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Gemini New Moon: Dawning Clarity

Our job is not to comprehend or control everything,

but to learn which story we are in

and which of the many things

calling out in the world is calling to us.

Our job is to be fully alive in the life we have,

to pick up the invisible thread of our own story

and follow where it leads.

Our job is to find the thread

of our own dream and live it

all the way to the end.

The New Moon on May 30 at 9 Gemini offers the potential for clarity if we can refrain from letting our mind and thoughts run unchecked. Recognizing that information, news and the conversations we engage nurture and influence our mind, we are encouraged to be selective about what we feed and put into our brain. A willingness to pause and probe the root assumptions that propel our thoughts can change our way of thinking so that we see ourselves, our circumstances and our options more clearly.

Gemini is the sign of speech, perception and communication. Its ruler Mercury is the planet of the thinking mind. Annually, the Gemini New Moon typically marks a time when our thought processes are particularly active, and we find ourselves darting about, engaging in increased social activity, and feeling a youthful curiosity and interest in exploring a variety of activities.

However, with Mercury now Retrograde and in aspect to each of the outer planets, activity can become frenetic, thinking can become circular, or we can feel mental exhaustion from trying to absorb a large amount of information, conversation and activity. This year's Gemini New Moon is inviting contemplation.

The Gemini New Moon presses us to slow down and to be curious about what has us think the way we do, and what types of conversation are generative or destructive to the story our lives are weaving. We are to delve into understanding what motivates and drives our thoughts and shapes our perceptions. It is all too easy to allow our mind to be the tail that wags the dog. We are supported now to harness and focus our mind so that it dedicates itself to our soul’s purpose. We are to clear away the noise, idle chatter, and momentary fascination with novelty. Through refraining from conversations, media and inner dialogue that distracts or drains us, we zero in on how our thoughts can be generative and beneficially influence our objectives.

Gemini rules breath, words, language and gesturing, and excels at striking up a conversation. With the intensity surrounding the Gemini New Moon, we can readily find ourselves speaking quickly or chattering on while bouncing from one topic to another. Gemini likes moving at a fast pace and enjoys operating on multiple fronts to satisfy a need for constant stimulation, but we may find ourselves doing this to the point of distraction. Gemini likes to talk to the point of chattering and likes to stay busy by running errands and operating on multiple fronts. This year's Gemini New Moon is favors thoughtful consideration of the words we choose to express.

The Gemini Moon can have us act like the proverbial hare that loses the race to the tortoise if we do not heed the New Moon invitation. We are to now harness the hare tendencies of our chattering mind and be more intentional with our thoughts and words throughout the day. A practice of mindfulness can reveal a fear, belief or desire that influences our thought patterns and the story we tell ourselves. There can be a profound awareness or insight during the next week that shifts our perspective and thus the very nature of our thinking around a key area in our life (signified by the house placement of 9 Gemini in our natal charts)

Maybe you are searching among the branches

for what only appears in the roots.


Thoughts are the Threads that Weave the Story of Our Life

Mercury, Ruler of the New Moon is Retrograde in Taurus


Mercury, the Ruler of the New Moon, is Retrograde until June 3. Mercury Retrogrades are periods of time each year where we are invited to take a step back to review and re-evaluate our current trajectory and make some modifications. Mercury began its Retrograde in its own sign, Gemini, having us contemplate our communication style and what we may want to shift or change in the way we communicate and what we want to communicate. In this exploration, we can loosen the weave of the fabric of how we perceive and identify the nature of things. Through this process, we can reshape the story we tell about ourselves and our lives

Mercury traveled back into Taurus a week ago. Our thinking has slowed down over the last days. Our thoughts became focused on assessing the soundness and the story we tell around the practical application of our energy, time and money. On June 2, Mercury will station within a degree of where the May 16 eclipse occurred. The first days of June will afford us the opportunity to integrate what surfaced at the eclipse around choices that need to be made to clear the past, reduce intensity and help foster simplicity and peace in our lives. A newfound clarity will result from taking this time to review and refine our thoughts on how to best move forward.

The moment you change your perception

is the moment you rewrite

the chemistry of your body.

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Taking Charge of What we Feed Our Minds

Mercury is Infused with Depth, Focus, and Insight

Mercury in Retrograde in aspect to the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)

Gemini rules information exchange and social media, but with the Gemini Moon aspecting the outer planets, our thinking mind is challenged to question and shift habitual modes of how we engage the culture and social platforms. We can more readily see how our consumption and engagement with media or with certain people can distract or exhaust our mental strength.

We live in an era where information is widely available, yet we are experiencing a dumbing down of culture. Truths are being twisted and misinformation is prevalent. Our devices offer an endless array of ways to distract ourselves. The attention span of the average person is substantially less than a couple decades ago. Communications are delivered more and more in sound bites without much substance or context. The culture of communication is slowly eroding the functioning and potential of our minds, but we can choose not to get swept up in this cultural wave.

Our minds are highly stimulated and questioning (Mercury aspecting each of the outer planets). . We have a depth of perception that has us clearly see underlying patterns and motivations (Mercury trine Pluto). Simultaneously, our minds are opening to flashes of revelation (Mercury conjunct Uranus) and our intuition and imagination is accentuated (Mercury sextile Neptune). Yet, we are simultaneously critical and analytical as we can fixate on what is missing or out of place (Mercury square Saturn). Our minds are simultaneously being expanded and narrowed. We can perceive greater truths while finding ourselves working on the details of a specific issue.

We can get mileage out of exploring the questions we are asking that drive our thought processes. Our questions, conscious or unconscious, lead us to certain conversations, conclusions and activities. We can recognize the power and influence of our mind in our lives that shapes the story we are weaving. We are after all the authors of our life and we can select the questions, entertain thoughts and speak the words we choose that will shape the narrative of our life and what we contribute to the dialogue and story of our families, communities and humanity.

What we feed our brain daily moment by moment influences our well-being and our perceptions. Each communication or piece of information is a thread that becomes part of the weave of our story. We can be more intentional around what types of social media, news, and conversations we will engage so that our mind is nourished. In t his way, our mind is aligned to serve our soul purpose and is less apt to get lost or caught up in the myriad of human and social interest stories that regularly bombard us.

Happiness is

when what you think,

what you say, and what you do

are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi

Focused Concentration

The New Moon aligned with Aldebaran

The fixed star Aldeberan is The Eye of the Bull in the constellation of the Hyades. It is one of the four royal stars of Persia also known as the Guardians of the Sky. In it Christian mythos, the four royal stars denote the Archangels. As As the Watcher of the East, Aldebaran is Archangel Michael, Military Commander of the Heavenly Host. It is seen throughout many cultures as a war-like red giant. It is known as the eye of the bull that is charging and also as the warrior who slays the bull.

Aldeberan assures success in our endeavors, but only if we overcome some nemesis. The Nemesis at this New Moon is how we wield our mind. To recognize the power of our thoughts and their influence and then to act with integrity around this awareness is what will be rewarded. Our mind can be used as a generative tool or a destructive weapon. To reach the center of the target, the Bullseye, we need to recognize and use the power of our mind to construct the story we want to tell, the one we want to live, and the story that will be told of us.

Surge of Vitality and Confidence

Jupiter conjunct Mars in Aries

Our courage and confidence is boosted with Jupiter in Aries through May 2023. Mars has saddled up alongside Jupiter in Aries, giving physical vitality and a desire to act on our impulses. We are encouraged to trust ourselves and not overthink things.

This strong dose of Aries energy encourages striking out and taking bold action. Yet it is juxtaposed to the Taurus Moon energies and Mercury Retrograde wish caution us to take it slow and give further consideration to what we are feeling called to do. Together, these two dynamics tell us to trust ourselves and take it slow. We can feel courageous and bold, but keep our eye on practical matters. We can feel the readiness to strike out in a new direction, but until Mercury is Direct on June 3, we can use our energy and enthusiasm to clear away the debris. We can clean out a closet or go on a hike or have a generative conversation. We are looking to engage in activities that clear our mind so that when we act, there is the mental clarity and focus needed.

The threads are coming together. The elements of the story we are telling ourselves and the world is taking a new shape. We are learning to be more mindful, more aware of the power of our mind and how to direct it. We are to trust what feels good to us and to not engage the chatter of the world as we live our story, with the recognition that the story we tell in turn influences the unfolding story of our world.


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