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Sagittarius Full Moon: ReAssigning Meaning

That was the year

she cleared out

all her old idea of things

until she could hear

her own joy

with almost no effort at all.

Kai Skye

The Full Moon on May 23, 2024, at 3 Sagittarius helps us find our bearings in a world where the cultural landscape is changing and the mental maps we have been using to navigate life are becoming obsolete.


The Full Moon invites us to adapt ourselves in response to new understandings that are emerging. Our vision is being refocused, widening to consider multiple options and information from various sources. We are seeing some, or all, of our life differently because it is different. If we embrace the Full Moon invitation and successfully shift our perspective, we may experience a lightness of being and renewed optimism. 

New understandings can foster joyfulness accompanied by a vision that has us feel more alive and ready to engage life as the adventure it is. In the face of the rapid changes that are part and parcel with 21st century living, the Sagittarius Moon can inspire the belief that if we walk our talk, put our best food forward and embrace life as a series of discoveries (rather than something to have all figured out), the best possible future will emerge.

Pluto trine Sun

Full Moon Ruler: Jupiter

Jupiter conjunct Venus and the Sun sextile Neptune and trine Pluto

Mercury sextile Saturn

Mars conjunct the North Node


Full Moons are the peak moment of each lunar cycle when something in our life reaches a culmination point. The days leading up to the Full Moon bring increased momentum, activity and a mounting pressure. At the Full Moon, emotions and tides run high. Something comes to a head via crisis or breakthrough, and a desired resolution can be achieved. During the two weeks following the Full Moon, we are completing a movement, a cycle and distilling the wisdom from the recent lunar month, so we are ready for the invitation of the next New Moon.


Locating the house where 3 Sagittarius resides in our natal chart will show us the arena of life where we are ready to see something from a new vantage point and adjust our beliefs to encompass and embody the reality that is taking shape.

 It is not the strongest

of the species that survive,

nor the most intelligent,

but the one most responsive

to change. 

Charles Darwin

A Hunger to Learn


The Gemini/Sagittarius axis reflects the perpetual process that shapes embodied understanding.  As mutable signs, they both are interested in flexibility and adapting to circumstance. They seek diverse sources of knowledge and generously share with others what they have learned.


Gemini inspires us to seek new information on a variety of topics, compelling us to engage in conversations and social discourse as a form of information exchange. The Sun in Gemini opens us to new concepts and resources available to help us discover the best way forward.


Sagittarius looks to integrate input and discover meaning which in turn shapes our beliefs, what we hold as truths, and creates the founding principles of our faith. This process leads to intuitive wisdom - an inner guidance system that we trust to steer us in the right direction. For some, the Sagittarian impulse includes passing on our knowledge on as a teacher, presenter, minister or author.


When the truths of daily living are undergoing rapid change, it becomes a necessity to seek out and absorb new information, learn new technologies, and re-evaluate beliefs. We are compelled to embrace new paradigms for living which in turn will impact how we see the world and what we define as meaningful.


We are at the verge of a quantum shift in the way we operate as a culture that will unfold over the next few years. The Sagittarius Full Moon assists us in coming present to the reality of life now (not what it once was or what we hoped it would be). We are adjusting our vision to discover our place within the scheme of things and how to best navigate the challenges and opportunities that present themselves.  


The Sagittarian Moon assists us in opening to a new paradigm, and with a new way of seeing we are envisioning a viable way forward that offers a reshaping of how we have defined truth and meaning. It also allows us to release ways of operating and demonstrate flexibility as we adapt and learn to move with unprecedented cultural developments. The story below illustrates a phenomenon that we may experience in our own way in the coming months and years.


The Railway Madman

We are at the precipice of the fifth wave of the industrial revolution which will be marked by a collaboratory relationship between man and machine (AI).  We can go back to the invention of the locomotive train, part of the first wave, to demonstrate how humans dealt with something new and how they adapted.  The train presented a paradigm shift in the way humans perceived speed and travel. As humans engaged this invention, a phenomenon emerged that was dubbed The Railway Madman. The following is an excerpt from an article in Newsweek that posted earlier this week:


 An 1864 New York Times article warned readers of a train passenger who seemingly had a mental breakdown once the train began moving. He accused other riders of stealing from him and eventually attempted to jump out of the moving train, requiring his fellow passengers to strap him to his seat for the rest of the journey. The article mentioned that onlookers believed the man to be suffering from a “violent attack of delirium tremens.”


A slew of sensational newspaper pieces from other outlets led readers to believe that England was experiencing an epidemic of “railway madmen” caused by traveling at high speeds. Some physicians warned that the jolts and bumps of frequent train riding could cause brain damage, leading some to lose their minds, and medical journals discussed finding methods for identifying a latent “railway madman” before he struck. Ultimately, the phenomenon faded from the collective consciousness as inexplicably as it began. Though scattered attacks and incidents continued to be reported sporadically over the next few decades, the panic faded, and train travel became a staple of modern life.

It is not that I'm so smart.

But I stay with the questions

much longer.

Albert Einstein

In comparison to all of human history, the changes of the last 150 years are staggering. Recent generations have each experienced a steep learning curve in the face of rapid technological advancements, an increasingly complex world of information, and a myriad of options to navigate. The world appears to move faster and faster and we grapple with our ability to keep up with it.


The Sagittarius Full Moon helps us to arrive at new understandings as we grapple with how the terrain of our daily life has significantly been altered over recent years. We are reformatting our place in the bigger picture of the seismic cultural shifts. Old routes to success have been washed away and we are getting acquainted with new avenues for getting our needs met or getting the information we need.  Old ways of getting from Point A to Point B are being redrawn to reflect modern ways of operating. We are to validate the understandings and personal insights that emerge at this time.


Discovery and Deepening

Pluto Trine Sun


Belief systems around the globe have been breaking down, even shattering. We are putting together our experience and information we have absorbed to arrive at new understandings. Collectively, there is a hunger to learn, to study as a means to deepen knowledge and give further shape to fledgling ideas. 


Profound insight and transformative thought are possible if we give ourselves time to deeply consider the information and concepts that come our way (Pluto Retrograde May 2 - Oct 11). Pluto is the realm of things hidden, and we are to open our eyes to see something that has been hiding in plain sight or allow something to come into view that has been lurking in the shadow. A new vision for our future is taking shape (Pluto in Aquarius) and the next months are a powerful time to actively engage in learning. 

We may feel called to take a workshop, get a certification in some subject, travel to a place we have never been, or read a book on a topic that interests us.  This summer is a time to enrich and expand our minds.

If you're wondering

what I mean by “miracle”,

it's simple: a miracle

is a shift in perspective

from fear to love.

Gabrielle Bernstein

Love and Beauty Inform Understanding

Full Moon Ruler:  Jupiter

Jupiter conjunct Venus and the Sun, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto


As ruler of the Full Moon, Jupiter emphasizes the expansive nature of the Full Moon. We are experiencing growth that may foster a greater sense of freedom and a strengthened faith in ourselves and our future.


Jupiter and Venus are in an exact conjunction at the final degree of Taurus. The final degree is potent in that it amplifies the characteristics of a sign. This week, Jupiter is finishing up its yearlong journey in Taurus. The year inspired us to look for ways to increase our own stability and relationship with the earth and how to work with the resources of the earth.


Venus is quite comfortable and content in her own sign, Taurus. There is a sensuousness that inspires a heightened connection with our bodies and what is pleasing to the body – good food, lovemaking, a good night’s sleep, taking in nature’s beauty, laying on the earth or sinking oneself into a body of water. We can soak in the last days of both Venus and Jupiter before they move into Gemini (which will inspire us to move faster, talk faster, multitask, be more social and more in our heads).


Beauty, creativity and abundance are open to us now. Something tangible can emerge around resources, love, or money. We can look for synchronicities that affirm the understandings, the vision, the adjustments we are making inspired by the Full Moon. Ultimately, what is being birthed in our life is arriving because we are feeling our worthiness to receive, to have what has been named above.

There is a divine loving energy that is available to us with Jupiter conjunct Venus sextile Neptune. This can express itself in one of many ways in our life.  We may experience


A Dream Can Come True. There is an ease and a powerfully creative energy that can have something magical appear at this time as Venus and Jupiter travel together sextile with Neptune.


A Mystical Opening.  This same energy can open us to the divine. We can connect with another dimension or experience divine love.


An Expressed Love of the Earth.  This same energy can spark our love for nature. We may wish to garden, go green in a new way, or experience the interconnectedness with all that is around us as we take a walk in the woods.


A surge of Compassion and Forgiveness. This same energy can help to soften and to heal. It can open our hearts to release what we have been holding so that we can open to beauty.

Indulgence.  The shadow side of this energy is the inclination that more of a good thing would be a good thing. We may find ourselves overindulging, overeating or overspending. We may luxuriate in being lazy or forgetting practical concerns as we give ourselves to a surge of creative output. All in all, these activities should not be too harmful, but there are more generative ways to engage the energy available.


However, we experience the movement of Jupiter and the planetary relationships it forms at this time, we can feel how there is a surge of divine love moving through us that will ultimately help to shape our understanding and vision for how we will move forward.


Other Planetary Influences

Four planets in Taurus have us listening to our bodies, moving at a steady pace, and taking things one thing at a time. Life will speed up soon enough, but we are looking to move at a pace where we can stay grounded and connected. 


Mercury sextile Saturn. What we were evaluating or researching while Mercury was Retrograde last month has led to a clarity of thought. We are ready to commit to some plan or idea that we have been nurturing.


Mars conjunct the North Node. Actions we take now are helping to shape our future and who we are becoming. We are reminded to be intentional with what we initiate. 

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