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Aries New Moon: Carpe Diem!

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

George Eliot

The Aries New Moon on April 11 at 10:30 pm EDT is teeming with energy that seeks an outlet and inspires bold action.

Each year, Aries arrives to mark the onset of spring: fast-paced and quick with dynamic growth. Rivers are full and rushing, fed by the waters of melting snows. Trees are bursting with buds, spring flowers have shot up and a chorus of birds announces the return of life. Venus, Eris, Ceres, Chiron, the Sun and Moon are all in Aries, giving a monumental jumpstart to creative, vital and bold activity that burns away stagnant or fearful energy, new growth sprouts in our life.

This exuberant New Moon stokes our adventurous spirit and readiness to make a fresh start. It is time to seize the day, trust our gut, and move forward with courage and panache. The pace of our life, like the river, is propelling us forward.

Our sense of self-worth is amplified (Venus conjoined the New Moon). We may feel especially courageous (the New Moon is at the midpoint of the Mars/Jupiter trine and the focal point of the minor grand trine). We are supported to take initiative, to trust our instincts and believe that good things are possible if we just reach for them.

Our desire nature is amplified (Venus square Pluto). The sap is rising. Feelings and interests that have been slumbering come roaring into focus. There is an intensity of feeling; what was backburned comes to front of our awareness and the heat of spring has dreams bubbling with renewed vigor. If we can harness the sense of urgency to fulfill our desires, we can direct our passion in a generative way.

You do not need to know precisely what is happening,

or exactly where it is all going. What you need

is to recognize the possibilities and challenges

offered by the present moment, and

to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.

Thomas Merton

Mars Fuels Fearlessness

Mars is announcing himself in several ways at this New Moon, supporting us to move beyond fear, trust our gut, and embrace the pioneer/warrior spirit that lives in each one of us. In Gemini, Mars is prone to multi-tasking and staying with something only as long as it is exciting. Curious, wanting to learn and ready for the adventure of the day, we need to be mindful to not too many in too many directions simultaenously.

Mars is taking center stage at the New Moon in the following ways:

Mars rules Aries, and thus is the Ruler of the Aries New Moon, thus making his presence important and a key component of the New Moon dynamics.

Six planetary bodies are in Aries, the sign of Mars. This is a lot of fire! This is the fire and vitality of youth emboldening us, having us imagine we are invincible and that all is possible because we desire it to be. Our libido is ignited and we may be inspired to spice up our love life.

Mars is Out of Bounds until May 24. All planets travel along the pathway of the ecliptic and the 23 degrees north and 23 degrees south of the ecliptic denote the boundaries of this path. When a planet moves outside this path, it is called: Out of Bounds and has gone renegade. Planets Out of Bounds don not yield to the rules or to the spirit of compromise. They act in a wildly creative, genius or destructive way. With Mars Out of Bounds, we may feel daring, driven and passionate. Anger and urgency are powerful energies, which directed, can help to blaze a trail to new vistas.

Mars is in Mutual Reception with Mercury, which means they are both in the sign ruled by the other (Mercury is in Mars’ sign of Aries. Mars is in Mercury’s sign of Gemini). There is a symbiotic relationship with the Mental and Communicative energies of Mercury being fire up by the Passionate, Bold and Warrior qualities of Mars. This lends itself to quick decisions, racing thoughts, and fiery communications. The pace of life picks up speed and decisions and actions can happen quickly.

Mars trine Jupiter. The planet of Action is being juiced by the planet of Growth. Mars brings the energy and Jupiter brings opportunity and optimism. Jupiter’s eye is on the long game and what will provide lasting benefit, and so will help focus Mars in Gemini's tendency to scatter efforts and curb the propensity to go in too many directions at once. There is also enhanced physical strength and stamina that calls us to move and engage in physical activity. We are likely to get bottled up if we simply spend the day reading a book on the couch.

Mars is part of small grand trine with the New Moon/Venus and Jupiter. Just, Wow! This is a configuration that gives two thumbs to any endeavors we wish to initiate.

Beautiful days

Do not come to you.

You must walk

Toward them.


Skirting the Pitfalls

With so many planets in Aries and all planets moving direct (nothing Retrograde), there is a rush of energy, just like the rushing of a burgeoning river. We can easily find ourselves going too fast. Instead of bravery, we have bravado borne by an inflated sense of confidence. Having just emerged from the waters of Pisces in the last weeks, we can carry the sensitivity and compassion we found immersed in Pisces and approach situations, and ourselves, with kindness, so all can flow in a good way.

Similarly, passions may run high. We can welcome the feelings that course through us. We can avert from unchecked motivations that have us take action just to relieve the intensity of feeling. By slowing ourselves down a little, we can move in an embodied and grounded way, which will help us to make bold but not rash decisions.

On the flip side, it can be challenging to channel the big energy of Aries and so we may shut down. One way to counteract this is to seek activities that engage our body. Whether we are hiking a mountain, cleaning out a closet or washing the car, we can select activities that keep us in motion - this will ensure that the energy doesn’t begin to cycle back in on itself, like a whirlpool. This is not a time to start a sitting meditation practice, but to foster practices that focus on mindfulness, staying present, and feeling centered while in motion.

The Aries spirit is a fighting spirit. To make the most of the New Moon, we need to wage a good fight – a fight for good health, a fight for education for our children, or a fight for a dream we want to see realized. Otherwise, we will be seduced by the bad fight – the one where we argue, blame, project, or beat up on ourselves.

In Summary

The promise of a new day that was sparked in the dark of winter on the 2020 Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn now breaks ground and is ready to shoot up and bloom in the garden of our lives. What has been germinating within us for the last many months is now coming into the light of day. We are to trust how we have come to know ourselves and the dream that has been growing within us. Sexual desire is quickened and we may seek activities that have us feeling juicy and sexy. It is a fortunate time to embark on a new endeavor or begin a project. Be courageous and take action in an new and exciting direction. Carpe Diem: Seize the Day.


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