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Pisces New Moon - Be Inspired

Updated: Jun 17

I never made one of my discoveries

Through the process of rational thinking

Albert Einstein

The February 23, 2020 New Moon is an invitation

to dip into the well of inspiration to paint your life with fresh color

As a water sign, Piscean waters are primordial, the formless ocean of becoming, the source from where all creation emerges and will one day return. It is the timeless realm of infinite possibility, where all things are One.

Just as rain refreshes living roots allowing new growth, the waters of Pisces renew our spirit and revitalize life. There are many ways to access the well of infinite potential in any given moment. An artist may refer to it as the muse and the mystic as the divine. We encounter it in the silence of meditation, in the living world surrounding a wooded trail, in the eyes of a loved one, in acts of kindness, or through the experience of creating art.

To accept the invitation, we need only quiet the rational mind, set aside the business of getting things done in favor of prioritizing a slice of time to the imaginal realm, to open our ears to the sound of our heartsong and our eyes to what is hidden in plain sight.

Welcoming Enhanced Sensitivity

Creativity, imagination, and heightened states are available through opening to sensitivity. The New Moon brings this kind of openness. Our ego boundaries are softened. We feel more connected with what is happening within and around us. Feelings are more apparent. We may also feel confused with an influx of stimuli. The impulse may be to numb or quiet what is being stirred through substance or playing video games. If we can unplug for a moment, slow down, be present to what is stirring, than the magic of what the New Moon offers can be received.

Creativity is

Intelligence having fun.

Albert Einstein

The New Moon is aligned with the Fixed Star: Fomalhaut

Fomalhaut is the Mouth of the Fish and one of the Four Royal Stars of Persia. As the Watcher of the South it opens us to the poetic, to beauty, the numinous, and the song of our soul, and the means to give expression to this experience. Its presence also reminds us that it is not enough to swim in the waters of inspiration, but to carry them forth into our lives. What we wish to bring may be a grand work of art or just more love between ourselves and those we meet.

New Moon at the Midpoint between a Mars and Uranus Trine

The stimulating effect of Mars (Action) and Uranus (Freedom of Expression) compel us to share what we are discovering. Opening to inspiration is not the end in itself but the means to enlivening a dry world in sore need of being replenished by the eternal waters that created it all in the first place.

One smile can start a friendship.

One word can end a fight.

One look can save a relationship.

One person can change your life.

Nitya Prakash

Water and Earth – Pisces and Capricorn

The planets in the sky are predominately traveling through two signs: Pisces and Capricorn. Pisces is the Poetic Dreamer and Capricorn is the Responsible Realist.

The Planets in Capricorn are focused on the restructuring of the status quo, our daily reality, so that is in better harmony with natural laws and our soul’s calling. These planets are not looking at a momentary fix, but an overhaul of the shape of our lives. Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto will be traveling in Capricorn all year cueing us to look at our responsibilities with an eye to discarding what is no longer serving us, and to taking action to be in integrity.

Pisces energy counterbalances and provides nourishment to to dry, determined, industrious Capricorn. Mercury and Neptune are in Pisces along with the Sun and Moon; Mercury is Retrograde ( 2/16-3/9) enhancing the impulse to soften the rational mind and open to the poetic and the numinous. To make the changes we wish to make we can open to something beyond logic, spreadsheets or best practices. We can open to something beyond what we already know. This is what the Pisces New Moon offers. This will in turn assist us in making the structural changes to our lives that the planets in Capricorn are cuing us need to happen.

What activity would water my roots?

What would bring more color to my life?

How do I want to nourish another?

What can I do today to infuse my tasks with the joy I am finding?

I invite us to each make time to give priority to where these questions lead us


Twitter: #LivAstrology

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