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Capricorn New Moon: Rounding the Bend

May all that has been reduced

to noise in you,

become music again.

David Teems

The Capricorn New Moon January 13 at Midnight EST is a coming full circle, where we revisit where we were this time last year, harness what was learned, and recognize that there is no going back to what we once had. A clarity emerges about the road ahead, where we sense possibilities that have opened, and map a course towards a future we can live into. There are challenges to charting this new course, as we experience the friction necessary to engender a leap forward towards a life aligned with our values.

It was on this day last year and at the same degree in Capricorn, the exact conjunction between Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (manifest reality) took place that set off a chain reaction that unfolded through 2020. The pairing of these two planetary giants heralded a breakdown of the status quo, of the structures and agreements that compose our way of life. It was a transformative moment aimed at destabilizing what was out of integrity to quicken the soul purpose of humanity to realign with it rightful place in the great dance of life.

Now one year later, the Capricorn New Moon at 23 degrees Capricorn joins Pluto (currently still occupying this potent place in the sky). The New Moon, as new moons do, announces a new beginning as it massages that place in the sky that initiated a year of unprecedented unrest, unpredictability and change. And what has fallen away thus becomes the fertilizer that will germinate the new growth.

There is a heavy emphasis on the element of earth with 6 planets occupying Capricorn and Taurus. Earth seeks stability yet we experience the ground beneath our feet as unstable, prompting us to shift our stance and adjust our focus to accommodate change. The breaking up of what was once solid releases once trapped and pent up energy can now find expression (Uranus in Taurus 2019 - 2025) coupled with a continued breakdown of structures that no longer serve (Pluto in Capricorn 2010 – early 2024).

Movement, vision and innovative thinking was introduced when Saturn and Jupiter moved into Aquarius at the Winter Solstice last month, but its expression is being inhibited, or at least challenged. We are in the middle of a transition from 'earth' to 'air', from a society that values material resources and material wealth to a society that that values ideas, shared vision and the potential of the human being. We are in the midst of a reckoning, a dismantling, and a learning from what has gone before. It is an evolutionary moment, where the debris of what is breaking down is removed so the path to rebuild is clear. We are to ask: “What has been gained in the detour our lives took last year when the routine and habitual way of living was disrupted, and how can we now apply what was learned?"

The power to dream…

is the power to participate in creation itself.

Dreaming reality is not only an ability

but a duty, one all humans must perform with grace

so that our grandchildren will inherit a world

where they can live in peace and abundance. Alberto Villoldo

An Aquarian Vision

Creative and inspired thinking is fueled with Mercury conjoined Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius We have increased capacity to see and conceptualize a larger picture. There are new dreams to explore and to build for ourselves, our community and for the generations that will follow us.

Mercury will remain in Aquarius for its upcoming Retrograde cycle (January 30 - February20) affording us the opportunity to deeply contemplate and review what is opening now. Through Mercury’s extended stay in Aquarius, we are encouraged to take the time to focus on the various puzzle pieces and begin to see how they fit together in greater and greater wholes. We are prompted to step out of the box of our conditioned thinking and reprogram our mind to imagine and embrace potentialities.

In February, six planets will be traveling in Aquarius. We have not seen such a lineup of planets in Aquarius since January 1962. Aquarius invites conversation, the exchange of ideas, enlightened thinking and the shaping of a collective vision that arises from lively exchange. The inspired ideas of February will in all likelihood spark the inventions, advancements and programs that will take shape in the months, even years to follow.

When I am working on a problem

I never think about beauty

But when it is finished

If the solution is not beautiful

I know it is wrong.

Buckminster Fuller

Determined Disruption – Mars Joins Forces with Uranus

Mars moved into stable and steadfast Taurus on January 6, after 6 months in dynamic Aries. Normally, we would experience this as a slowing and a steadying of activity, but when Mars entered Taurus, it began to engage the Great Agent of Change, Uranus. Volatility, accidents, eruptions are anticipated when Mars and Uranus pair up, and in the Taurus, the key word is earthquakes.

There is a building pressure as Mars moves closer and closer to Uranus. The disruptions and challenges of January and February (Mars/Uranus square Jupiter/Saturn) will crack open illusions and faulty presumptions that were once accepted because they were familiar and habitual. We are being propelled to get clearer, to take off the blinders so we can envision something different and not simply recreate what has fallen away.

The difficulty is that the determination to move forward with a deeply held vision can suddenly ignite and justify ill-timed, rash action with Mars/Uranus spurring a feeling of urgency for radical solutions. Our values (Taurus) are being tested in what amounts to a performance review. We have all been brainwashed in some measure by culture, by the status quo, and we are now waking up. Sudden events beckon us to reconcile and bring our core values into focus. It is not about holding on, but letting go of what we thought life was, to discover what it can be. We can be curious about what we don’t know, about what wants to be released as we continue on the journey to discovering authentic expression free from attachment to unhealthy systems and habits.