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Leo Full Moon: Seeding Joy

A man is not where he lives

But where he loves.

Latin Proverb

The Full Moon on February 5, 2023 at 16º40’ Leo

brings us back to our center and reminds us to move from our heart. Coming present to ourselves, we can allow our very presence to radiate love and warmth into our lives. In essence:

Feed what you love,

Nurture what lights you up and sparks optimism,

Feel pride in your strengths and where you have confidence

Look to where you are willing and grow that willingness,

Stoke the courage to love, to create, and move

from what centers, grounds and sings to you, and

Honor who you are.

Full Moon Ruler: The Sun in Aquarius

Uranus in a T-Square with the Full Moon

Mars sextile Chiron, square Venus and sextile the Full Moon

Saturn and Pluto in the final degrees of Aquarius and Capricorn, respectively

Each Full Moon presents a dynamic tension as the Moon comes to oppose the Sun The potential of the New Moon reaches a climax that brings crisis, breakthrough or resolution. The Leo Full Moon is standing up to the strong Aquarian energies that have us focusing on ideals, the future of humanity, and conceptualizing a vision for how to move towards the future.

The New Moon two weeks ago was in the sign of Aquarius letting us know that we are ready to synthesize and concretize our ruminations, learnings, and ideas together into a decisive plan for how to move forward.

The recent Aquarian New Moon happened as part of an Aquarian wave that has been moving in our lives since the beginning of the 20th century. Neptune completed its15-year journey through Aquarius in 2012 which had us dreaming on our ideal future. The Great Junction, which happens every 20 years between Saturn and Jupiter, occurred in December 2020 at the very first degree of Aquarius, signifying a whole new movement, an Aquarian movement of unprecedented innovation for the generation to come. Jupiter moved through Aquarius in 2021, giving us confidence to move towards freedom and our desired future self. Saturn is in the last weeks of its 2-year trip through Aquarius, a two-year period where we needed to get serious about how to move towards this future and let go of what is familiar. Pluto is poised to enter Aquarius in March and remain in Aquarius for 20 years! This is when the real Aquarian revolution will now take place. These slow moving planets rarely travel through Aquarius and so as each of the outer planets has moved through Aquarius, we have been compelled to think to the future, move towards an ideal way of living, consider our actions in relation to the collective, and be open to new innovations and technologies.

And in comes the Leo Full Moon!

Having a smart brain is not enough.

We need a warm heart.

Dalai lama

The Leo Moon draws us back to our center. We drop from our head into our heart. It is desireable to now pull back from extending or overextending ourselves into the world of tasks and people. It is wise now to prioritize time and attention to the one and only agent of our lives: Ourselves.

Each of us resides as the center of all that is happening in and around our life – much like the Sun, the ruler of Leo, that resides at the center of the solar system giving it its shape and its movement. The Sun radiates its warmth, its essence. The planets and all terrestrial life responds and moves and grows and is effected in response to the sun’s presence. Without the Sun there is no solar system and no life. The Sun of our life is our heart.

Similarly, we stand at the hub of the wheel of our life, with all activities, people, ideas all spinning in relation to where and how we stand. The Leo Full Moon invites to center ourselves, stand with confidence and radiate the love, the joy that is in our heart. And if we are not feeling up to this, it is ever the more reason to pull ourselves back from activitiies and look at how we can nourish ourselves and what we love. The Leo New Moon urges us to care for, affirm the yearnings of, and respond to what our heart loves.

In creating a vision and a plan for the year or beyond, there is considered rationale for how it will all work best and what we will need to do to make it happen. The Leo Moon now invites us to add our personal proclivities into the equation. What do we feel like