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Pisces New Moon: InSight

Pick up a thing and hold it close

until you learn its secret name

and say 'thank you'. Do this over

and over with each thing you touch,

until the day you discover

its only one thing,

with a thousand different faces,

teaching you to love.

Kai Skye

The New Moon on February 20, 2023 at 1 Pisces

invites us to detach

from worldly commitments and concerns

to tend the garden within, opening ourselves

to the magical and mysterious

beauty that permeates life -

that so easily can slide out

of our awareness

when we are caught up in daily life.

Saturn conjunct the New Moon

Ruler Neptune in final degrees of Pisces

Classic Ruler: Jupiter is conjunct Chiron and sextile Mercury and Mars

Pluto at the final degree of Capricorn

Our feeling nature is accentuated and we become more sensitive and vulnerable. We are encouraged to be soft with ourselves. In time spent away from the business of life, realizations offer fresh perspective on what is growing, changing, and moving within us. Insight is found through the lens of compassion for ourselves and acceptance of what is.

We are encouraged to empty out and be quiet within ourselves so we can hear the beating of our heart. In this space, we are integrating experiences and learnings of recent months and re-establishing our connection to what matters most in the eternal scheme of things.

We may feel grief for what has been lost. We let go of what we cannot control. We come present and find the still point between what has been and what will be. We feel what is rising within us, like the sap ready to rise with spring. Something dormant in ux is stirring as our focus is given to nurtuing and growing seeds of love, compassion, kindness and creativity.

We feel the pull to enter a realm outside of time where all things emerge and return - a realm beyond judgment, beyond right and wrong, beyond success and failure, where we can attune to the symphony of life and how the song of our life is threaded into the vast tapestry of creation that is eternally unfolding, everchanging. We feel the gift and miracle of life and the magnificence of how we are interconnected with all creation. Time spent in this realm brings insights that we need to be quiet to receive.

We are mosaics - -

Pieces of light,



Stars- -

glued together

with magic

and music

and words.

Anita Krizzan