Lunar Eclipse: Release and Resolve

Not all storms come to disrupt your life.

Some come to clear your path.

Paul Coehlo

The Total Lunar Eclipse at 16 Taurus on November 8, 2022 brings a focused, potent and unrelenting pressure that catalyzes a release from the tensions that have been mounting.

The eclipse marks the breaking point where some unexpected event or awareness fuels the resolution of a pressing situation. Confusion or anxiety may surface in response to the need for change. We are called upon to reorient and make decisions that will shape our future, recognizing that ways of living that once afforded us a measure of security are no longer viable, or in our best interests, moving forward.

A mounting pressure has been brewing over the last months since Uranus arrived in the section of the sky where the Eclipse is taking place, fueling an imperative for change. We see this reflected in the mounting tensions in countries around the world, and recognize it in some area of our personal lives. Like a wave moving towards the shoreline, the eclipse is a culminating moment where the wave crests and breaks and moves towards the shoreline.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus compels us to examine and reframe cherished truths so they will be a trustworhty rudder to help us navigate the confusion and guide us to the shoreline of a stable and desired future. For some time, we have been mulling over the best course of action, feeling conflicted or ambivalent about the best approach. We have felt pressure to discern what is most important and to identify the next concrete step to take. This eclipse says that this pressure, this stewing, has been needed to generate the necessary release that will happen at, or in the wake, of this eclipse.

After months of stewing on something, we are now compelled to stand in what we value most and the truths we have identified related to this. We are urged to speak them, embody them, and act from them.

Eventhough free-flowing forward movement and full resolution are delayed while Mars remains Retrograde, the eclipse brings our stewing to a climax that leads us to commit ourselves to a course of action.

The house where 16 Taurus resides in our natal charts indicates where the change, the release and a newfound resolve will take place - it could be in our diet, a relationship, a job or in some other defined area of life. It may not be on the day of the eclipse, but the eclipse announces our readiness. With Uranus in the mix, we may encounter an unexpected event or communication that gives us what we need and the impetus to take a critical and decisive step forward.

Length of the total eclipse: 85 minutes. This is a longer period of time of totality than is typical.

Eclipse Path: The path of the total eclipse will move across parts of Asia, Australia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America. The total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout North America in the predawn hours - the farther west, the better - and across Asia, Australia and the rest of the Pacific after sunset. Locations that experience the total eclipse are more likely to be directly impacted by the eclipse energy.

November 8 is a North Node Eclipse: An eclipse occurs when, at the New or Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct the moon’s nodes. The North Node is conjunct the Full Moon at this eclipse, illuminating a movement towards our future destiny, as individuals and as a collective.

The Recent Eclipse on October 25 was a South Node Eclipse, had us grabbling with what we were ready to see about ourselves and release. We were urged to let go of intensity and complexity tied to emotions and patterns linked to our past so that we can move towards more simplicity in our lives and relationships. Discerning what is most important to us, letting the rest fall away, creates a simplicity that allows for greater stability and security. To the degree that we embraced the invitation of the South Node Eclipse, we are ready to shape a future that is not burdened or colored by the unresolved emotions and events in our past.

A Potent T Square Gives this Eclipse Great Focus and Potency

The Major Players

Moon conjunct Uranus and North Node in Taurus

Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus in Scorpio

Saturn square the Eclipse, Uranus, North Node, Mercury and Venus

Supporting Players

Venus trine Neptune and Pluto

Mars Retrograde square Neptune and Jupiter

November 8, 2022 Lunar Eclipse Chart

Breakthrough moments are often the result

of many previous actions, which build up

to potential required to unleash a major change. James Clear

The chart for the Eclipse is included here because it provides a distinct visual of the dynamics at play. The chart shows where all the planets are located in the sky at the time of the eclipse. Even if some of us are not familiar with astrology charts, we can readily see the dramatic lineup of planets and the red lines between these planets. The red lines denote a 'square' or an 'opposition' showing an inherent tension between the participating planets who are in a stand off with each other. This generates a focused, dynamic friction that begs to be resolved.

6 planets and the Nodal Axis are all players in the T-Square. These planets are all in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). With so much fixed energy, we look to stabilize and to secure our position, life and direction. Because these planets are in conflict with each other, we challenged to make adjustments to accommodate some new variable. The tremendous tension brewing is related to our resistance to change what is habitual and familair.

We are to counter the urge to get swept up in the drama and complexity of intense feelings or in the what is unfolding in front of us, and look instead to calm and ground ourselves. There may not be solid ground beneath our feet, but are to identify and hold fast to core values we wish to live by.

What is released with this eclipse is ready to be released. If we can acknowledge this, than it is easier to slow down and not get sucked into chaos and confusion. We can work can work with our fear rather than act from it. We can either break down or make a breakthrough.

We will now look at the three distinct “teams”

of the T-Square (connected by the red lines)

and what the interaction between them