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Cancer New Moon - We are Connected

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Humankind has not woven the web of life.

We are but one thread within it.

Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

All things are bound together.

All things connect.

Chief Seattle

The New Moon on June 28, 2022 at 7 Cancer brings us home to ourselves,

where we acknowledge our vulnerability, our feeling nature and

our innate connection with everything around.

While we look to initiate something new and powerful in our lives,

the Cancer New Moon invites us to set an intention for how we will

go about accomplishing what we have set out to do.

Honoring our sensitivity and being responsive to needs that emerge,

we are to infuse nourishment and care

into how we define and engage our endeavors.

From spring and into the summer, the planetary signature is notably yang. We are moving out of ourselves with renewed confidence. The Cancer New Moon is a strong yin energy, emerging as a counterbalance to the fiery self-assertiveness moving through us.

We are in a time where we feel a push to take a big step forward and boldly venture into new territory (Jupiter and Mars in Aries) and our fighting spirit is aroused (Mars square Pluto). The Cancer Moon slows us down, draws us into our body and its intrinsic need for comfort and security. Yes, we are ready to boldly go where we have never gone before (Aries), but we are also exploring how we can feel safety and support (Cancer) while we do it. We are invited to engage our insecurities – to not brush them aside or minimize them, but to discover how we can best support ourselves as we take risks.

Within this, we are to recognize that our actions, like a pebble in a pond, have a rippling effect. Recognizing we are connected to a part of larger and larger wholes, we assert ourselves with an awareness of the impact our actions. And while we may feel emboldened, we may simultaneously feel unsure and nervous. The Cancer New Moon urges us to embrace our humanness, make time for gentleness and healing, and not just put on the armor, steel ourselves up, and enter the fray with bravado and gusto. In working with our insecurity, we can address codependent behaviors and where we have a tendency to overextend or unduly compromise ourselves to satisfy another. We are to look for how our relationships can be mutually supportive so that we do not feel like we are going it alone without adequate support.

Ultimately, the Cancer Moon is helping us to feel a stronger connection with ourselves and in so doing we become more connected with others and the world around us, which in turn makes the bold move forward not so scary.

We can ask ourselves: What am I nurturing? There is something we want to nurture in the world but it is does not need to be at odds from the nurturance of our own well being. To feel safe, we need a safe place that gives us comfort. It can be our home, a good friend, a grove of trees in the woods. We are to acknowledge and nurture our sense of family with the people and world around.

Cancer is a water sign and represents the ocean. We are 75% water. We are of the ocean. All life on this planet is primarily made of water. We all come from the Ocean, from the same watery womb, and it is water that sustains and binds us. We are all part of the family of life, all belonging to each other. We may wish to go sit by the ocean at this time to feel greater connection with our feelings, ourselves and the world around.

Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that,

and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning.

You have to love.

You have to feel.

It is the reason you are here on earth.

You are here to risk your heart.

You are here to be swallowed up.

And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed,

or left, or hurt, or death brushes near,

let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen

to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness.

Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.

Louise Erdrich

Issues of Mother – of Mothering and Being Mothered

Jupiter square the Cancer New Moon

Our insecurities and need for nurturance and love is amplified. We can see what we are nurturing with our actions, our intentions, our relationships. We are likely to take things more personally for the next couple weeks. Cancer is also the desire to protect, and we can readily see when we are becoming defensive or if we are simply setting good boundaries.

Jupiter is a social planet. Square to the New Moon, Jupiter urges us to not isolate, wall ourselves off or seek to go it alone. In the spirit of giving and of receiving, we are to show up interact with the people and life around us. There is something we have to give. It may be our vulnerability. It may be our vision. It may be our love. It may be our questions. It may be a feeling that needs to be expressed. We are prodded to engage, interact, and to nurture what needs to be nurtured.

With a growing urgency to liberate ourselves from something (Uranus moving towards an exact conjunction with the North Node), the Cancer New Moon asks us to look at what motivates us. If we assert ourselves out of reaction or from an urge to rebel, than we need to be very mindful of what we are nurturing with our actions. Is what we are inspired to do going to create more connection or disconnection?

We may need to face how we were or were not mothered well, and how to meet the needs that were not met when we were young. Issues around mothering, being mothered, and what we are mothering in the world are all accentuated. What does it mean to nurture and feel safe in relation to others and conversely what does it mean to protect those we love? Our insecurities will guide us to what needs to be held, acknowledged and cared for, so that we can truly care for and mother something in the world.

There is a rhythm in things.

A heartbeat.

Waves in the ocean.

The stretch of trees

As they drink in the sky,

And the song of raindrops

On your window while you listen

For your place in it all.

Gabriel Andreas

The Movement of the Yin to Bring Balance to the Yang

The Cancer Moon trine Vesta and conjunct Black Moon Lilith

The New Moon is supported by the presence of two asteroids that are distinctly feminine in expression. Both represent a purity of action and one-pointed focus to serving what matters most. One serves what is visible and needing consistent attention and the other serves what holds great value but has devalued and discarded.

Tending the Sacred

Vesta trine the Cancer Moon

The asteroid Vesta is the priestess/goddess that tends the eternal flame. Vesta is also the eternal flame itself. Where it shows up in our charts and lives shows us what is most sacred to us that requires our steadfast service so that the flame remains vital and alive in our heart and lives.

We are reminded of what matters most (Vesta trine the Cancer Moon) - to what we hold as sacred. This becomes our guiding North Star, the thing that helps us evaluate and discern where to put our attention and time.

Vesta’s presence brings further dimension and depth to the question ‘What am I nurturing?’ because she has us look at nurturance as a sacred practice. She reminds us to not lose sight of what is most sacred to us no matter what else is going on. If we imagined that the actions that we take or don’t take, the conversations we initiate, the care we give ourselves is all sacred and serves to stoke or diminish the eternal flame, how would this alter our perspective or actions?

The Primal, Raw Feminine Refuses to be Bridled

Black Moon Lilith conjunct the New Moon

Patriarchy historically has perceived the feminine as something to subdue and control. Not respected or cherished, the feminine then goes underground and is exists hidden and in the shadows. Lilith is a mythic figure representing the dark feminine in Persian, Greek and Jewish mythology. She is the raw feminine, unbridled and wild. She does not compromise or play by the rules. She has no respect for man’s laws but views herself as a great defender of natural law.

She is much like the aunt who was not invited to Sleeping Beauty’s christening. Feared, sidelined and shut out, she will crash the party and wreak havoc. But the disruption and chaos she unleashes with her vengeance is not without purpose. She speaks truths that have been hidden and her actions are taken to address imbalance.

Lilith is the protector of Mothers, pregnancy and newborns, especially as she travels through Cancer. With Roe vs Wade recently overturned, denying a woman’s right to choose what do with her own body, many may tap into and express Lilith’s fury. Where we have each felt devalued or disrespected, we may feel Lilith rise within us to have us fiercely and vehemently assert the legitimacy of needs that we previously minimized or quieted in ourselves.

If we have no peace,

it is because we have forgotten

that we belong to each other.

Having a Backbone and Standing for Balance

Mars in Aries square Pluto and sextile Saturn

Mars in Aries brings out the pioneer, the warrior, the fighter in us. Conjoined with Jupiter earlier this month, we were fired up with something we wished to initiate. Mars is now being challenged and supported to follow through on what it began in recent weeks.

Shifting the Perception that The World is Against Me

Mars square Pluto

There is a mounting frustration and anger that could erupt in the coming week (Mars approaches exact square with Pluto). We feel thwarted with our path forward is obstructed by some outer force. The larger world has set up a roadblock. Pluto represents the collective and we may feel especially challenge by circumstance. Whether it is the cost of gasoline, food prices accelerating, a fire breaking out in our region, supreme court decisions, a letter from the IRS or some other situation that has us feeling personally targeted, we are to feel our frustration but not let it run us.

We may be presented with a situation where it is very difficult to recognize how we are all connected, all part of the same family. The 'other' feels very real and there can be a distinct feeling of us versus them, or the world is against me. Some of us may feel prompted to put on armor and engage in battle. Others of us may implode and collapse in on ourselves. We are asked to transmute the anger, the fire, the fury into generative action steps. Anger is energy, powerful energy. It is up to each of us to us it in the most generative way possible. Acknowledging the root cause of our anger, we can look at what we can do to best nurture ourselves and the situation.

'Right Use of Will' Yields Fantastic Results

Mars sextile Saturn

There is a movement towards stabilizing what we have set in motion. By taking responsibility for a plan of action and bringing the necessary discipline to play, we can weather the storms and stay on course. With an intention to bring a balance of yin to our yang, we can boldly go forth while also compassionately engaging our insecurities and needs. If we can feel connected to ourselves and recognize how we are connected with the world around us , we have the potential to move mountains over the next month.

The Pull of a Deeper Current

Neptune turns Retrograde on the New Moon

Neptune is the Dream and the Dreamer. In Pisces, Neptune is sensitizing us to timeless truths and the reality of unity, that all is one. We are more attuned to the cosmic womb from which creation emerges and will return. With this, we are apt to redefine the nature of what gives our live meaning.

The sensitivity and vulnerability we are feeling on the New Moon is enhanced by Neptune’s Retrograde movement. We acknowledge our own fragility, our inadequacies, our woundedeness and our losses. Neptune in Pisces is about facing endings, about facing the full measure of how death is part of life, and when facing this, we begin to see that life is more than just making money, driving an SUV, taking a European vacation, or getting our way with something. Neptune Retrograde stirs up a fog of confusion, where we wonder if we can trust ourselves and if what we are dreaming for ourselves is valid, realizable or even what we really want. We are more in touch with the yearning of our soul and what we are truly called to do with our life and what we want to achieve that will matter for the eternal fulfillment of our soul.

If we slow down, listen and open while Neptune is Retrograde, we can feel creative inspiration, have profound mystical experiences, a deepening of a meditation practice, or profoundly feel how we are truly never alone but part of the vast web of life. Our spiritual outlook on our life is enhanced, and with this greater clarity comes with what we wish to initiate in our lives.


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