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Capricorn New Moon: Be About It

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Light tomorrow with today.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Do something today

that your future self will thank you for.

Sean Patrick Flanery

The New Moon on December 23 at 1 Capricorn

invites us to harness Capricorn’s ambition, and to generously give ourselves to building upon what matters most. The Capricorn New Moon each year is the time to make our ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and so is an optimal time to give shape to the long-range plan of what we want to bloom in 2023.

5 planets in Capricorn

Jupiter square New Moon

South Node at apex of Yod with Mars/Chiron

Chiron stations Direct

Mercury in shadow zone of its upcoming Retrograde cycle

The New Moon potential is magnified as it comes on the heels of the Solstice two days before, and is a Super Moon. It is ‘Super’ because it is as close to the earth as it can come in its orbit. This strengthens the influence of the New Moon to assist us in identifying and committed to a plan for 2023.

This is not the the best time to launch something big (Mars Retrograde and Mercury readying to go Retrograde), but a time to listen deeply to ourselves and what we desire, and to lay the necessary foundation for implementing the plan in 2023. It is less about getting rest and more doing the work to lay the groundwork and prepare the way. For instance, if we want to move to a new location, now is a time to clean out and downsize. If we are wanting to restore our health, now is the time to create a dedicated space in our house for exercise or to commit to a year membership with a gym or program. If we want to launch a business, now is the time to work on the website, learn new technology to support promotion, and to draw up a business plan.

We are to look at what we can do today and in the next weeks that will support and clear the way for the forward movement of our plan when we are ready to launch it fully (Mercury, Mars and Uranus go direct the 2nd and 3rd weeks of January).

Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation

determines how much you’re willing to do. Your attitude

determines how well you do it.

Lou Holtz

Capricorn = Cardinal + Earth

  • Cardinal signs initiate.

  • Earth signs ground and make real.

  • Capricorn, as the cardinal earth sign, galvanizes us to define a vision or plan, take responsibility for creating a concrete plan that we will dedicate and discipline ourselves to achieving over time.

Empowering Our Ambitions

6 Planets in Capricorn

I was born on a Capricorn New Moon with five planets in Capricorn. I have spent much time contemplating the potentials and qualities of Capricorn. When I was young, I remember reading a description of Capricorn that simply said: Capricorns are Dull and Boring. So, I began to think I was dull and boring, that my willingness to shoulder responsibility, my tenacity and my nose-to-the-grindstone personality made me a boring person to be around. Yet, if someone wanted to get something done, then they would call upon me, because Capricorns get stuff done.

Capricorn is one of the more misunderstood signs, mostly in how we interpret and react to Capricorn's key words: Responsibility, Authority, Adherence to Rules, and Ambition. These words have been maligned in our culture in how they have been appropriated by patriarchal culture to foster domination and disempower or oppress another.

Capricorn’s ambition has been interpreted as power hungry or opportunistic. But the key for each of us to define our ambition and then allow the New Moon to support us in giving legs to our dreams. Our ambition isn’t necessarily to be the CEO of a company. It can be to have good health, build community, raise a family, heal traumas or achieve self-realization. The Capricorn energy is what paves the way for our ambition to seek form and shape in our lives, and provides us with the tenacity to stick with it until what we desire is achieved.

Capricorn is about responsibility and authority – not so much as having authority over others, but author-ity as taking ownership to author of our lives accompanied by the motivation to do what we need to do without looking for someone else to do it for us. When assuming roles of authority, the well-balanced Capricorn seeks to fulfill a need and provide a service, not to use it in a self-serving fashion.

Self respect and integrity are Capricorn traits essential to holding responsibility well and to be a functioning adult. When we are dedicated to a dream, a plan we will naturally curb short term gratification, be disiciplined, tenacious, resilient, set boundaries and be strategic about where we give our attention. These are all Capricorn virtues that make it possible to achieve a long-range goal.

As I write this, the United States is experiencing arctic conditions with 80% of the country experiencing below 0 Farenheit tempetures with wind chills as low as -50 F. There is a brutallness to the Capricorn time of the year (December 22 – January 21). To meet harsh and unyielding conditions, there is a tenacity and a resilience that arises within us. It arises in conjunction with the belief that this too shall pass, that spring follows winter, and that new life will sprount from the desolate landscape of winter. This is the very belief that we called to draw upon as we look ahead within our lives and what we are ready to build when there is not sign of it existing within the current reality of our lives. The belief that it is possible has us take the first necessary steps.

The earth of Capricorn is hard, frozen earth, barren and impenetrable. Yet within the silence, the stillness of the landscape, there is a germination and gestation of the new life happening deep within, in a way that is not visible or apparent. While there may seem little movement forward on the surface of our lives, this is the time to nurture the seed, the promise of what we plan to have flower in our lives.

There is a magic in the Capricorn season. It is the season of Christmas, Santa Claus, flying reindeer, the birth of a Saviour, the light that stays burning throughout the darkest of nights, decorated trees and houses. Our faith in what is happening deep beneath the frozen landscape is celebrated. We outwardly demonstrate our faith in the miracle of life we know will come re-emerg