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Jupiter in Aries 5/22-5/23: Confidence in Action

A bird doesn’t sing

Because he has an answer.

A bird sings

Because he has a song.

Maya Angelou

Jupiter's Journey Through Aries

  • May 10th, 2022 enters Aries

  • July 28, 2022 turns retrograde in Aries

  • October 28, 2022 leaves Aries and returns to Pisces

  • December 20, 2022 re-enters Aries

  • May 16, 2023 departs Aries and begins its year in Taurus

More is offered on the significance of the above dates near the bottom of the newsletter

Jupiter is the Great Benefic, Gracing us with Growth, Optimism, and Faith

During its 12-year cycle, Jupiter spends roughly one year in each zodiac on its journey around the Sun. When Jupiter changes signs as it did on May 10, we are cued to open ourselves to a new area of growth associated with the fire sign, Aries.

Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion. Its placement in the sky reveals where we can anticipate the wind to be at our backs, supporting growth and forward movement in our lives. Tracking the movements of this planet helps us know where to focus our efforts to yield the greatest benefits.

Jupiter transits happen within the context of the transits of other slower moving planets. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the meat and potatoes of the transiting energies, providing challenge and transformation. I view Jupiter as the garnish to the transit meal. Transiting Jupiter is what gives the meal of our ever-evolving life some zest, spice and flavor. Jupiter is showing us where there is expansion and ease amid the changes and transformations that are occurring at any given time.

Jupiter Shifts from Pisces to Aries

Jupiter began a new cycle when it cross over into the first sign of the Zodiac, Aires. Thus, this month marks a new 12-year cycle of growth for each of us.

Last Year's Growth: Jupiter in Pisces (May 13, 2021 – May 10, 2022)

Something significant in our lives was coming to a natural completion - as Jupiter traveled through the realm from where all creation emerges and to where everything returns. The last year was a time of integration and surrender as we readied for a new spark that is beginning ignited now with Jupiter's entry into Aries. To maximize the benefits of the new opportunities, we will have benefited from last year's growth of Jupiter in Pisces: acknowledging how our compassion for self and others has grown, how our trust in forces larger than ourselves has grown, how our intuition sensibilities have grown, and how we have grown in our capacity to accept ‘what is and what has been.' The degree to which we embraced last year's opportunity to honor our sensitivity and ground ourselves in love, is the degree to which we can move readily and easily with the opportunity of Jupiter in Aries.

To appreciate the profound shift from Pisces to Aries, we can ponder what happens annually in nature as the Sun makes from Pisces to Aries. The Sun is in Pisces from February 21 to March 21. Winter is coming to a close, the deep freeze of the northern hemisphere is subsiding and there is generally more moisture and mud. We anticipate the new life that will soon burst onto the scene and ready ourselves to embrace the new growth we know will soon arrive. Part of readying is to become quiet within ourselves, integrate the lessons of last season’s growth, and dream about the buds and bloom and crop of the coming season. There is a moment of surrender as we stand on the precipice between the old and the new. Then, suddenly, as if from nowhere, trees bud, daffodils flower, the first birds return, the hills green and we can feel a new warmth in ourselves and the world as the Sun travels through Aries from March 21 – April 22.

Pisces is quiet where Aries is boisterous. Pisces is completion and integration. Aries initiates and breaks new ground. Pisces wanders and Aries takes hold of the reins. While Jupiter in Pisces emphasized the spirituality and sensitivity, Jupiter in Aries has no patience for contemplative pursuits and is ready for decisive action. Instead of waiting for the right moment, Jupiter in Aries creates the right moment.

Jupiter’s entry into Aries (May 10) marked the moment when the sap within us began to rise

and a desire for life and activity was reignited. We are ready to kick-start our life. There is a burgeoning confidence to stride boldly forward. The courage to trust our gut impulse and not second guess ourselves is on the increase. Next year, beginning in May when Jupiter moves in Taurus,we can stabilize and tend the nature of what we initiate now, but for the next year, we are to feel the rekindling of confidence and let it propel us to create, act, engage, and. initiate. It is a year to forge ahead into unexplored territory that is teeming with potential. Chances are we already know what we want to see happen and have just been waiting for the confidence and right time to make some dream a reality. The motto of Jupiter of Aries is: Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

You don’t figure it out.

You just climb up on

the beast and ride.

Rebecca Wells

Aries: The Pioneer, Warrior, Fighter

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, lays at the threshold of new beginnings being initiated and is associated with the vigor of youth. While Jupiter is in Aries we can reclaim a childlike approach to life, where each day is an adventure that unfolds by feeling and acting an impulse which naturally leads to the next impulse. We can reclaim that fire in the belly that once led us to go play in the yard and then suddenly guided us to sprawl in front of the TV and moments later to knock on a neighbor’s door and then into the garden to chase a butterfly. Life was felt and rejoiced moment by moment as a process of discovery where we trusted and followed the desire of what we wished to do next. There is little or no thought of tomorrow or some distant future, only a belief that if we act fully on our impulses now and remain true to ourselves, each action taken will naturally lead to the right next thing and to the future that awaits us.

We are to restore and reclaim the innate confidence to follow our gut that existed before our parents, teachers and world taught us otherwise. We can unravel learned behaviors about what is appropriate, what will please others and what actions will best engender respect, love and acceptance. We are to allow the analytical, strategic mental processes to quiet and listen to what lights us up and let it find its expression moment by moment. We embrace this moment, this day by taking resolute action based on what we are inspired to engage.

Many of us may think, "Well, that is all good and fine for children, but as an adult I have responsibilities, people that count on me and there will be unfortunate consequences if I just do as I please." Jupiter in Aries brings us to a point where we realize that doing something out of obligation or commitment, is not enough. We need to feel the motivation, the joy, the love of doing it. With each activity or conversation we have, we need to feel how it is worth our focus, our time and our love. It is about reigniting the spirit that had us make a commitment in the first place, and to fall in love with life all over again. We reclaim authorship of our life and feel emboldened to bushwhack a trail where there had previously been no path, to fight for something we deeply believe in a new way, and to discover a renewed freedom that arises by being true to ourselves.

Aries: Fighting the Good Fight

Aries is ready to battle, to rush headlong into the unknown, to courageously act with conviction. Aries brings out the pioneer, the warrior, the entrepreneur in us. We are ready for a fight! Where we once procrastinated, sat on the sidelines or felt unsure, we become galvanized. We do not shy from challenge or confrontation. If we are aligned with the good fight, the fight fed by love, then all will go well.

A warrior lives by acting, not by thinking about acting,

nor by thinking about what he will think he has finished acting.

Carlos Castaneda

In Aries, Jupiter fans the flames of the fire within that in turn feeds our confidence in ourselves. Hesitancy and procrastination fall away and we are ready to act, to fight for what we want, for what we believe in.

The shadow side of Jupiter in Aries is that we can become arrogant, inconsiderate, brash or violent. If our life is no dedicated to the good fight, the fight for something we believe is worthy of our life, than we can be argumentative, defensive, or arrogant. The world stage repeatedly seems to demonstrate the shadow side of an astrological event, but in our lives, we can readily embrace the potential, the gift of what Jupiter in Aries offers.

I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights for small fighters.

I stopped fighting those who gossiped about me...

I stopped fighting with my in laws...

I stopped fighting for attention...

I stopped fighting to meet peoples expectation of me...

I stopped fighting for my rights with inconsiderate people..

I stopped fighting to please everyone...

I stopped fighting to prove they were wrong about me....

I left such fights for those who have nothing else to fight...

And I started fighting for

my vision,

my dreams,

my ideas and

my destiny.

The day I gave up on small fights is the day I started becoming successful & so much more content."

Some fights are not worth your time.....

Choose what you fight for wisely.

An unnamed woman when asked about her secret for success

Notable Dates for Jupiter in Aries

May 24 –June 5, 2022 A Surge of Energy Drawing Forth Ourselves as Warrior

Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries

Mars enters Aries on May 24 and fans the flames of Jupiter's initial movements in Aries. This creates a truly dynamic energy that is sure to jump-start us. We will most likely be too restless, too ramped up to just hang out on the porch or do work that requires meticulous attention to detail. Our physical vitality is at a high and it is best to be in movement. If the energy doesn't actively move us, then we may feel bottled up, frustrated or agitated. We need to move and be active. We can do spring cleaning or climb a mountain. This is amazing energy for initiating something significant, but until Mercury retrograde ends June 3rd 2022, it is best that we focus on using this energy to remove debris and clear a path for what we will move forward with come June or later this summer.

July 7 - August 18 Enthusiasm is Focused

Jupiter at 8 Aries

This summer, we may feel 'on fire' in a way that we haven’t for some time.

July 7, Jupiter arrives at 8 degrees Aries, turns Retrograde on July 28, and does not pull away from the 8 degree point until August 18.

Because Jupiter is the Great Benefic, its Retrogrades are not periods of time where we feel thwarted. I call Jupiter Retrogrades times of Reverse Fortune, meaning that things may not go the way we want, but if we ride it, we can discover that the turn of events has actually yields great benefit or blessing.

Jupiter appears to be at a standstill, giving its expansion and growth-oriented focus to one particular point in the sky. For us, we may experience unprecedented growth and expansion in one particular area of our life

In our personal natal charts. The house where 8 Aries falls in our natal chart will give us clues as to the part of our life where we can expect ease and benefit. Planets in our charts that are between 6 and 9 degrees will be supported in fully expressing their the nature and positive influence in our lives. And we may be truly galvanized if we have planets in the early degrees of fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

You have to look deeper, way below the anger,

the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity,

way down deeper where the dreams lie, son.

Find your dream.

It’s the pursuit of the dream that heals you.

Billy Mills

Healing and Reclaiming our Fire

March 12, 2023 Jupiter conjunct Chiron

Chiron's position reflects the area of life where the potential for healing is being supported. 2018-2026, with Chiron in Aries , we are healing what stands in the way of our confidence and courage. Through engaging healing work, we can free up vitality and believe in ourselves more fully. We can heal fear we have of coming on too strong and rediscover the confidence to be bold and true.

When Jupiter joins Chiron, this healing can accelerate. We can more readily see and clear whatever has us disconnected from our life force and essential nature. We can expect a shift in areas where we have unnecessarily compromised ourselves or lacked the confidence to be wholly authentic.

Jupiter’s conjunction to Chiron is the only major aspect Jupiter makes to the other slow planets while it travels through Aries, so it is a meaningful transit. October 28 to December 20, 2022 When Jupiter Returns to Pisces

We step back from boldly striking out and taking resolute action, as Jupiter returns to hang out in the last degrees of Pisces, the last degrees of the zodiac wheel. It is a time to regroup, look at and release behaviors or activities that no longer serve who we are becoming. We are to be quiet within ourselves and affirm our intuition, compassion, and the depth of our sensitivity. The fire for action dies down allowing us to reorient to the seed motivations that propel us into action. We are to reconnect with the love, the kindness, and the awareness of the larger forces that guide our lives. When Jupiter returns to Aries just hours before the winter solstice, we will be ready to trust and move confidently with the new light that will be lit within us on the darkest day.

October 30 Mars turns Retrograde, just two days after Jupiter Retrogrades into Pisces

There is a big slow down with Mars Retrograde ((Oct 30 - Jan 14) beginning on the heels of Jupiter returning to Pisces. We may feel frustrated that projects, timelines and goals are not moving forward as planned. Rather than pushing things through or trying to force something to happen, we are to welcome the slow down and the time to regroup, re-evaluate and realign ourselves. It is not a time to initiate something new, but to practice patience and perseverance and to give attention to what is right in front of us.

May 2023: Jupiter Changes Signs to Grow Something New

Jupiter travels from Aries to Taurus just after Saturn's transition from Aquarius to Pisces, and Pluto leaves Capricorn (after 15 years) to enter Aquarius. Three slower moving planets changing signs in a relatively short window of time indicates that 2023 will herald a new focus for our lives, individually and collectively. The newsletter on the astrology of 2023 posted at the end of the year will offer guidance on the focus and opportunities we can expect in 2023.

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort;

choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy;

and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”

Brené Brown


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