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Cancer Full Moon: At Home with...

Self-care is giving the world the best of you,

instead of what’s left of you.

Katie Reed

The Full Moon on January 6, 2023 at 16 Cancer

invites us to look at how we can be more at home in ourselves and in our lives. This may mean there is something for us to do. It can also very well be about not doing something, or at least cutting back on all we are doing. In recent weeks, we have been putting together a strategy for what we want to achieve in the coming months, yet with Mars and Mercury both Retrograde, this is not the optimal time to launch a plan. What is optimal, is to take time to create the conditions that will have us feel a whole-hearted readiness to move forward.

Ask: "What can I do today to nurture myself and the life I am living?

Cancer Moon oppose Capricorn Sun and Mercury (in Retrograde)

Cancer Moon square Chiron, sextile Uranus, trine Neptune, sextile North Node

Capricorn Sun/Mercury trine Uranus

Gemini Mars trine Venus

Mercury, Mars and Uranus Retrogrades end in January

I lied and said I was busy. I was busy; but not in a way most people understand. I was busy taking deeper breaths. I was busy silencing irrational thoughts. I was busy calming a racing heart. I was busy telling myself I am okay. Sometimes, this is my busy - and I will not apologize for it.

Brittin Oakman

The Full Moon invites us to take a step back and catch up with ourselves, so we can give the care and attention needed to what is missing or neglected. Cancer illuminates our desire for the security of home and family, and to what we need to feel physically and emotionally secure. We are to nurture who and what we love. This includes ourselves.

Listening to and honoring our feelings will guide us to engagin in what will replenish and renew areas where we are experiencing deficiency. We are cautioned to not get ahead of ourselves, or grin and bear it in the name of taking care of what we think must get done.

Feelings we have minimized or brushed aside in the name of accomplishing something point to identifying where we have become depleted. We may wish to give of ourselves to our work and to those we love, but if we are running on empty, then what? By slowing ourselves down and engaging in personal care now, we will be more productive and satisfied with our future efforts than if we continue to push forward in the name of... whatever.

Moon oppose Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

The Capricorn New Moon two weeks ago had five planets in Capricorn, a sign that exemplifies responsibility. We have been contemplating what we are dedicated to achieving and what responsibilities we may need to assume to accomplish our goals. Likewise, so that we maintain a measure of balance and well-being, we are also looking at what responsibilities we need to release that are not aligned with the future we want to create.

The Capricorn/Cancer axis is about responsibility. While Capricorn applies rational and detachment to determining a pragmatic approach to getting things done, Cancer approaches responsibility through our feeling nature and a desire to generate comfort. Where Capricorn is at ease with the word responsibility, Cancer prefers to translates this to mean: what am I wanting to nurture.

The Capricorn/Cancer axis brings work/life balance to the forefront. Our public life (Capricorn) versus our private life (Cancer) are accentuated as are the relationships with our families versus relationships with our work and people we engage in the world. We can gain clarity on family and work dynamics, have insight into how one does not need to be sacrified in the name of the other. The Cancer Moon invites us to use our intuition and feeling nature to discern how to best care for ourselves so we can also care for all that is important to us.

Mercury conjunct the Sun. In its retrograde motion, Mercury has reached the point of Cazimi, where our minds (Mercury) have entered the heart of the Sun and are illuminated by its light. This is the peak moment of the retrograde which affords insight and understanding on issues or plans we have been mulling over. We can find our minds are illuminated by a fresh perspective on how to view or approach something that allows us to break out of a rut in how we approach our responsibilities (Uranus trine Sun/Mercury). The Full Moon further supports an expanded understanding of how we can fulfill our responsibilities in a way that allows us to sacrifice our well-being.

To reap the benefits of the Full Moon, we are to slow down and take some time for ourselves and not give over to an inclination of staying busy, trying to get everytthing done. We can recognize that we need some time to regroup and catch up with ourselves. This is especially true if we are feeling overwhelm, uncertainty or frustration. Carving out time to take a step back rather than just plugging away at a checklist of tasks will reap unforeseen benefits in the long run. We are supported here to rest, recuperate and take care of ourselves, because our ability to nurture anything else will not have the desired result if we do it from a place of exhaustion or resentment.

Every one of us needs to show

how much we care for each other

and, in the process,

care for ourselves. Princess Diana

New Patterns around Nurturance and Taking Responsibility