Libra New Moon: Newfound Balance

To be in harmony

With nature

Is to be in harmony

With oneself.

St. Francis Assisi

Who lives in harmony

With themselves

Lives in harmony

With the universe.

Marcus Aurelius

The New Moon on September 25, 2022 at 3 Libra invites us

to contemplate questions that open pathways to greater satisfaction in the experience of our relationships.

  • Venus and Mercury Retrograde conjunct the New Moon

  • Jupiter oppose New Moon, Mercury, Venus

  • Pluto trine New Moon, Mercury, Venus

  • Mars trine Saturn Retrograde

  • Saturn square Uranus (culminating -September 15 - October 23­)

Relationship is the key word for the New Moon. Libra represents our experience of anything we identify as ‘other” than ourselves. During this time, many of us will give focus to ways of enhancing a given relationship with a person in our lives that is integral to our sense of well-being. There is potential for ground-breaking awarenesses about this relationship that can shift a dynamic or have us approach the relationship in a new way.

We are, however, invited to consider relationship in a larger context. There is a primary, enduring relationship that is with us our whole lives. It is our relationship to what continually nurtures, supports us and allows our life, albeit all life, to happen. It is our relationship to the earth, the air, the water, the animals and plant life of our terrestrial home.

How are the effects of our cultural conditioning in western society, and our acclimation to a culture that has a profound disregard for the living world, reflected in the root issues we experience in our relationships with each other? If we worked on healing this primary, everpresent relationship with the natural world, how might this ripple out and benefit all our relationships?

Feeding into the New Moon

The Fall Equinox, September 23

The fall Equinox, when the Sun arrived at 0 Libra, was 3 days before the New Moon. It is a pivotal moment of each year when there is a balance between light and dark. The hours of night are equal to the hours of daylight. For the northern hemisphere, it also marks the moment when the darkness, the yin will begin to increase, and the busy time of the year wanes. As the harvest season is nearing completion, we now enter the months where activity is quieter, more time is spent at home, and more and more we sit by the hearth to share stories, sing, and reflect.

The Fall Equinox is a moment where we can feel and contemplate the nature of balance. Consciously or not, we are attuned to the cycles of nature. We may find ourselves pondering what it is to live a balanced life – a balance of rest and activity, a balance of serving others and tending to self care. With balance there is harmony and peace. Balance. Harmony. Peace. These words are signature energies of Libra.

Six Planets Retrograde

There are twice as many planets, as not, moving in a retrograde motion. In the ebb and flow of life's tides, we are in the midst of an ebb. We are cued to pull in, reflect, and re-evaluate what we are doing and where we are heading. It is a natural time of slowing down and taking a step back to allow reflection. We re-examine information, decisions and perspectives so we can make adjustments to our thinking and plans. The Fall Equinox and the Libra New Moon invite a contemplation of Libran values as part of our sorting process so that when we move forward, we do it with an eye to fostering enhanced harmony, peace, fairness, and balance in our relationships.

To love is to recognize yourself in another.

Eckart Tolle

Sifting Through the Chaff to Find the Jewel

Mercury and Venus conjunct the New Moon, oppose Jupiter and trine Pluto

Venus rules the New Moon. One of her symbols is the Mirror. Aphrodite, a Venus archetype, is sometimes depicted holding and looking into a mirror. Her gaze can be misinterpreted as vanity. When we understand that everything we gaze upon is a mirror and whatever we gaze upon mirrors something back to us, then we understand Aphrodite's gaze in a different light. She loves everything she gazes upon. Because she is the personification of love, life always mirrors love.

For instance, as we contemplate the mirror in our lives, we can look at what is mirrored to us in the planet and exclaim, "Look what we have done to the planet!." Yet it is equally true that we are saying, “Look what we have done to ourselves.”

The deep mystery of Venus and of love is that to love one thing is to love everything. If we only seek to have the love of one particular person but reject others, this is not love. To love and be loved, to have self love, to have love for the planet, to love people, it is all the same. We can decide what one person or thing we wish to dedicate ourself to loving as a vehicle to learning to love. Yet, Aphrodite's mirror reminds us that to fully see and be seen by the object of our love is not the end but a portal to love itself. The New Moon is pointing to the a healing process that opens us to loving all that we engage. On this journey, we will encounter much we do not love, but the healing happens when we no longer identify repulsion or unworthiness as something or someone that is outside ourselves.

Venus conjunct the New Moon and with Mercury. Unlike the Sun and Moon in Libra, Venus and Mercury are in Virgo, bringing an analytical and discerning quality to the New Moon. This helps us to cognitively discern and translate the movement of what is dawning around how we can foster greater balance and harmony in our relationships.

There is an optimism and expanded perspective that allows us to see larger and larger wholes. We may experience being lifted and carried towards a deeper connection with ourselves and within the relationships that matter to us (Jupiter oppose the New Moon, Venus and Mercury).

Our thoughts can more readily penetrate beneath the surface of appearance and circumstance to perceive the root cause of our feelings of separation, disappointment or lack of satisfying connection in our relationships. We are better able to focus on our desire to love and be loved without getting lost or distracted by the pettiness that can pollute our desire nature. (Pluto trine the New Moon, Venus, and Mercury)

Rather than looking to what we can change in ourselves or a given relationship, we are invited into an exploration of relationship with life itself. The natural world is talking to us about the imbalance and disruption of the natural rhythms that have resulted from humanity's lack of relationship with its environment. There is an escalation in the number of species facing extinction, of inhospitable weather patterns, the erosion of soil, the drying up of major rivers, and the contamination of the earth's water and air.