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Aquarian Full Moon: Meeting our Future Self

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

he followed the sun and she followed the stars

and in dreams they listened closely

for the beginning of all things,

for that is where they knew they would find each other.

Story People

We Rise Above the Fray on

The Full Moon July 23, 2021, 10:36 pm EDT at 1° Aquarius

to Glimpse what is Emerging just Beyond the Horizon.

Consensus with Others about the Nature of the Future is a Worthy Challenge.

Aquarius inspires authenticity, and the urge for freedom and truth. The Full Moon has thinking about where all our efforts are leading and serves to orient and direct us to envision the future we want to grow into. Just as boats navigate by the North Star and adjust their heading to stay on course towards a pre-determined destination, we too are prompted to lift our heads up from the tasks of the day to see the road ahead and the course corrections that beg to be made if we want to realize the dreams we hold. We are encouraged to plot a course of action that favors our goals over the desire to conform, get along or fit in with others.

Drawing Strength from the Spirit of the Eagle

The Full Moon is aligned with Altair, the alpha star of the constellation Aquila, the Eagle which flies high in the sky above the constellation of Aquarius.

For a time, I lived in the Pacific Northwest so I could take care of my Mom. My parent's home was situated on path of the bald eagle's migration route. There was a tree that rose up at the edge of the Puget Sound and towered over their neighborhood. It had branches but no leaves grew on the uppermost limbs. More often than not, a bald eagle was perched on the highest branch and would sit there, unmoving, hour after hour. From his vantage point, he had a 360° view that encompassed miles of water, islands, the mainland and our little neighborhood. He always appeared regal, in command, alert yet relaxed. Looking at him, I could sense his 'eagle eye' gaze that looked out over the landscape and absorbed the details and patterns of all that was spread out beneath and around him.

“If you must look back, do so forgivingly.

If you must look forward, do so prayerfully.

However, the wisest thing you can do

is be present in the present... gratefully.”

Maya Angelou

Like the Eagle, The Full Moon encourages us to take time to lift ourselves from focusing on the mundane and the minutiae and perch ourselves at some distance above it all so we can view the road we have traversed, where we are now, and see far ahead to where we want to go.

The star Aquila, when illuminated as it is now, bestows great imagination, indomitable will, and a keen penetrating mind. It infers confidence, ambition, and unyielding dedication. If we are not seeing the forest for the trees, the intensity of the Eagle's gifts can frustrate and overwhelm the object of our penetrating gaze.

High above the common fray, the Eagle can readily identify something that will have him at last leave his perch. When he does, he moves swiftly and assuredly towards his intended target. By taking a big picture view of our life, we can have eagle eye vision that brings into focus what needs attention most. In response, we can confidently shift priorities and swiftly attend to the actions that will best support our growth into the future.

We are being infused with the qualities of the Eagle that result from far-seeing vision: directness, boldness and daring. If we can bring our future self into focus, bold and aggress action is generative and useful. But if we are reacting to the dramas and issues of the day and not from a place of true vision that sees the interconnection between everything, then aggressiveness may simply be destructive and perceived as ruthless.

The future is not something we enter;

The future is something we create.

Leonard Sweet

The Great Conjunction of the Winter Solstice 2020 is Re-energized

The Full Moon is in the same place in the sky as the December 2020 Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. This conjunction marked the beginning of a new 200-year synodic cycle that will be characterized by humanitarian vision, future-oriented thinking, innovation, and leaps forward in technological advancements. More notably, a seed was planted for a society where held knowledge and wisdom are the measurement of a person’s value and not financial net worth.

The Great Conjunction opened a portal for new potentials not previously accessible. A future vision and direction was seeded within each of us. A few of us may have intuited or dreamt about the nature of the seed. But it was more a moment of conception where we find out only later that we are pregnant with new life. The Winter Solstice was celebrated as a powerful new beginning for humanity, but like all beginnings the seed potential will take many generations of growth to realize the promise of this potential. Within our lives, we each have a role to play in nurturing the growth of this seed towards its full bloom.

Now eight months later, we have cycled back to massage this point in the sky that was activated in late December as the Full Moon illuminates the origins of this new beginning, We can now better understand the definitions of the future we will dedicate ourselves to realizing.

Much like feeling the kick of a maturing embryo in the womb or seeing the shape of a small body on an ultrasound screen, we are getting some tangible evidence of our future self that is ready to emerge and take its first steps into our lives. Having some handle on the vision of the future growing within us, we may be galvanized to start blazing the trail to meet our future self.

Aquarius rules electricity and we may be feeling electrified, eager to move towards the vision of what we see opening before us. We are encouraged to make some changes now to better position ourselves for this future vision that will allow our talents and gifts to be fulfilled and serve the larger world in some beautiful way.