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Scorpio New Moon: The Poison is The Cure

We don't learn love,

which is already etched on our hearts;

we do, however, begin to unlearn fear. And with every change we make from blame

to blessing, we pierce the veil of illusion

that separates us from the world we want. Marianne Williamson

Feelings and desires surge to the surface during the The Scorpio New Moon on November 15

Our emotional nature is accentuated for this Super Moon, as the Moon comes as close to the earth as it can within its orbit There is a concentration of astrological dynamics that intensifies the influence of the New Moon, but before we look at these, it is worth contemplating the Scorpion nature.

Scorpio brings intensity, passion, and the drive to quench our deepest yearnings. Desire and feelings surge to the surface with the New Moon. We may feel compelled to engage them, avoid them, our act from them. We are invited to engage our depths and gaze on hidden motivations. What has been lurking just beyond our conscious awareness is now surging to the surface. What has been secreted away is exposed, and truths about ourselves and life meet the light of day.

If we welcome the intensity and not seek to diminish or avoid it, we have access to Scorpio’s inherent transformative power. Scorpio stirs issues of power and powerlessness. From the place of feeling powerless to move as we wish to move, we may try to compensate for the feeling of insecurity by asserting our power through acts of manipulation, control, self-protection or domination. Or, we can turn our attention to addressing the root cause of our impotency. .

We can ask ourselves:

am I looking to change a situation so that I feel better,

or am I looking to change something within myself

so that I can better navigate the situation at hand?

The Three Expressions of the Scorpio Nature:

The Scorpio, The Eagle and the Phoenix

The desire that compels or repels us from situations or people is the rudder for how we make the decisions we do. Desire is often an unconscious impulse. When strong enough it leads to obsessive and compulsive behaviors.The opportunity is to turn and gaze into the mysterious depths from where a desire emerges, whether it is for a pizza, a trip to a foreign land, a person, financial security or appreciation for our efforts.

Rather than simply acting out the desire, we can feel the longing, the ache, the wanting, and the acute vulnerability inherent in this. Rather than allowing our desire sit in the driver's seat, we can go through a process where we look at where and how to best direct the intensity of the yearning.

Scorpio has three levels of expression. In the coming weeks, we can be aware of when we are acting as the Scorpio, the Eagle or the Phoenix. Chances are we can see ourselves in all three expressions. As the sign of transformation, the heavy Scorpio influence of this New Moon gives us the opportunity to initiate a powerful change within ourselves and how we approach life.

When you plant lettuce

And the lettuce doesn’t grow

You don’t blame the lettuce

Thich Nhat Hanh

The Scorpio: Instinct

A narcissistic person. There is a lack of conscious awareness of one's desire nature with a compulsive need to satisfy each need that surfaces. Unmet desires catalyze great agitation, feelings of powerlessness and fear. Manipulation, controlling behavior, and deviousness are justifiable means to achieve a desired result. The experience of powerlessness attributed to a perceived outer threat that causes the Scorpio to ‘sting’ the cause of their misery. Power moves, vengeful acts and violence are means to reduce threat and to secure and sustain a feeling of being powerful. Vulnerability is to be avoided. There is little awareness or consideration for what lies beyond one's own desire nature. Addictions develop that result in the Scorpio person being a victim of their own desire with the tendency to sting themselves in self-destructive behaviors.

The Eagle: Purpose

An ambitious person. Their is an intellectual understanding of one's desire nature that has produced enough wisdom where the Scorpio person can put themselves in the driver's seat. Rather than being unconsciously compelled by desire, The Eagle harnesses and directs their desire towards achieving goals. There is a willingness to delay satisfaction, to avoid drama or succumb to self-destructive behaviors. Through observation, understanding and awareness, The Eagle has learned to control and direct the desire nature to achieve an outcome where they feel more powerful and satisfied.

The Phoenix: Empowerment

An altruistic person. Becoming intimate with one's desire nature fosters compassion, understanding, and fearlessness. The roots of desire are discovered. Desire for safety, for love, for recognition are embraced. Vulnerability is seen as a strength. Rather than looking for the outside world to satisfy a desire, a transformational journey is taken for the desire to be quenched through the attention and love the Phoenix towards it. The Phoenix has plumbed to his or her own depths to discover the true power that lies waiting and available within. The Phoenix has engaged, often multiple times, in a complete breakdown in competency to uncover their darkest secrets to release shame, fear, and victim consciousness They have let themselves become a crucible where the heat of the desire do its transformative work. Loss and rebirth are experienced and they rise from the ashes, with a true feeling of their own power. Having discovered their own empowerment, the Phoenix naturally empowers others and the situations surrounding them.

Unalkalhai and the Constellation Serpens: The Poison

The only question is:

Does this path have heart?

If it does, then it is a good path.

If it doesn't, then it is of no use.