be mindful and deliberate in what we choose to think and what we say to ourselves.

I think 99 times

And find nothing.

I stop thinking, swim

in silence, and the truth

comes to me.

Albert Einstein

Rational Pathways are Scrambled. Intuition is Greenlighted

Neptune Square The Sun, Moon and Mercury

Gemini excels at logic, facts and the exchange of information. With the three planets involved in the Eclipse all in Gemini, we so want to exercise rationale to understand, discern and see what needs to be done. Alas, if we rely on rational thinking we are more likely to feel befuddled, confused and mentally exhausted.

Neptune swims in potentialities and functions in the realm of dreams, spiritual practice, artistic pursuits, and romantic ideals. It dissolves or obscures what it touches, Under its influence, we may feel we have fallen down a rabbit hole and joined Alice in Wonderland in the House of Mirrors. Information we receive may actually be disinformation. Deception may be masked as inspiration and truths are misunderstood. Clarity fails us. Some vital piece to the puzzle is being withheld or is masked from view.

While Neptune tends to scramble our brain, it also points to how we are to navigate a maze of twisted thinking. There is a great potential available as Neptune thwarts the pathways and deductions of empirical thinking. Its presence cues us to deepen our relationship to our intuition, to hearing the messages in our dreams at night or discerning what the bird flying across the sky is saying to us. Realization can come from watching what is emerging as we doodle on a piece of paper, in a song we find ourselves singing, or quietly communing with nature. The soul speaks in metaphor, in story and in feeling. Intuitive communication is nonlinear, irrational and seemingly has no clear no discernable origin or logic. Taking time this month to deepen our connection and validation of our intuitive mind will yield powerful results.

Neptune’s influence will be felt throughout June. Hours after the eclipse, the Moon will exactly square Neptune. Three days later, the Sun will come into an exact square and Mercury is doing a dance with Neptune throughout its Retrograde cycle and as it moves direct once more after June 22. Neptune’s influence removes and dissolves. Clarity is lacking. Some fital piece to the puzzle is withheld or obscured.

We feel the impetus to communicate, travel and move life forward, but the Eclipse dynamics ask us to counter this, to slow down, to surrender the thinking mind, and trust that everything will emerge when its ready. We can all too easily find ourselves racing to figure it all out (Gemini), but no matter how fast or slow we go, clarity will unfold in its own time.

Mulitple planets in Mutable Signs Invite us to Be Flexible, Ready to Adjust

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Sun, Moon and Mercury in Gemini

Life is more malleable and fluid when planets are traveling in mutable signs. We benefit from a willingness to adjust rather than dedication to stabilizing something. We can look to being fluid, ready to adjust in response to circumstance. Creative solutions emerge if we allow our thinking and plans to be malleable.

Saturn and Uranus have their Second Exact Square on June 14 at 13° Aquarius/Taurus.

We find it stressful to reach for new opportunities available because the shape of our life doesn't seem to allow it. We feel entrenched in the structures and commitments we currently have and wonder how we can feel the freedom to reach for something new.

Because it is Retrograde, Saturn is currently the weaker of the two planets who are in a year long struggle and negotiation to resolve issue of control versus freedom, new ways versus established practice, and on how to move forward while honoring the past. The urge to break free and break out (Uranus) is the stronger force at this juncture. We may feel the impetus to break away from the crowd, from what is expected of us, and follow the beat of the drum that we hear intuitively rising from within our heart.

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind

And into the forest

I go, to lose my mind

And find my soul


In Conclusion

We currently lack the clarity to see the big picture, nor do we have the information needed to effectively meet what is coming around the next bend in the road. We are invited to surrender and trust that a picture and renewed perspective will take shape over the next month. Staying busy and and making rushed decisions in June could lead to increased confusion, exhaustion and anxiety.

Be open to learning, rather than asserting what we already know. There is more power in the questions we ask than the answers we reinforce or try to impress others with. We are to enjoy the place of not knowing and be curious about what we may discover.

It is not about being rational. It is about opening to intuition. There is an invitation to trust and listen to our intuition, to hear what the living world is saying to us. There is lots of information and disinformation we are exposed to daily. Confusion or overwhelm will be the prominent experience unless we drop out of the logical mind and open to another way of receiving - from the wisdom of our body, the voice of our heart, and from where our imagination leads us.

The Mercury Retrograde is giving us a break so that we can review and recalibrate so we can begin afresh. For now, we are to take time to think things through. Our perspective is undergoing a shift and by the end of June we will be viewing a project, a relationship or a situation in a new light and it may very well make a different and better decision than one made from the vantage point we have now.

As Mercury and Gemini are the patrons of writing. The day or two after an eclipse is an opportune time to write. Writing train of thought, without trying to direct what we are writing, may help to connect us to our intuition and reveal the new way of thinking, the new intention and the possibilities opening within us.


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