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Coronavirus Part 2: The Journey to Dawn

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Astonishment is the highest form of thought.

When you are astonished,

when all your references

have failed, you have access

to the highest form of energy.

You are in not-knowing. Eric Baret

**Coronavirus and 2020 as a Dramatic Play**

A Story of the Breakdown of the Structures that Maintain the Status Quo

In a Process to ReAlign with Humanity's Potential to Live in Balance with All Life

To contemplate the cosmic drama unfolding, we will view:

  • The night sky as a great stage,and its movements, a cosmic play.

  • The planets are the characters.

  • Their influences and actions mirror our experience on earth and provide clues for how to move with grace through each turn of the story enacted all around us.

The Setting: The Area in the Sky that denotes 22 -24 Degrees Capricorn

Capricorn is the territory in the sky that speaks to the structures and shared agreements that establish the status quo. It is the realm of governments, institutions and its leaders. It includes financial systems, the laws we live by, and the shared agreements between the citizens of a city, country or global world. It show us our relationship to authority and responsibility.

(Looking at our individual birthcharts: those of us with planets at 22-24 degrees of the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra) will experience the transformational elements of 2020 more directly and be called upon to make some dramatic change in our thinking and way of life.)

The Plot: 2020 is an epic story.

Humans are compelled to engage in a transformational process that is initiated by the status quo being disrupted and destabilized. Each person is thrust into contemplating their relationship to a society in breakdown. Responding to a series of plot twists humans will experience a departure from what is habitual and tolerated. Hidden tensions surface as humanity reaches for a new way to organize itself and restore its rightful place in the dance of creation. It is a hero's journey,where each person is uprooted from what is comfortable, faces seemingly insurmountable challenges, finds supported in unexpected places, and if victorious, discovers something at the other end that makes the whole journey worthwhile.

Mounting crisis builds with each month, compelling humans to deeply question and fundamentally change the ways we govern ourselves as a world community informed by the values for how to be in relationship with each other, our work, the earth, and the role humanity is playing in the dance of creation.

When the future becomes unpredictable, the potential for new ways of thinking and moving then become available. The outcome is not predetermined. There must be a collective movement within humanity to move towards a new "North Star" - away from materialism, rugged individualism, the objectification of everything outside us, and a winner take all mentality. The stakes are high. Failing to heed 2020's invitation to change the course of our personal and collective ways will lead to increasing discomfort until we heed the message of change There is no returning to 'normal.' The old normal was not sustainable. Our mission, if we chose to accept it, is to create a 'normal' that is sustainable.

The Lead Actors:

Jupiter - Agent of Expansion - Lends itself to Inflating Confidence or Arrogance

Saturn – Agent of Structure - And the Responsibility and Accountability towards what has been built

Pluto – Agent of Transformation -Loss and Rebirth that emerge from following the Soul's Longing

Saturn and Pluto each usher in endings. They often herald the loss of something dear. They have a way of taking the pruning shears to what no longer serves us. In a culture that rewards continuous growth and expansion, times of contraction inspire fear. We can easily forget that every flow has its ebb and every mountain has its valley. No ending is final. It inevitably opens a doorway to a new beginning. Just as we prune a rose bush so that future growth is assured, we must welcome times of contraction as part of the natural cycle of life and renewed life.

When Pluto and Saturn join forces, as they do throughout 2020, our job is to lean into the pause, the uncertainty, and to be curious about what is showing signs of falling away from our life. It is a time of emptying out so we have the space to receive and move gracefully with what will come in with the new tide.

If we insist on having our days full of activity, full of ourselves, full with driving our current dreams into reality, the miracle that awaits has no room to enter. There is an opening up for each one of us through this crisis that awaits us if we are not hellbent on getting back to something known and familiar, if we can welcome the unknown and a potential that is not yet visible or definable.

Unfortunately, many people are not practiced in this or were never taught the skills on how to respond to cues that prompt self-reflection. Instead, the cue is interpreted as the opportunity to fight the thing we see is holding us back – the government, immigrants, the need for a haircut, a family member, the stoplight that won't turn green. While external change is the result of the journey,2020 invites us to let go habitual patterns, routines and ways of seeing so we become the change we seek to see in the world.

Jupiter expands what it touches. Its presence amplifies the Saturn/Pluto agenda so there is no way to miss the message that tells us it is time to deconstruct what we know and be accountable for what have created.

Supporting Players

Eris -- Agent of Disruption and Chaos - as a means to correcting what is out of balance

Mars– Agent of Dynamic Action - Fueling the warrior and pioneer spirit

While Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are center stage, Eris is the character standing in the shadows at the corner of the stage throwing one-line zingers to unsettle and destabilize the story. Her continued relationship with Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn throughout 2020 appears adversarial, when she is in fact helping further their agenda of societal transformation through the detours her zingers initiate.

Mars’ periodic cameo appearances turn up the heat, draw out the fighting spirit and help bring things to a boiling point where the need for change becomes immediate and imperative. Mars plays an especially pivotal role in Act 4 in the Fall of 2020.

Recap of Part 1: January -April 2020

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January - ACT ONE: The Set Up

January 12, the story is set into motion; Saturn and Pluto form an exact conjunction squaring Eris. The year's story unfolds from what is introduced the middle of January. The first reported death of the Coronavirus is announced publicly and widely.