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Sagittarius New Moon: Circles of Connection

She sat by the open window and listened

to the song of living things, and

little by little she began to hear

how her own song fit

perfectly with the rest.

kai skye

by Karla Refoxo

The New Moon on November 23, 2022 at 2 Sagittarius

fans the flames of our inner fire,

sparking a growth spurt of optimism, intuition, wisdom

and the impulse to embark on a new adventure.

Our faith in ourself and life is strengthened. Affirming what we have learned and how we have grown over the last months, we recognize what matters most and what is true for us now. We are to honor what fires us up and vow to dedicate ourselves to nurture the enthusiasm and possibilities that it inspires. Our sense of adventure is fueled and we are to embrace the hunger for a new adventure.

New Moons mark new beginnings and with the New Moon in the early degrees of Sagittarius, it further emphasizes our readiness to explore something new. To support a desire to broaden our knowledge and understanding, we are to set an intention about some course of study, some location we can travel to, or some way of engaging the world. This movement is not so logical or pragmatic, but more arises from a deep-seated sense of faith for how we want to expand our horizons.

Coming Full Circle - Expanding Connection, Understanding and Faith

New Moon conjunct the Alpha Star in the Constellation of Circinus

The New Moon has me thinking about circles because of the constellation the New Moon conjoins: Circinus.

The constellation of Circinus represents as a compass - a drafting tool for drawing circles. It has one pen/pencil point and one sharp point that is positioned at the centre of the circle to be described.

Circinus comes from the Latin circare, which translates: to go around in circles. The compass (Circinus) is named because it makes a circle (circulus) when it is turned. The point in the middle of the circle is called the center and everything that is to emerge is defined and related to this middle point.

Circinus, the Compass reminds us that we are to give equal focus to the center as we broaden our horizons and our circle of influence. Sagittarius, a fire sign, points to the fire that burns within us, at our center. This fire is fed by knowledge and understanding that arises from a connection with everything around us. The adventurous spirit of the Full Moon is embraced when we simultaneously align with a faith in the deep intuitive wisdom that forms the roots of who we are coupled with the yearning to have this expressed and reflected back to us in what we create in the world.

Circunius has me thinking about the cyclical nature of the seasons and stages of our life. The universe, and the earth where we reside, move in an ever-expanding, dynamic circuluar pattern. Our lives, connected with this universal rhthym, also move in a circular pattern. Western culture would have us believe life is linear, and that life progresses in a straight line from childhood to old age, but if we observe the pattern of our lives we may see that our life spirals with learnings, fresh wisdom and new growth with each rounding of the circle - hence the phrase, ' I have come full circle'. We often return to the same issues, dreams and challenges but each time we meet them with a deeper and richer perspective. As we venture out for another rounding, our movements are determined by the strength of our center, our faith, the inner fire that guides us.

Look at the stars...

It helps you to remember that you and your problems

are both infinitesimally small and conversely,

that you are a piece of an amazing and vast universe.

Kate Bartolotta

All of the stars rotate, have orbits around the center of the galaxy, and

most of them go around the center of the galaxy in nearly circular orbits.

They vary a little bit from circular, but they're predominantly circular.

Nancy Roman

The Universe is expanding, but what exactly is it expanding into?

By definition, the universe is everything, so there is nothing external to it for it to expand into.

It is not expanding into anything as such – everything is expanding.

Andrew Taubman

Don’t’ limit yourself to the skies when there is a whole galaxy out there.

Bianca Frazier

  • Seven Planets in Mutable Signs

  • Stellium of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus conjunct in Sagittarius

  • New Moon square Vesta

  • Ruler Jupiter trine New Moon and conjunct Neptune

  • Venus and Mercury trine Chiron

  • Mars Retrograde out of bounds and trine Saturn

All five personal planets and two outer planets are in mutable signs. We are more fluid, more malleable, willing to entertain new ideas or ways of understanding or responding to circumstance. Simultaneously we may feel restless and unable to give concentrated focus to any one task. We are more likely to be distracted or drawn to what lights us up, which means mundane routines may not hold our interest. We are to be curious where our distractions, our daydreams, and our interests carry us.

This is the first of five consecutive New Moons that occurs at the first degree of a sign. The first degree signfies that something is new - a divergence from what has been. This five-month pattern of upcoming New Moons reinforces that we are on the precipice of new initiatives and possibilities that can open for us. The Sagittarius New Moon is a call to adventure, helping us shake off the heaviness, the world weariness, and ignite the inner fire that hungers to discover something new. Sagittarius, the sage, calls us to use the wisdom of our experience, to walk our talk and to express the truth of who we are (rather than opting for something less than this).

Faith in Ourselves and Wisdom Forged through Experience

Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries

Mercury and Venus conjunct the Sagittarian Moon. Together, they are all traveling within the Sun’s light. This means we can not see these planets now in the sky after sunset or before sunrise. Just as the Moon has gone dark, Venus and Mercury are being renewed and strengthened by the Sun. We have been on a journey to strengthen our self trust and to have faith in with what we are seeing, understanding and desiring (Venus/Mercury trine Chiron). In healing our self-confidence (Chiron in Aries) we are unearthing a wisdom borne of the healing work we have done, and will give us the impetus to embrace the adventure we are hungering to undertake.

The house in our Natal Chart where the first degrees of Sagittarius reside shows us where this stellium of planets is rejuvenating us and where we may be experiencing a fresh optimism and a growing desire to expand our horizons and discover something new about ourselves and life.

The shadow expression of the New Moon with such a strong Sagittarian signature: we can be overconfident and arrogant. We may overreach and bite off more than we can chew. This can be offset if we remember the symbol of the Compass (Circinus). To come from a centered place where we listento what is rising from within, we can trust ourselves. We can expand our horizons and draw larger and larger circles that extend our influence and open us to new experiences if we steadfastly walk our talk and align with the wisdom of what we know to be true.

Staying True, Nurturing what is most Sacred

New Moon trine the asteroid Vesta

Vesta is named for the vestal virgins who were dedicated to keeping the fire going and not allowing it to go out. This asteroid it points to the eternal fire and to the one who tends the eternal fire. The New Moon’s alignment with this asteroid reinforces and enhances what the Compass signifies.

Identifying what is most sacred to us and nurturing it, we readily open to and intuit the next adventure, the next subject, place or relationship we wish to explore. We tend the fire within through our hunger to learn and grow, having faith that this fire will naturally radiate and manifest in a beautiful way.

Take it Slow, Don’t get Ahead of Ourselves

Mars Retrograde, out of Bounds, square Neptune and trine Saturn

Mars, planet of action and drive, is retrograde. We are thus cautioned to not make impulsive decisions or bulldoze a pathway to make something happen that is moving more slowly than we like.

Mars Out of Bounds (traveling outside the path of the ecliptic). We may feel a desire to be a renegade, not giving deference to the wisdom, guidance or information at our disposal in order to get our way. This would be unwise. We are to fuel and give further shape to our dream and trust that it will happen in its own way and in the right time.

We can lay the foundation and the framework that will support future actions and direction (Mars trine Saturn). Yet, we may also be working with some disappointment, some plan falling through, or some information that is distorted or confused (Mars square Neptune). it is good to move slowly, letting our inner fire build with the desire for what we wish to create, and practice a measure of patience with the process.

While we can identify the new adventure, trust ourselves and set a course, we can expect to encounter frustration and delays as take action to make them happen. (The planets in Sagittarius - Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury- each moving to square Mars in the coming days and weeks). We cued to take our time and not rush ahead or push something through. Chances are that omething needs to be a little more thought through. More effort may be needed to have the needed conversations to garner buy-in from others. The added time and attention we now give to working out or reworking the details of plans will be time well spent.

We live in a wonderful world of beauty, charm and adventure.

There is no end to the adventures we could have

If we only seek them with our eyes open.

Jawaharal Nehru

Magnification of Growth and Expansion

New Moon Ruler: Jupiter stationing direct

Jupiter conjunct Neptune and trine the New Moon

Jupiter is Stationing Direct after months of moving Retrograde. With any planet stationing, the planet’s energy is magnified. With Jupiter now, there is a magnification of optimism and hope. We benefit from thoughts and feeling that uplift us.

Jupiter has returned back to the final degrees of the zodiac at 28 Pisces. This is a degree of endings and beginnings - where the life that has been returns to source to fertilize the new seed, the new life that is ready to sprout. We are coming full circle, integrating the year's experiences and lessons, distilling the wisdom gained, and turning our gaze to the next round of living.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune. An inspiration was seeded in April when Jupiter exactly conjoined Neptune. This inspiration is restimulated as Jupiter has moved back into Neptune's reach. This is a spiritual, visionary conjunction that opens a portal to feelings of deep connection with ourselves, our future, our past and our dreams. In this, our faith is strengthened. We, simulataneously, tap into a expanding realization that we are protected and guided by something larger than ourselves, and that we are not alone. This fosters a newfound optimism and a feeling of peace with what has already happened and with decisions that we have made that brought us to where we are now.

We can readily see how we have grown, what we have healed, and reinforces the New Moon’s promise of discovering a larger perspective. Paying attention to messages we intuit, the substance of our night dreams, and where our day dreams carry us in our imagination, we can discover to the next step, the next journey we are ready to undertake.

We are more in tune with the voice of our heart, of our soul. It is a time of surrender and discovery. There is less juice for making a big effort, thinking through the logistics, or trying to stick to some timeline we set for ourselves. In surrender, we discover acceptance, feel compassion, and open to a spaciousness within that allows for a growth of awareness, inspiration and a broader perspective (Jupiter stationing direct trine the New Moon).

The shadow expression of Jupiter is disillusionment, self-deception and identifying as a victim. We can be swept up in beliefs that arise out of distortions or projections. We can minimize the shadow expression by asking ourelves if what we are imagining is agitating or calming us. Do we feel more centered, confident, clear and empowered? If our excitement has us feeling manic, restless or fearlul than there is a distortion. If we imagine that someone else is the cause of our happiness or misery, that is a projection. Fortunately, the New Moon helps us identify the source of our distortions and begin to correct them. If we can find our center like the centerpoint of the compass, then we can begin to draw an everexpanding circle of discovery, awareness, influence and possibility that is an extension and expression of our true nature.

In Conclusion

The Sagittarian New Moon occurs at the end of the harvest season. We can see what we have sowed and what has been reaped. It is a moment of Thanksgiving for the rich experiences and learnings we have had and the wisdom and growth that have been sown from our efforts this past year. There is a affirmation or reaffirmation about what matters most to us and what is true for us now.

With this, there is a renewed optimism and faith in ourselves and the universe that is ever expanding and growing. We can relax our need to control so that we can surrender and allow ourselves to hear and receive the messages coming through about what comes next.

At the center, deep within us, burns a flame. The New Moon fans this flame. We are tend the inner fire by honoring what light’s us up. This, in turn, fuels a surge of optimism and a call to the next adventure of our life. By acknowledging and tending this fire over the coming weeks, we are tending to the seed potential that will sprout and find its expression in the world at the end of January 2023 when Mercury, Mars and Uranus all turn direct.

Mystic Mama on the Sagittarian New Moon:

we are star roots

flower shoots

cast from the darkest night

we light up the sky

with our returning

we call on our ancestors to

send rainbows to carry us

across the worlds

and bridge our understanding

when our grief is too hard to bear

as Jupiter goes direct in our skies

and the new Moon and Sun

embody the field of the Archer

we feel a slow expansion

broadening our horizons

our star of hope beckons us forward

our senses keen

we track the current

that rises to meet us

with its hidden knowledge

with atavistic sensing

we see it through

our eyes able to perceive

all the fine lines that add

beauty to our years

and all of the fortitude,

the heart strength,

in our overcoming

become the treasured arrows

we now use to fit our bows

on our journey of


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