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Capricorn Full Moon: Making Time

The bad news is

time flies.

The good news is

you’re the pilot.

Michael Altshuler

Gemini New Moon: New Information leads to greater understanding

The Full Moon on June 21 and 22, 2024 at 1 Capricorn inspires us to take care of business so we are free to engage in and enjoy activities that nurture our wellbeing and foster a quiet joy. 

Entering the Cancer season, we look to take a vacation, be near water, or spend time with family.  So that we do this in a satisfying way, there are responsibilities we need to handle first that will clear the space to give our full attention to the people, places, and pastimes that will nourish and relax us. This is the first of two consecutive Capricorn Full Moons that illuminate ways to balance and tend to the demands of our inner and outer lives. We are supported in finding ways to streamline tasks and be more efficient so there is added space to be quiet within ourselves, where we can give ourselves over to play and to love.


Resolving the Cancer/Capricorn Polarity

Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer

Neptune square the Full Moon

Full Moon Ruler:  Saturn

Pluto quincunx the Sun

Mars trine the Capricorn Moon


Full Moons are the peak moment of each lunar cycle when something in our life reaches a culmination point. The days leading up to the Full Moon bring increased momentum, activity and a mounting pressure. At the Full Moon, emotions and tides run high. Something comes to a head via crisis or breakthrough, and a desired resolution can be achieved. During the two weeks following the Full Moon, we are completing a movement, integrating what was learned, and distilling the wisdom from the recent lunar month so we are ready for the invitation of the next New Moon. The Capricorn Moon calls us to take care of business and tend to the tasks that need to be done so that we can fully embrace the potentials of the Cancer New Moon on July 5.

Balance is not something you find. 

It is something you create.

Jana Kingsford

Arriving on the heels of the solstice on June 20, the Full Moon brings attention to responsibilities we are to undertake and illuminates adjustments we can make to get the results we want. This is one of two consecutive Capricorn Full Moons that mark the midpoint of the year.  We are to evaluate how our plans for the year have been going. We can have insight around what is working and tweaks that we can make in our routines and priorities. With the Capricorn Full Moon opposing the Cancer Sun, we are seeking to better balance work and family, responsibility and self-nurturance, maturity and sensitivity, and seek a balance between tending to our goals and responding to our feeling nature.


Work/Life Balance

The Capricorn/Cancer Polarity


This lunar month is notable in that two Capricorn Full Moons will bookend the July 5th Cancer New Moon. Two consecutive Full Moons in the same sign are rare, rarer than two Full Moons occurring in one calendar month. This occurrence serves to magnify the urge to balance the archetypal intent of the two signs involved: Capricorn and Cancer.


Capricorn is structure, boundaries, and responsibilities. It brings awareness of time and how we use time. It is our professional life, achievements and reputation. The two Capricorn Full Moons support us in making simple shifts in our strategic plan for how to build the success we wish to have in the public arena.

Cancer is home, family and ancestry. It speaks to feelings, sensitivity and nurturance. It is the urge to mother and to be mothered.  The Capricorn Full Moons support us in making shifts in the structure and schedule of our lives so we can honor and tend to our private life and innermost self.


Entering the Cancer season, our attention is drawn to fulfilling personal needs. We naturally are more aware of our feelings and want to spend time at home and with those we call family. Worldly goals and ambitions are subdued with three planets in Cancer (Sun, Mercury and Venus). We are inclined to think of our life more in terms of ‘we’, than ‘I’. We look to enhance and strengthen our sense of belonging. Even if we live alone, we belong to a family line or belong to a community and look to deepen the connections we have. Yet, the two back-to-back Capricorn Full Moons let us know that there are responsibilities that need our attention and care so that we can give ourselves fully to the Cancer impulse.

Making Time to Exhale

Sun, Mercury and Venus in Cancer

The water element is emphasized with three planets in Cancer. Feelings, needs and sensitivities are heightened. We are looking for a break - especially from the pace of the last months and the relentless transformational energies that are catalyzing societal instability and change.

We are reminded that 'taking care of business' is not the goal, it is the means to the goal of what we want to achieve in the coming month. The goal is to have experiences where we can receive. Life has dried us out in some way. Feeling dehydrated, we are ready to drink deep of the aliveness that is all around -in the intimate contact with nature, the day, and ourselves. We are to validate what we are feeling and find ways to be quiet with ourselves and with those we love. We may wish to sit by a river, hang out on a porch, or sit late into the night around a campfire. As we carve out and prioritize the space and time to be kind and gentle with ourselves, we will have insights into what will create personal wellbeing moving forward.


You will never

find time for anything.

If you want time,

you must make it.

Charles Buxton

Time of Completion and Release

Neptune square the Full Moon

At 29.54 degrees of Pisces, the last degree and nearly the last minute of the zodiac cycle, Neptune is readying to Retrograde and drill into the energy of endings and dissolution. Neptune’s position signals the end of a 140-year era.

We may experience loss and deep grief about changes that are happening, while also being attuned to the high anticipatory energy the collective is experiencing about what the future will bring. The ideals, dreams and the story the collective weaves about what it means to be human, is changing. The mythos that is interwoven the fabric of society, is unraveling. Something new is coming but it has yet to be revealed.


March 30, 2025, Neptune arrives at the world Axis, at the Aries point and the new era is launched.  Currently, it is close enough to the world axis, that we can feel the new beginning on the horizon.  But it is like a bend in the river: we can hear the sound of the river ahead, but we cannot see what is coming until we round the bend. Our work now is to grieve, let go of what is lost, find peace within ourselves and be ready for something new to dawn.

The last time Neptune entered Aries was 1861-1875. During this time slavery was abolished, and the inventions of the automobile, the telephone, the Kodak camera, the light bulb and the phonograph would transform how society lived. If we contemplate these inventions, we can imagine the radical changes that the people of that time experienced and understand that culturally we are on the verge of inventions, political decisions and events that will change how we live life.


We are attuned to the deeper movements and patterns that underly daily living (Neptune square the Full Moon). We may receive spontaneous insights or a dream that carries a message. Our rational mind is rather confused about things, but our intuition can guide us.  We can more easily see our social conditioning around family, work and what it means to be an adult. With this, we can make strides now to dissolve the generational imprints that have led us to being overly responsible or in having a misguided sense of responsibility. We are redefining what makes for ‘a good life’ or ‘a successful life.’ 


Called to Go Within

Full Moon Ruler:  Saturn

Saturn in Pisces is at the end of a 30-year cycle. We are cued to listen to be quiet within ourselves to we can feel what is shifting, what is falling away, and make peace with what is passing away.  Rather than hold on to something temporal that is subject to dissolution, we are to align with what is enduring, what existed before we were born and will remain long after we are gone. Whether we call this God, universal energy or the divine breath, we are to deepen our relationship with this ever-present energy that animates all creation. This will give us a broadened perspective and clarity that will support us to move with the changes that are coming around the next bend in the river.


Saturn is the planet of responsibility and of achievement. In Pisces, Saturn views worldly achievements as illusory and directs our attention to our number one responsibility: the care of our soul. However long we have to live, it is but a blink of an eye with the eternal life of our soul. Now is a good time to tune in and listen to and be response-able to our soul’s longing.

Work life balance is about

creating a life that flows with you

rather than a life

you have to power through.

Jaime Marie Wilson


Release Age-Old Patterns

Pluto quincunx the Cancer Sun

Transformative adjustments are to be made this coming month. Repressed emotions may rise to be cleared so we can claim our power.  Typically, a quincunx to the Sun would not be especially noteworthy at a Full Moon, but Pluto will conjoin the July 21 Capricorn Full Moon when we will be supported to recognize and heal family patterns and ancestral trauma. Pluto's presence this month points to the deeper work we need to do accomplish to successfully 'take care of business' and free us up to more fully love and play and flow in life.


Can Do Attitude

Mars in Taurus trine the Cancer Moon

In Taurus, Mars is steadfast, grounded and helps us to keeps things real. We are supported in staying grounded, setting priorities, and being resourceful. We are prepared to see a task through.  In response to what life and the Full Moon presents, we are likely to simply say: I'll take care of it. Mars’ position helps to cut through the drama, accept what is and apply ourself to getting done what needs to be done. 


A Final Musing...

In contemplating the Full Moon energetic, I found myself thinking about what happens during the week before I head out on a planned. I become insanely focused and productive, often tending to tasks or projects or repairs that have been waiting weeks or months for me to get around to them.  I clean and get things in order in a way I don't at any other time.

My friends and I have on occasion reflected on how we get several weeks of work done before we put the suitcase in the car and drive away from our 'regular' life for some determined period of time.  We have wondered why we need to feel like everything that needs taking care of is taken care before we head out. The Capricorn Full Moon illuminates what this impulse is about. 

We feel mentally and psychologically freed up when we have tied up all the loose ends that are hanging out in our life and checked off everything that has been sitting on our to do list. There is a newfound sense of freedom that allows us to direct our full attention to the vacation we have planned. And then when the vacation time is over, when we return home and to our daily life, we return feeling like we can start fresh. We are not returning to everything we did not get to before we left. So, in reference to this metaphor, what loose ends can we tie up and complete so that we feel freer to enjoy what the coming month has to offer.

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