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Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse: A Need to Unlearn

The Total Eclipse occurs on December 14 at 11:16 am EST


Is not really about

Leaving our homes

But leaving our habits

Pico Iyer

The events of 2020, reflected in the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunctions, gifted us the necessary ingredients to marinate and soften us in preparation for the new era dawning on the Winter Solstice, December 21 when the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurs.

The two eclipses preceding the solstice (November 30 and December 14) each create an appropriate disruption that allows for a recalibration so we are optimally re-aligned and ready to welcome the paradigm shift that is on the horizon.

The Sun enters Sagittarius each year as we approach the darkest day of the year.

Sagittarius evokes optimism and a generosity of spirit, with an eagerness to encounter what is just beyond our current view. Sagittarius has a love of travel and freedom. Travel is a way to expand our horizons and knowledge of the world. Travel does not have to be via plane, car or train. When we read a book, contemplate a new piece of information, take a course in school we are traveling to something beyond what we already know. Sagittarius embraces life as a grand adventure with infinite opportunities to learn, to expand our horizons, to gather wisdom and to share the wisdom of what is learned.

Eclipses occurring July 2020 through 2021 feature Gemini and Sagittarius on the Nodal Axis

The Sun and Moon conjoin with the nodal axis at an eclipse accentuating the polarity expressed by the planets occupying that axis, providing a kickstart for us to leave old ways of operating and and evolve. With Gemini as the North Node, we are being exposed to new information and new experiences that challenge what we have come to believe as truth, as normal, as sacred, as foundational to what constitutes a good life. We are to engage in a period of deep questioning of our belief systems with an openness to shifting our perspective so that our beliefs are altered in the process. For instance, the protest following George Floyd’s murder happened as the nodal axis shifted into Gemini/Sagittarius and the collective was challenged to revisit their beliefs around systemic oppression, black history, and police brutality.

A South Node Eclipse

The South Node is associated with our karmic past. The total eclipse eclipse conjoined with the South Node emphasizes that the new beginning, the change that is to be made will be in the release of a past way of operating.

The New Moon each month is the start of a new monthly cycle, a new beginning that will play out each month. It is a potent time to set an intention of where we want to give focused attention and what we want to see flower for the coming month.

A New Moon eclipse emphasizes the potency of the beginning initiated with the Full Moon. The beginning is more far-reaching and will play out over the course of the year ahead.

A South Node Eclipse invites us to let go of the past in some significant way.

We are readying to move forward in a new and unprecedented way on December 21 and the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 14 readies us for a paradigm shift. This eclipse points to the focus needed to ready ourselves for what is coming. There are things we need to let go of: a pattern, a way of seeing, or a habit that limits us. If we are willing to unlearn some area of our life, we can readily see how certain beliefs or ways of operating have been holding us back.

For clues as to what its time to leave behind and what of our beliefs need to be questioned, we can look to where 23 degrees Sagittarius falls in our individual birthcharts. The activities of the house where Sagittarius resides will indicate the areas of life where some decisive action to let go and to learn a new way of moving are warranted.

It may be that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go we have come to our real journey. The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings.

Wendell Berry

It we find ourselves confused, not knowing up from down, or what decisions we should be making, then we are in the optimal position for the big shift. It is an excellent time to say "I don't know" in response to many of life's questions as we remain curious and adventurous about where our questions will carry us. We are then open to a paradigm shift where we can see the world and ourselves in a radically different way. So, let us loosen the grip on what we think we know and be willing to be the student, the beginner. This is the golden key to unlocking the potential that lies within the eclipse.

There is an Actions to Take - Mars Trine the Eclipse

We are primed to take dynamic action. Mars, still in its shadow phase following its retrograde cycle this Fall, has generated the necessary heat and momentum for us to make a courageous move. The planets, except for Uranus, are all moving forward further emphasizing the need to move forward. The action is not so much about a big decision that launches us into the future, but more about shifting some pattern or belief that is slowing us down and creating a drag on forward momentum. The action may be to change out a daily habit, have a conversation we have been putting off, realigning our attitude, or rooting out a limiting belief. This is the opportune time to address and release something from the past that is keeping us from freely moving forward.

Our thoughts are stimulated as Mercury conjoins and travels with the Eclipse

There can be great mental clarity and insight at this time. Confusion around what is truth and what is only partial truth or an outright lie will persist for some time as Neptune continues to square the Nodal Axis. Within the confusion, we can have insight as to where have deceived ourselves or been deceived. Confusion will lessen if we are actively seeking to learn and not looking to assert or get mileage from what we already know.


Venus sextile Jupiter and Saturn

Venus' position at the eclipse helps us to absorb the year’s revelations and upsets and the lessons found within them. The adverse or disruptive potentials of the eclipse ae softened by this astrological alignment and help smooth the way for the December 21shift that will influence how power is held. In this transition from Capricorn to Aquarius, from earth to air, crumbling structures will be infused with a new vision for how to reconstitute society.