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Aries Full Moon: We are the Heroes

We are powerful beyond measure,

and so deeply vulnerable at the same time.

This may seem like a dichotomy, but it isn’t.

We have misunderstood real power.

It has been something assertive,

non-surrendering, pushing on through.

This is not real power. This is simply willfulness.

Real power is something else-

receptivity, openness, the courage

to keep your heart open on the darkest of days,

the strength to feel it all even when

the odds are stacked against you.

Real power is showing up with your heart on your sleeve and

absolutely refusing to waste one moment of your life

hidden behind edginess and armor. Jeff Brown

The Full Moon on October 9, 2022 at 16 Aries accelerates a healing process that has kept confidence at bay. We are making strides in reclaiming a deep and abiding trust in ourselves.

The Aries Full Moon marks a movement away from feeling we are simply at the effect of the world and a victim of circumstances. Looking through a clearer lens, we embrace ourselves as heroic. We have the potential to better accept ourselves and not fight circumstance or wish life were different than it is. As the wound surrounding of self-confidence heals, we realize that we are exactly where we are meant to be and circumstances are perfect to stir and awaken what lies dormant within us.

Key to this process is conversation and collaboration with others. It is through interaction with others that we can finally remove the protective armor that was erected long ago. We are to allow, not force ourselves, to meet some imagined outcome. We are to slow down so that we can adequately focus awareness on habitual thought patterns that are ready to be rewired. We are discovering how our self talk and our words can better express our intrinsic nature. This will result in creating connection with, and acknowledgement from, others that we long for.

Moon conjunct Chiron

Moon sextile Saturn

Sun conjunct Venus

Air Grand Trine with Sun/Venus, Saturn and Mars

A Kite Configuration points to the Moon/Chiron conjunction

Full Moon Ruler, Mars in Gemini prepares to turn Retrograde

Mercury Direct opposition to Neptune subsides and trines Pluto

Saturn square Uranus (culminates on October 23, 2022

Releasing our Maverick Spirit to Engage at Will

Not Just Going Along with What Others Wants

but Initiating Dynamic, Empowering Interaction

The Aries Moon illuminates Chiron and the journey we have been taking to reclaim and trust our instinctual nature.

This process, initiated when Chiron moved into Aries in 2018, has compelled us to dissolve the defenses and patterns of self protection that the ego erected to help us mask our insecurity so that we would appear self-assured. By healing the wounds that had us lose faith in ourselves, the armor that has been stifling our vitality can finally be set aside With a willingness to embrace our vulnerability, we can re-engage our intrinsic nature rather than keep reinforcing our coping mechanisms. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is rousing the warrior within us. Our inner fire is being stoked. It is this fire that will guide us to courageously take the next decisive step towards actualizing our heart’s desire.

Confidence is not

“They will like me.”

Confidence is

“I will be fine if they don’t."

Christina Grimmie

Mars: New Pathways to Connection and Collaboration

Beware Reacting to a False Sense of Urgency

Ruler of the Full Moon: Mars is in Gemini in the shadow zone of its Retrograde Cycle

Mars has slowed down as it prepares to go Retrograde on October 30. In Gemini, we may feel the impulse to move quickly, multitask, stay busy and look to instantly gratify the mind’s incessant curiosity. But, Mars, over the next weeks, is cuing us to be more intentional about what we choose to engage, to think through what we are doing, and not let ourselves become mentally scattered.

We are to resist the Mars in Gemini urge to be impulsive and make quick decisions or speak without thinking through what we are going to say. We can better research and integrate information so we make informed choices. By slowing ourselves down, we can better understand what motivates our gut impulses to act or speak in a certain way. We can more readily see patterns that need adjustment so that we are better aligned to be spontaneous in 2023.

Blessings Emerge From Interaction with Others

Air Grand Sign with Saturn, Mars, Sun

Air signs (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) are about social interaction and the movement and exchange that happens when we engage others. There is great potential for an experience of grace and blessings when we share our ideas and engage others. Solutions, resolutions and plans may come together in an effortless way.

This dynamic will continue throughout October as this is the first of three Air Grand Trines that will happen in the next few weeks as the Sun, then Venus and finally Mercury come into a trine with both Saturn and Mars. Venus will give focus to the harmony in relationships and give consideration to meeting the needs of all involved. Mercury will give focus to the ideas and information being exchanged. All in all, this is a dynamic time full of potential for what can open up for us through dialogue and engaging others. What we discover and discuss can concretized into solid plans and actions as Sun, Venus and Mercury each form a trine to both Mars and Saturn.

We may find that where we have struggled to create meaningful connection gives way to an easy flow of dialogue and collaboration. There is tremendous potential for the shaping of projects and for grounding them in concrete plans. Its not about mulling things over ourselves. We need to reach out and draw others into a conversation. Even the most introverted of personalities may find it easier to reach out and be enriched by the connections made and ideas that take shape.

How we act, how we relate to ourselves,

to our bodies, to the people around us, to our work,

creates the kind of world we live in,

creates our very freedom or suffering.

Jack Kornfield

Healing Self Trust Allows

our Authenticity to Enrich rather than Agitate our Relationships

A Kite configuration pointing to Moon/Chiron

The Air Grand Trine is part of a larger configuration, known as a Kite pattern. A Kite is compromised of a Grand Trine, a Minor Grand Trine and an Opposition. The Full Moon forms the spine of the kite. The opposition of the Aries Moon and Libra Sun is resolved through the blessings of the trines that surround it.

We are discovering a newfound courage, a strength to stand in ourselves while we connect with others. We do not need to compromise ourselves to have harmony in our relationships. The healing happening deep within ourselves is allowing for a new way of relating with the world. This willingness to trust and stand in ourselves is stabilized and integrated into how we conduct our daily lives (Mars trine Saturn).

There is a pull to be in relationship with others, to seek shared understandings and agreements that benefit all parties (Sun and Venus in Libra). The trick is how not to disconnect from or lose ourselves somewhere in the process of making a relationship work. The Aries Moon and Kite pattern provides the fuel, propulsion and way to do just that in a new, and even surprising, way.

The healing of our connection to our self trust and self love lies at the crux of this Full Moon and the Kite Pattern forming to support it. We are being lit up from within with a fire that can have us not get as lost, confused or discouraged by what is occurring with others or in the world. (The Chiron/Moon conjunction forms the top of the Kite. all other planets in the configuration point to these two planets)

From Confusion to Clarity

Mercury in Virgo leaves its opposition to Neptune and trines Pluto

We have been mulling things over and re-evaluating our direction since early September as Mercury was Retrograde. When Mercury turned direct on October 2 we lacked the clarity we would hope to have gained from the Retrograde process. Our imagination was heightened and our ability to realistically and ratianlly assess a situation was compromised (Mercury oppose Neptune).

Now emerging from this foggy time, our mind is laser sharp and we can better discern the truth of what we are seeing and how we want to move in relation to it (Mercury trine Pluto).

The Ongoing Dynamic that Permeates 2021- 2022

Saturn square Uranus

The post would not be complete without bringing up, one more time, the Uranus/Saturn battle that has been happening since 2022 and is culminating this month.

On the world stage we can see its effects in the turbulence and surprising upsets surrounding financial systems and food production/distribution. There is likely to be further unexpected developments in these areas this coming month and with the coming eclipse season. There is a clash between the desire to move towards sustainability and the desire to simply reinforce what is familiar. In our lives, we may be experiencing a feeling of crisis as we cling to some way of living that holds no promise of being sustainable.

We have each been wrestling with a desire to strike out in some unprecedented way that carries us into unknown, untried territory. Yet the desire to stick with what we know and reinforce what we already have, even if it holds no future promise, is equally as strong. This inner tug of war comes to a head and seeks resolution this month as Uranus and Saturn have their fourth and final exact square. Like a crucible, the heat in our lives may be turned up to create the appropriate conditions for the transformation that is already taking place.

Coming Up...

Healing our sense of Confidence and interacting with others to shape projects and solutions will serve to help us navigate a month that is rich and complex with the potential to offer some twists and turns along the way. There is an energy and momentum building that lead into the next astrological dynamics as we come to the end of October and into November. The next newsletter will discuss the following powerful movements and what they may reflect in our lives:

  • An Eclipse Season with an Eclipse on October 25 and on November 8

  • Mars Retrograde (October 30 - January 14)

  • Jupiter's return to Pisces (October 28 - December 21)

  • Saturn stations Direct on October 23

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