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Taurus Solar Eclipse: Finding Peace

There is a rhythm in things.

A heartbeat.

Waves in the ocean.

A stretch of trees

As they drink in the sky.

And the song

of raindrops on your window

as you listen

for your place in it all.

Gabriel Andreas/Story People

The Solar Eclipse on April 30, 2022 at 10 Taurus opens up new pathways of relating to and acting from our body’s wisdom. We are better able to hear, value and orient our lives to honor our most basic needs. The opening that Solar Eclipse provides invites us to relax into our body, to feel more grounded, present, and soft in how we relate to ourselves.

Taurus is the sign of the earth, and reminds us that we are children of the earth. We have a vital relationship with our home planet that nurtures and sustains us. As earth's children, we are sensual beings, and the Solar Eclipse opens our senses to savor the smells, tastes, and beauty available in each moment.

We can ask ourselves: If I recognize that I am part of the earth and the earth is part of me, how might I move differently and how might my future plans be reshaped?

Solar Eclipses mark a moment where a shift occurs that opens us to potentials that were previously unavailable or beyond our reach. With this one in Taurus, the shift is in our ability to relax into our body - to become more fully embodied. We are to welcome sensations and feelings that are present and listen to the body’s wisdom of how it wishes to engage and move. There is a shift in our capacity to receive, open, take in, and feel without the need to numb, shut down, or escape sensation.

With the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, we are to initiate something new that will foster sure-footing and a feeling of solid ground beneath our feet, so we establish a better sense of stability and security. Our focus zeroes in on the basics and what we need for survival: food, air, water, shelter.

The whole of planet Earth is a sacred site.

All people are the chosen people,

and the purpose of our lives is a spiritual one. May we care for each other and for the Earth

for everything relates to everything else.

Feeling this oneness, may we radiate

the light of love and kindness

that all may live in unity and peace. Radha Sahar

Destabilization of the Status Quo Fuels

Something That is Sustainable

Uranus in Taurus ( 2018 – 2026)

The planet Uranus looks to disrupt or change whatever it touches. The ensuing chaos is not without purpose or design. Uranus is magnetized to the place in our lives where energy is trapped or pent up, and not allowed to move or flow. For the sake of greater freedom and living in a more authentic way, a Uranus transit will release this energy through sudden, unexpected events.

Uranus traveling through Taurus reflects the disruptions and insecurities we are experiencing around reliable water, air and food production. Real Estate and financial systems are also effected. There is a dawning realization that what was reliable in our childhood is no longer sustainable and may not be available now or some time down the road. We are being catapulted into discovering what is sustainable and what kind of life we can build that is sturdy, reliable and in harmony with our planetary home.

Readiness to Engage a Long Overdo Need for Change

Uranus conjunct the Eclipse

The strong presence of Uranus within the Eclipse dynamic reflects the imperative to make changes in our lives and move towards simplicity. The Eclipse occurs in the same part of the sky where Uranus spent a large part of 2021, marking a hot spot for change, showing us what in our lives is no longer a match for who we are becoming. The Eclipse announces that the disruptions provided lessons or discoveries that we can now use to set a new direction and re-establish stability in a way that is more true to ourselves and what we value.

We are to follow the desire for how we want to connect to the land, how we want to root ourself in a certain place, and tend the relationship with the land. We may feel moved to buy a piece of real estate, make a move to a new location, start a garden, or learn about the wild plants that grow in our area. We are to actively initiation a new relationship with the earth and our place on the earth.

Uranus is in Taurus once every 84 years, and so at this time we are challenged to go beyond our comfort zone and explore what is truly sustainable through an active engagement with the earth that is the source of our sustenance. We can look to the house where 10 degrees Taurus falls in our chart to see the area of life where we are looking to form or strengthen the foundational routines and activities of our lives. For those of us with planets between 9 and 11 degrees of a fixed sign (Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio), we may feel shaken up and challenged to let go of something that we have felt is essential to our life so we can make a bold fresh start.

Releasing What We are Holding Onto

Frees us to Reach for the Opportunity Emerging

South Node in Scorpio

The South Node of the Solar Eclipse points to what needs to be released. In Scorpio, the South Node prods us to release desires and emotional attachments that have their roots in childhood. At one time, they helped us cope or survive, but we can recognize now that we have outgrown them. An example of this would be a beloved childhood teddy bear that still has a place on our bed because of the emotional attachment we formed to it as a child. The teddy bear no longer has relevance or purpose in our current life. The teddy bear is simply connected to a memory of something that was once meaningful, but does not currently support us in moving forward. It is therefore time, or even past time, to let go of the teddy bear.

The Taurus Solar Eclipse points to a new beginning around what we value. This includes money, property, land, possessions and ones self. We may have new insight as to what resources are essential and what we own that actually weighs us down. We may look into our closets, to the artwork on our wall, the clothes in our closets, the collections we keep, or the types of food that fill our fridges and discover what energizes us and what does not. We are looking to streamline, declutter and simplify what we surround ourselves with, what we wish to own and re-evaluate where we want to invest our time and money.

Inspired By A Cosmic Force Larger than Ourselves

Eclipse sextile Mars in Pisces

With our personal will weakened with Mars in Pisces, we are to open and sense the divine timing and flow of what wants to emerge and find expression. Mars is receiving a powerful surge of energy (from the Sun, Moon and Uranus). We are asked to surrender, rather than charge. We are asked to receive, rather than assert. There is a divine force moving through us. We have only to allow it, welcome it, and move with how it wants to shape our life. We may not yet see the full picture of where the new direction of our life will lead, but we can trust the impulse. We are to trust what inspires us and let it guide our actions.

If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence,

We could rise up

Rooted like trees.

Ranier Maria Rilke

Venus, Ruler of the Eclipse conjunct Jupiter/Neptune

Making Peace, Finding Peace, Becoming Peace

Venus rules the Solar Eclipse and she is in an exact conjunction with Jupiter at 27 Pisces. This is a powerfully feminine union that inspires us to seek out and foster peace. There is a gentle cleansing and washing away of the stings and hurts of our past that leads us to embrace forgive ourselves, accept of our life just as it is, and feel compassion for self and others. We are being released and set free from the chains that have bound us. Again, we are to open, soften and receive the soothing balm of love that is available to us and to engage ourselves and life with the gentleness this inspires. By welcoming the Jupiter/Venus/Neptune in Pisces invitation, we can let go of the resentment, self-judgement and blame that have clung to us and discover the peace we seek.

In Conclusion

The Solar Eclipse is marked by the energies of Earth and Water, Pisces and Taurus. The Taurean New Moon promises new grounding, something tangible that leads to greater stability and security. With four planets in Pisces, the gentle waters of Pisces are cleansing and dissolving attachments to the past or to what we wish could have been.

There is a calming influence that has us feeling better supported, nourished and relaxed (Venus/Jupiter in exact conjunction). We are invited to sink into ourselves, become more embodied, and embrace our humanity. Rather than wish life were different, we can accept and be grateful for what we do have and look to simplify our life. The hurts we have clung to no longer have the same sting and we are now invited to release the past and turn our attention to what we can build from here. Taurus is the builder. We are to look to where and how we can best root ourselves in the land we choose and build a life that is simpler – one that meets our basic needs and allows for greater peace to flower in our lives.


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