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Aries Full Moon: Powering Up

We look forward to the time

When the power of love

Will replace the love of power.

Then our world will know

The blessings of peace.

William Ewart Gladstone

The Full Moon on October 20, 2021 at 27 Aries brings high energy and the momentum to propel us forward. It is fiery and bold. We may be catapulted into action to either bring resolution to an issue or initiate something we wish to grow. The Aries Moon calls us to be aware of how we use and wield power within our selves, our words and our actions.

With the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Libra over the last weeks, we have been encouraged to give attention to our relationships, with an eye to fostering fairness and balance. We have been prompted to consider others and to interact in the spirit of diplomacy, collaboration and compromise.

The Aries Full Moon emphasizes self awareness. Our personal instincts, desires and wishes are amplified. We are inclined to validate our feelings and inclinations. Ready to assert, we may feel impatient with the process of collaboration and compromise. We feel a surging strength within us to take the bull by the horns and initiate decisive action.

And yet, there is a dynamic tension between being true to ourselves and being willing to compromise for the benefit of a relationship (Sun and Mars oppose the Full Moon). We are energized with vision and vigor to work with others towards a common goal (Jupiter trine Sun/Mars) without downplaying or minimizing our needs or principles.

The Aries Moon inserts itself into the Libra theme of cooperation that has held sway in recent weeks. It fires up our courage to stand up for ourselves and our convictions. Yet, it is not about being a lone wolf or giving ultimatums to others. We are encouraged to take bold decisive action that amplifies our personal power and to have this happen in concert with others without compromising something we believe is vital to our wellbeing.

Mercury in Libra stationed direct October 19 Trine to Saturn

We have been given the opportunity to reflect on and re-valuate relationships with Mercury’s extended stay in the sign of Libra this fall. Our minds are actively contemplating themes associated with fairness and equality and what will bring harmony. There is a new clarity around the details of our plans for the future with an eye making practical and sound decisions. (Mercury trine Saturn).

The Sun is now lighting up the place in the sky where Mercury turned Retrograde on September 19. We may think back to that date and to what we were mulling over at the time. We may see how our perspective has changed in regards to the themes that dominated our thinking mid-September as well as the actions we are now taking to fulfill an agenda around them.

Greenlighted to Move Forward

Mercury is not the only planet that has recently come out of retrograde to move forward again. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto also went direct in the last week. With so many planets retrograde the last months, we may have felt held back and plans may have been delayed. We were being slowed down so we could further contemplate, clarify and adjust our plans. With all planets now moving forward, except Neptune, we may feel that a tailwind has risen up to fill the sails of our life and propel us forward in a substantive way.

Sometimes the strength within you

is not a big fiery flame for all to see,

it is just a tiny spark that whispers softly

‘You got this, keep going.


Power Surge

Pluto at the Apex of a Cardinal T-Square

There are powerful urges that may compel or drive us to taking a bold stand (Pluto square Moon, Sun, Mars). Pluto, the planet of our primal urges and desires, surges and engages with the Full Moon in a potentially explosive way. We may feel strong feelings and an urgency to express or initiate a course of action.

Pluto is about power and powerlessness, and the desire to have power and eradicate powerlessness. We may feel confronted by feelings of powerlessness and by the powerful energies moving through us. We may be taken aback by a driving need to control or find ourselves on the receiving end of someone on a power trip.

There is a powering up of all that dwells within our depths, beneath the surface of everyday thoughts and activities. It is not about smoothing things over, burying hidden yearnings or quieting turbulent feelings. We may easily assign feelings of impotency or disempowerment to some external authority or circumstance, but for a transformative shift to occur we need to look for the root cause within ourselves. We can be mindful to not project our dissatisfaction as the responsibility for some other to meet, or demand that another change so we are more comfortable. Instead, we are to stand fully in ourselves and claim our personal sovereignty.

Pluto is confronting us to stand in our power and to not shut down or exert power mindlessly. We are being fueled with the courage to bring forth an authentic need or impulse and then not demand that the other meet it nor to collapse or overly compromise just to keep the peace. We may encounter some opposing force to our deep-seated need or wish, but in this is the opportunity to validate and not abandon our position.

There may very well be a Carpe Diem, Seize the Day moment where we are called to stand in the fire, stand by ourselves and bring our full selves to engage in the opportunity before us. Tension and disagreement is okay when both sides respect themselves and the other and neither seeks to silence something because it is uncomfortable. And if the other party can not rise to meet this challenge, than we are in the position of modeling it for them.

On the world stage, as usual, we can expect more of the shadow side of this Full Moon to be expressed. The Aries Moon ignited by the T Square with Pluto and its opposition to Mars can be compulsive behaviors that seek to dominate, possess and control. in the attempt to control a desired outcome, negotiations can turn into a yelling match, threats can be made and even the compunction to act on a threat that has been issued. If we find ourselves caught up in what is happening on the world stage or that the shadow aspect of the Full Moon has bled into our lives, we can first take a step back and take a moment to consider what it means to stand in one’s power and what is the most empowering thing we can do for ourselves and the situation at that moment.

Where love rules, there is no will to power;

and where power predominates, there love is lacking.

The one is the shadow of the other.

Carl Jung

Aries is Primal Fire, the fire of spring, the fire of youth, the life force that asserts its right to exist. At its essence it inspires passion and vitality. It is formidable in its strength and boldness. The fire of life, it is creative and spontaneous. Sometimes we can feel afraid of what it awakens within us, but the more we can welcome the fire of life and let it move through us, it will revitalize and reenliven us with its heat and intensity. Welcoming the Aries fire is what has us feel alive, confident, and courageous.

Mars, ruled by Aries is the planet of drive, action and fight. As Mars opposes the Aries Moon and they both are in hard aspect to the power planet, Pluto, this creates great intensity. Our fighting spirit is stirred. We may see ourselves as a soldier for justice, a warrior for a cause, or a pioneer who bravely engages a new way of living. We are not to shy away from the fight, but to engage the good fight.

This Aries Full Moon, may we each welcome and embrace our power and not seek to play it down or dissipate its energies. May we open to being larger than we know ourselves to be to welcome, hold and be filled with the fire of life and then to emanate this to the world around in a generative way that inspires all to hold and use power for the benefit, not the detriment, of all.


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