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Leo New Moon: Let There Be Joy!

Joy does not come

from what you do,

it flows into what you do

and thus into this world

from deep within you.

Eckart Tolle

The Leo New Moon August 8, 2021 at 9:50 am EDT lights us up from the inside out. It seeds creativity, vitality, courage and love. The Sun’s flame that burns within us, within our heart, is ignited with renewed strength.

The fiery heat of the New Moon burns away inhibition and patterns of victimhood and self-protection that have served to mask our light. With the light of love, we recognize truths about ourselves. Through this lens, we see life as a heroic journey to realizing our soul potential. We forgive, accept and celebrate the beauty of who we are, warts and all.

The New Moon is not about how we relate to others or how we need to respond to the world’s need. It is about personal power and right us of will. There will always be room to improve ourselves, but we are invited to love all of ourselves as we are. In affirming we are enough, we validate our right to be loved, to exist, to be seen and to move into joy.

To recognize the beauty of this potential, we are to participate in activities that make us smile with the juiciness of the experience. It may be a walk in the woods or hanging out in our garden. We may feel drawn to attending an art fair, putting paint on canvas, donning a fancy hat, or dancing the night away. Within the work or tasks that cannot be set aside, we can be mindful of relaxing our muscles, feeling our breath and engaging them joyfully.

A client recently said: I want my marriage to be less transactional and more relational. TIn our relationships, we can take her words to heart. We can talk with others about what we desire and what lights us up rather than give way to discussing the tasks of the day or how to address an issue. We can look for ways to feel connected with ourselves and the world around.

Each person has an ideal, a hope,

a dream which represents the soul.

We must give to it the warmth of love,

the light of understanding

and the essence of encouragement.

Colby Dorr Dam

Don't Postpone Joy!

To any of us who say 'with my current problems and challenges, I can perhaps look for joy next week, or next month," I offer the personal motto my friend Laurey Masterton trademarked that became a bumper sticker that dons many a car here in Asheville, and was the tagline for the cross-country bike ride she took to raise awareness for ovarian cancer. It became her motto during a time when she was undergoing cancer treatment.

Laurey was one of the most joyful people I have known. I met her when she was assigned to be my business mentor. As a entrepreneur, she had built a business, published books, did Ted Talks, and sat on boards, and she inspired me to meet challenges the way she had. She embraced and lived her joy until her body succumbed to a third bout of cancer. Her motto reminds all of us that there will always be challenges and reasons to feel stressed, scared, defeated, fatigued or overwhelmed, but within every day there is an opportunity for joy. We have only to reach for it. And fortunately for us, this month joy is bubbling up within us. We have only to affirm its presence and allow it to do its magic.

Uranus, Agent of Change

With such an activating New Moon, it is not surprising to see Uranus prominent in the planetary dynamics. Uranus is here to awaken and jolt us out of complacency as it squares the New Moon. There may be unexpected events or surprise encounters that take us off guard and unleash strong feelings. It may be something welcome like falling in love at first sight or the heartbreak of a partner announcing they want a separation. The surprises are designed to crack us open so that what has been trapped can release and new life can emerge from a reality where energy has been stuck and dulled.

We are open to change and less inclined to care what others think of us, as we feel ready to be seen as unique, different, odd, and remarkably ourselves. (Venus and Mars trine Uranus). Wanting to feel alive, we naturally move towards that experience. We have less interest in adhering to expectations or obligations that unnecessarily drain or restrain us. In the choices we make and the people we choose to spend time with, we are looking for authentic connection and to be inspired. New friends, new projects and fresh possibilities emerge as a result of giving ourselves to what makes our heart sing.

Leo is the Counterbalance to Aquarian Age Tendencies

The Leo Moon is an antidote to the Aquarian influence that permeates 2021. Aquarius is progressive, future-oriented, innovative and visionary. But it can cause us to be in our heads as we conceptualize, shape ideas, and collaborate. The New Moon serves to balance out an overactive mind out by drawing our awareness from our heads into our bodies. Grounding our thinking in the energy of love, the vision taking shape is now fertilized with love and feeling. (Leo Moon opposing Saturn/Jupiter in Aquarius)

Our conviction and courage is strengthened with the preponderance of planets currently in fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus). Fixed signs specialize in stabilization and seek to sustain and nurture consistency of thought, action and direction. We have the conviction to assert and sustain the open heartedness we experience this month as we move into autumn and beyond.

Your work is

to discover who you are

and then

with all your heart

give your light to the world.

Jennifer Williamson

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