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Aquarius New Moon: Make Your Move

“It’s impossible,” said Pride.

“It’s risky,” said Experience.

“It’s pointless,” said Reason.

“Give it a try,” whispered the Heart.

Brian Weiner

New Moon January 21, 2023 at 2 Aquarius marks the moment where can we turn the page and begin a new chapter in our lives.

We are emboldened to take action to realize a dream that we have been waiting to act upon. We were slowed down the last several months, giving us the opportunity to regroup, make adjustments and further synthesize the variables that needed further consideration. The sluggishness and frustration we may have experienced is now falling away. The wheels on the chariot of our life that seemed to be spinning, stuck in the mud, are now ready to roll forward!

We have the green light to strike out, be decisive and begin to build our future. Our efforts will gain traction. The momentum of life may move slowly until the end of January and then will likely pick up its pace. Mercury and Mars have turned direct, and once Uranus stations direct on January 23, all planets will be moving forward, cuing us that it is time to initiate action around what has been marinating within us. The New Moon supports us in clarifying and committing to our North Star, our guiding vision. It also heralds nd foreshadows big shifts that are ready to take place beginning in March when Pluto enters into Aquarius and Saturn enters Pisces.

Sun/Moon conjunct Pluto

New Moon sextile Jupiter

New Moon trine Mars

Mercury and Mars direct at 8 degrees

Classic Ruler: Saturn conjunct Venus

Ruler: Uranus conjunct the North Node and trine Mercury

Mars ready to move forward

Mercury trine North Node

The constellation of Aquarius is the Water Bearer and so people sometimes mistakenly believe it is a water sign, rather than the air sign it is. The ‘waters’ being poured from the sky are more like a formless sea of cosmic potential, which resembles ether more than a liquidy water. The potential pouring forth opens us to new possibilities.

As an air sign, the Aquarius propels us to explore future potentials and give shape to progressive ideals that can revolutionize the way we live. As a fixed sign, Aquarius helps crystallize our ideas and supports us in committing to a plan that is aligned with the future we are seeing for ourselves.

Aquarius is the revolutionary. We can think outside the box and our mind's eye is opened to conceive how we can move towards a more enlightened and expansive way of living. Desiring greater freedom of expression, we feel ready to try something different. We are being infused with a boldness to step out of our habitual attachment to cultural norms and move in a direction that may surprise us, and even those around us. We can trust that what is best for us is best for everyone. We have simply to align and stand for what is true for us now.

Where the early degrees of Aquarius resides in our natal charts is where we naturally follow the beat of a drum that others may not hear. It is where we feel different and can be labeled eccentric and odd, or inspired and visionary. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is the first planet not visible to the naked eye, except on rare occasions, and represents where we can see beyond what others can see. When we are discounted or mocked for asserting what we see clear as day, it is because others don’t see it and so therefore it doesn’t exist for them. If we can trust ourselves and not need validation from others, we will come to find like-minded people who can hear the music, the drumbeat, the potential that we are perceiving oh so clearly.

Releasing the Past, we feel the Freedom

to Reach for the Life that Awaits

Pluto conjunct the Aquarian New Moon

The planet of transformation rides with the New Moon. Its presence supports, even prods us to make the deep-seated changes we know have needed to happen. We are pushed to be honest with ourselves about what is working and what is not working. Some part of our life that once worked beautifully, now restrains or limits us. It is becoming abundantly clear what of our lives is worth continuing and what we need to let go of that is not a reflection of who we are becoming. Aligning with the desire for authenticity, we are less willing to compromise what is true for us in the name of conformity, fitting in or meeting some outside expectation. We are to commit to what lights us up and trust that if we do this wholeheartedly, we will then draw to us the community, the job, or the people that are a match for who we are becoming.

Pluto is completing its 15-year march through Capricorn over the next two months. As the catalyst for transformation, Pluto has been exposing the vulnerabilities of the status quo, the structures that define our lives and societal agreements. It has destabilized or weakened what holds the structure together – the laws, institutions, financial systems, and how we define leadership.

The New Moon shines a light on where the transformational energies of Pluto will soon focus: in Aquarius. On March 23, Pluto will begin a 20-year sojourn through Aquarius where it promises revolutionary changes, innovative thinking, the development of new systems for how we live, and technological innovations that will astound. The seed for what is to come took root with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the 2020 December Solstice. Riding on this metaphor, The Aquarian New Moon marks the moment when the shoot from this seed breaks ground. The future is to be a marked departure from the past, and we are to do the personal work so we can ride the wave of change that is coming.

Take action! An inch of movement will bring you

closer to your goals than a mile of intention.

Steve Maraboli

The house where 1 Aquarius resides in our natal charts provides the clues as to where we can expect dynamic change and where we may currently feel like we are living in two worlds. There is the archaic world, the one that no longer feels like it fits us, and then the new one that has yet to take shape. We are encouraged to more and more let go of what we know and give ourselves to what could be.

We uncover our nature through action.

Steven Pressfield

Time to Spread Our Wings and Lift Off

Ruler: Uranus stationing direct in Taurus

Change in our lives has been slowed down or delayed since last August as Uranus, the planet of change has been retrograde. This has allowed a necessary time for our dreams to further marinade and for our plans to be turned over and turned over so that we could make minor adjustments and clarify the decisive actions we want to take.

There is a readiness to break out and to break free. With Uranus moving forward, we can raise the sails and let ourselves be carried by the rising wind that encourages us set a new course and untie the knots that keep bind and hold us fast. We are to catch the tailwind that will help propel the changes we have been waiting to happen. We are looking to simplify our lives ( Uranus conjunct the North node) so we can have greater freedom to be authentic and fully expressed.. Feeling more authentic, understanding what we have been clearing out, appreciating the delays and what we have learned and released in the process.

We are greenlighted to welcome and to initiate change. With the outer planets each taking their turn to traverse Aquarius, Uranian energies have been at the forefront and will continue to be, because Uranus rules Aquarius. Aquarian themes began to dominate the astrological landscape first when Neptune moved through Aquarius (1998-2012) which had us dreaming and openning to new possibilities. Jupiter and Saturn both moved into Aquarius on December 2020 to help give shape and plans to what we have been dreaming. And right as Saturn leaves Aquarius in March, Pluto enters for 20 years that promises to transform the way we live. The Aquarian New Moon is a time to set our intention, set a course, and make the first bold decisions.

Planetary Alignments Give an Added Boost to Our Confidence

Mars trine the New Moon. Over the coming week, we are invigorated with a creative energy that can inspire and galvanize us. We need only be willing to stand up, stand out or take a stand for something that has been simmering within us.

Mars at the apex of a Yod with the South Node and Mercury. We are being pushed to shift our patterns of thinking and discover a new way to initiate and assert ourselves. We can acknowledge what we have learned from past failures or misfires and release lingering upset that has zapped our confidence and belief in our self.

Jupiter sextile the New Moon. The planet of growth, expands and amplifies whatever it engages. Engaging the New Moon, Jupiter encourages us to go big. We are to let ourselves get fired up. Jupiter is picking up speed and will be barreling through Aries over the next months, stoking our courage and our confidence to take a leap of faith and break new ground with decisive action.

Venus Conjunct Saturn. We soberly take a realistical look at all that needs to be considered in making a decision and increase our value and what we value. If we value community or partnership or collaboration, how do we make decisions that enhances the living experience of what we value. Money is something our culture values highly, but as we look to increasing our value, we may get the most mileage out of looking what we want the money for, and build that.

Mercury trine North Node. Our thoughts are focused on the future and the next step to meet it.

"A very great vision is needed

and the man who has it

must follow it as the eagle seeks

the deepest blue of the sky."

Ta 'Shunke Witko

Be Like the Eagle

Altair of Aquila conjoins the New Moon

Aquarius is aligned with the winged constellations, the birds of the starry sky: Toucan, Cygnus (the Swan), Grus (the Crane) and Aquila (The Eagle). Aquarius gives us the wings to fly, to soar above the fray, to see the whole picture, and to feel the freedom and lightness of moving on air.

Altair, one of the brightest stars in the sky, is the Alpha star in the constellation known as the Eagle. Conjoined with the New Moon, Aquila amplifies our confidence and belief in the potentials we have envisioned so that we can move assuredly towards turning the page and beginning a new chapter in our lives.

Pluto (Transformation) will be conjoined with Aquila for the next three years and will pick up where the New Moon leaves off. Let us take some time out to contemplate the Eagle. We can watch videos of eagles, have a photo of an eagle sitting prominently in our homes, meditate on eagles, or if we are lucky, have time to observe one. We can invite the spirit of the Eagle to infuse us with boldness, decisiveness, bravery, determination and laser sharp focus. The eagle perches on high able to see the whole landscape, the big picture. When it makes its move, there is no hesitation. We can imagine our wings unfurling and giving ourselves fully to the goal we want to achieve with total one-pointed dedicated action.

"The most amazing lesson in aerodynamics I ever had was the day I climbed a thermal in a glider at the same time as an eagle. I witnessed, close up, effortlessness and lightness combined with strength, precision and determination."- Norman Foster

Thourgh trusting our strength and determination, may we each take flight this year and find ourselves soaring with effortlessness, lightness and grace.

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