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Gemini Full Moon: Distill the Wisdom

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

If you could erase

all the mistakes of your past,

you would also erase

the wisdom of your present.

Remember the lesson,

not the disappointment.


The Full Moon on December 7, 2022 at 16 Gemini

amplifies inquisitiveness to learn, absorb and

discover the truths buried in the fictions

that color our perception.

We are cautioned to curb the inclination to let frustration get the better of us, to slow down and be mindful of how we talk to ourselves and others, and not let our mind be overstimulated by entertaining its every curiosity.

We are in a period of assimiliation, where the wisdom of the year is being distilled as we await the dawn of the coming year that arrives with the Winter Solstice. (This is supported Mars Retrograde, Mercury entering the shadow zone of its upcoming retrograde and Jupiter in the last degree of the zodiac.) We are marinating, assimilating new understandings and absorbing the wisdom gained by our recent choices and adventures. This will lead to the weaving of a new narrative, a new language for how speak and give shape to our life.

  • Full Moon Ruler: Mercury, in Capricorn, conjunct Venus

  • Mars Retrograde conjunct Gemini Moon

  • Saturn trine Moon and Mars

  • Neptune square Full Moon

  • Uranus quincunx the Gemini Moon

  • Chiron sextile the Moon and trine the Sun

  • The fixed star Rigel and Asteroid Altjira conjunct the Gemini Moon

The Sun in Sagitarrius opposes the Gemini Moon, creating a dynamic tension. The Gemini/Sagittarius axis stimulates a hunger to learn and a desire to share what we have learned. Gemini, insatiably curious, gathers facts, information and experience. Sagittarius distills and integrates this into knowledge and a deeper understanding of what has been learned.

Two weeks ago, The New Moon in Sagittarius initiated a process where we began distilling the wisdom from our interactions, choices and experiences of this last year as prepartion for the next adventure, the next quest we will launch in our lives. This process culminates at the Full Moon with a level of intensity and emotional charge that compels us to tweak our story to incorporate what we have learned.

To slice through illusions and self-defeating narratives, we are to be curious about how we see, hear and process informations . We can more readily identify where we are swept up in cultural distortions that prevent us from living in harmony with natural law and our heart's desire. We don’t have to venture far to discover the deeper truth behind all the misinformation, miscalculations and misperceptions, as we will readily encounter what we need to see in our daily interactions and mundane activities. There is a powerful integration process that can occur if we focus our mind and not let it be distracted by a wide arry of possible distractions that can so easily seduce us away from the essential.

The beauty of life is,

while we cannot undo what is done,

we can see it, understand it,

learn from it and change

so that every new moment is spent

not in regret, guilt, fear or anger

but in wisdom, understanding and love.

Jennifer Edwards

Breaking Point

Mars Retrograde conjunct the Gemini Moon

Our thoughts are ramped up, activated by the presence of agressive and passionate Mars. We may find ourselves churned up as we reflect on the past year, sifting through choices, conversations and plans. There are new choices to be made and it is not about disparaging ourselves or others for perceived missteps, but harvesting we learned.

We are at a breaking point, where illumination and wisdom can be found. To do this we need to counter the inclination to get let ourselves get worked up about something to the point where we are spinning our wheels or acting out as a means to dispel the energy. (the Full Moon is the climax of both the lunar and Martian retrograde cycles, with the Moon and Mars exactly opposite the Sun). We are further fired up as Mars is also the closest planet to the earth now, and is Out of Bounds (traveling outside the ecliptic).

We are primed to boldly strike out in a new direction, break ties with something that holds us back, and establish clearer distinctions and boundaries. This process may be accompanied by increased frustration, anger, and passion especially in response to a communication, piece of information or how we are perceiving a situation. We are cued to slow down and be curious about what is not already apparent and to look for what we can learn in the current dynamic. Making rash decisions or speaking our mind for the sake of releasing the pressure are to be curbed. Our mind is a useful took and it takes concentration and skill to wield it in a generative and not destructive or careless way.

We may desire and even be presented with an opportunity to teach and educate others on we have learned. We just need to watch that we are not coming from a reactive place where we are trying to silence what another believes or is trying to say. We may have something valuable to contribute if the those on the receiving end have requested, or are open to, what we have to offer.

Six planets in mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo) – There is a fluidity, which has us more malleable, adaptile and flexible. We can more open to a perceptual shift that frees up vitality. This much mutable energy can also have us feeling restless. We may not compelete things we have started as we dart from interest to interest. We are guided to slow down, to identify what is essential and not fritter away our time and energy

Four planets are "Out of Bounds" (traveling outside the pathway of the elciptic). In addition to Mars, Moon, Mercury and Venus are ‘renegade’ - having stepped off the defined pathway of their planetary orbit. We may be feeling somewhat defiant and rebellious, willing to act in a way that is out of character. This can serve to help us break out habitual patterns and ways of responding that are not aligned with the wisdom of what we know is true about ourselves.