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Coronavirus: Part 1

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

"When things are shaky and nothing is working,

you might realize that you are on the verge of something.

You might realize that this is a very tender and vulnerable place

and that tenderness can go either way.

You can shut down and feel resentful or

you can touch in on that throbbing quality. "

Pema Chodron

“When will this be over?”

Clients have contacted me over the last weeks with the same question. For many, I hear within their question an underlying desire to know a date for when life will return to normal, so they can get back to doing what they were doing before the virus emerged. I tend to respond by asking, “Do we really want it to return to what it was before?”

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned,

to have the life that is waiting for us.

The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come"

Joseph Campbell.

For years, I have heard people yearning for something significant to change within society, with how things work and how our lives interact with the world at large. For this to occur, something had to happen to disrupt the whole mechanism. I could never have imagined the economic engine of the world shutting down overnight. Yet, it has. 8 billion people are having the same conversation. Something unprecedented is happening which correlates to the potential for an unprecedented shift in human awareness and culture.

Human society has been given a ‘time out’. The habitual and automatic way of living has been thwarted and there is a space, a spaciousness to listen and be present. In our lifetime, there has never been a greater moment for a collective paradigm shift. As I contemplate planetary dynamics that are to come, I feel this time is a gift for humanity - a time to pause, to rest, to have the quieting of human activity stir awake something deep within. This is a time of preparation for the transformation of human society that is coming.

What is the opportunity that has presented itself, that was not there before?

This is a fruitful and juicy question, and much more interesting than asking: when will this crisis be over? The astrology of 2020 indicates we are in a extended period of deconstruction and rebuilding. There are many questions and precious few answers to the questions alive within us, such as

  • What will be different when we come out of our homes and engage in social activity?

  • What will happen with the economy, with job security and the ability to meet our expenses?

  • How will the civil unrest and divisions between progressives and conservatives play out?

  • How much will the government and powerful entities use this time opportunity to instill increased measures of control?

  • What will happen with health care, the post office, air travel, the food supply, climate change…?

  • What will I be grieving – the loss of those who suffered and died, the loss of businesses that we counted on, and other potential losses?

  • How do I adapt the changes happening and adjust to what will be needed?

It is likely to be some time before we feel the crisis and the residue of its effects have subsided, and we can finally refer to the coronavirus in the past tense. Planetary alignments indicate that we are not just in for a long haul but an overhaul in the way we live and what we collectively understand as the status quo. Significant shifts are underway that will deter us from returning to life as before. Other than feeling a small measure of comfort in the life before 2020 as at least being familiar, the collective desire has for years been sounding the drum for radical change. Small adjustments that have been made one way or another have not satisfied the cry of humanity. In this landscape of fundamental change, we are called to embrace the unknown and navigate the creation of a new way of living guided by the knowing in our hearts.

Astrology has been an incredible tool for me to glean a larger perspective on current events. Planetary configurations can herald what is on the horizon. For me, there is significance in not only looking ahead but in contemplating what is currently happening with the planets to provide a context and perspective in relation to my experience of what is happening. Coronavirus Part 1 provides this contemplation, helping us to step back and see a bigger picture of what we have been inside of through the last few months.

The planets, in and of themselves, are not ‘doing’ anything to us. Within the wisdom of ‘as above, so below’, the movements of the night sky operate as a mirror. We are in a symbiotic relationship with all creation. It is only in our minds that we perceive ourselves as separate and that there is something outside us doing something to us. The planets show us what is happening and astrologers for millenia have been learning their language to interpret the signs to give words to the message they broadcast through their movements.

The Wisdom of Astrology is a Recognition of Cycles, Cycles of Becoming

To understand a singular planetary configuration, we look to what occurred during the times that configuration occurred at different points in human history. From this, we see patterns. The astrological community has been discussing the current planetary configurations with each other as we all grasp this unprecedented time when more than 1/3 of the world’s population is sheltered at home and a pandemic has swept across the globe. While we all anticipated a great disruption in the status quo of our lives, we could not imagine it would look like what is happening. Who could have predicted the shut down of our modern way of life? And yet, the year's astrology readily points to a pattern that illuminated the potential for a pandemic.

Coronavirus in 2020 –

A Story of Deconstruction to Realign with Our Human Potential

To explain the cosmic drama unfolding

That mirrors the journey simultaneously unfolding for humanity

Let us

See the night sky as a great stage,

and its movements, a cosmic play

That comprises Five Acts.

The planets ar