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Libra Full Moon: Healing into Love

When the hour is not so young,

when the fire has gone low,

and I have run out of things to distract me

from my wounded heart,

perhaps there is healing in the warm quiet

of allowing it all.

Story People

The Libra Full Moon at 8 degrees Libra on March 28, 2021 draws attention to how we bring ourselves to relationship. Our feeling nature is accentuated and emotions and tides run especially high on this Super Moon (when the Moon comes as close as possible in its orbit of the Earth).

We have the potential to burn away the blocks and dissolve the wounds that keep us from giving ourself fully to relationship with ourselves and everything around. It is about opening to our loving nature and falling in love with life all over again. It is less about working out relationship dynamics by engaging another in how to shift the patterns tied to a singular relationship, and more about healing our own insecurity and unhealthy patterns born of the baggage we carry in our heart. We are to kindly recognize our part in creating the relationship dynamics in our life, and through shifting something deep within ourselves, outer dynamics will naturally shift.

Libra is the sign of Relationship. Considering and accommodating another’s needs are hallmarks of the Libran nature. The Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries are in dynamic opposition to the Libran impulse, as they stir a maverick streak to strike out on our own. Aries' presence can have us feeling enboldened to take the lead or move spontaneously from gut instinct, regardless of what the world around expects of us. The Full Moon is about the resolution of this polarity and invites us into a process that leads to increasing authenticity and being true to ourselves while simultaneously moving in a beautiful way within relationship to others and the world.

“Love is not primarily a relationship to a specific person;

it is an attitude, an orientation of character which determines

the relatedness of a person to the world as a whole,

not toward one “object” of love.

If a person loves only one other person and is indifferent

to the rest of his fellow men, his love is not love

but a symbiotic attachment, or an enlarged egotism.

Yet, most people believe that love is constituted

by the object, not by the faculty.”

Erich Fromm

In the Heart of the Sun, our Healing Nature is Renewed

Venus and Chiron are currently not visible in the sky any time during the day or night, because they have moved into the field of the Sun. When a planet disappears from view, our ancestors would say it has died and gone into the underworld to be reborn. When a planet nears the Sun, it is weakened and its energies are being absorbed into the Sun’s light. But, when a planet is in Cazimi, arriving at the exact degree of the Sun, it has now entered the Heart of the Sun. While in Cazimi, the planet goes through a process of purification and renewal. The planet’s potential is re-ignited as it is infused with the Sun’s strength and warmth.

Venus and Chiron in Cazimi Illuminate how the Full Moon Tension is to be Resolved

Venus is Values. What we value determines what we seek to fulfill in relationship with the world and with others. Ultimately the value we find in our relationships and possessions are a reflection of our self-value. While in Cazimi, Venus is prompting us to reflect on the obstacles that stand in the way of our self worth, and then to release the hurts, judgements and patterns that diminish self value and self love.

If you love yourself you love others,

if you hate yourself you hate others,

because in relationship with others

it is only you mirrored.


Chiron is the Wounded Healer. Chiron in Cazimi conjoined with Venus reinforces and strengthens the healing process that is available to us now, and they point to what we are healing: our relationship patterns.

Venus and Chiron in Cazimi: The Healing of our Loving Nature

This significant opportunity for self-healing will later result in shifts in how we approach our relationships, but for now the focus is on opening to the depth of love we have within us and removing whatever stands in the way of it. For the next weeks, we are to allow time for the lessons and new awarenesses that are happening now to be absorbed into our cellular makeup. During the coming weeks, Venus will be gathering strength to venture out of the Sun and shine brilliant once more in the night sky. We can anticipate shifts in how we bring ourselves to relationship once Venus is visible again mid to late May.

The potential difficulty is that Venus is in its detriment in Aries, leading us to act without thinking, be defiant or take the lead in relation to others. With Venus in Aries we can pause to look beneath impulsiveness, anger, or a stance of fierce independence, and on the flip side where we collapse, lose ourselves, or get entangled in codependence. Being curious about what we may be running from can open us to the pain and vulnerability that longs to be recognized and embraced.

To counter Aries' headstrong nature to forge ahead and make the changes we may feel urgently need to happen in our relationships with others, we are better served to take this time to focus on ourselves and patterns that have created the type of relationship patterns we are experiencing. We can harness Aries warrior spirit to look within, allowing the fire of love to build within us, and then find that come mid to late May that we are viewing ourselves and our relationships a little differently. Relationships may fall or be strengthened, and new ones may emerge, as Venus is reborn in late spring.

Love is not a relationship with just one person.

Love is a way of life with all living beings.

Everything is interconnected and nothing exists

except in relation to everything else.

Bill Harris

Additional Planetary Dynamics Support the Call to Self - Love

Growing in Maturity

  • We are called to hold ourselves accountable for how we move in relation to others (Saturn sextile the Moon) and to build the strength of our character (Saturn trine Sun, Venus, Chiron).

  • We are opening to new ways to hold responsibility with a growing sense of maturity. There is renewed commitment to be true to ourselves and to the expression of authenticity in our choices and the directions we take (Chiron sextile Saturn now and through 2021).

A New of Listening, Learning and Loving

  • Lowering the volume on the voice of the rational mind, we can receive messages from dreams, doodles, or the way a tree sways in the breeze. Making time to listen to and validate our intuition opens us to possibilities, dimensions and greater awareness of how we are interconnected and move in relationship with all of creation. (Mercury conjunct Neptune)

  • We feel a readiness to act on and speak about what we have been learning, connected to a renewed sense of purpose. (Mars conjunct the North Node)

The Kite and Taking Flight

The relationship between the planets form what is called a Kite pattern. The top point of the Kite is comprised of the planets in Aries. We are ready to soar if we allow heart-healing to be a central focus. Mars and Saturn in air signs are supporting solid steps to becoming more whole and less insecure. The kite is fast moving because of the yang nature of the planets in Aries and Air signs. There is an earnestness to find the wings of our heart and the courage to let them take flight. The power of our vision for the future that has been taking shape with the emphasis on planets in Aquarius over the last months will not carry us forward unless they fueled by the generosity of love born of a light and joyful heart.



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