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Capricorn Solar Eclipse - A New Beginning

A New Beginning Sparks within the Solar Eclipse

at 4 degrees Capricorn on December 26 at 12:12 am EST

There comes a day when

you realize turning the page

Is the best feeling in the world.

Because you realize there is

so much more to the book

Than the page you were stuck on

Zayn Malik

A spark ignites in the dark of the year with the promise and potential for the coming year. Traditionally, the Winter Solstice is recognized as the beginning point when the Sun enters Capricorn. Christianity celebrates this at Christmas with the birth of Jesus as the new light. In western culture, we celebrate the new beginning at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

This year, astrologically a potent beginning ignites within the dark time of the December Capricorn New Moon that features a Solar Eclipse and an impressive lineup of planets in Capricorn. In addition to the Sun, Moon and nodal axis: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn. Embedded in this Eclipse are the themes of 2020 which will be defined by Capricorn and the story that will be told of the Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that dominates the astrological landscape.

It is opportune to find some time away from activity, from festivity, and from loved ones to come present with the silence and stillness found within the darkest time, to feel the movement of the universal divine impulse and what is being sparked within ourselves and for our planet. In this, we will be connected to something greater than what we already know and receive true insight.

Let the water settle

And you will see

the Moon and the stars

Mirrored in your own being


Capricorn is the densest of the earth signs as the frozen earth of winter. It yields little, appears lifeless and yet, beneath the surface life is germinating that will reveal itself in springtime. Also beneath the hardened surface are molten rumblings and the pressure between Teutonic plates. Capricorn provides the womb for new forms of life hidden from view that will break surface to change the visible landscape. Capricorn is the crystallization of spirit embodied in matter and the shape of reality shaped by dreams, thoughts, actions, and divine will.

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn heralds a year that invites and may even thrust us into the reshaping of manifest reality and the structures and customs that define it both at home and on the world stage, as what has been trapped within, breaks surface. For too long humanity has exercised excessive control over what will manifest, and we can each look to how we have held off or not worked with the divine in actualizing our soul potential.

All planets are currently moving forward and with speed. There is a lot of cardinal energy propelling us to take initiative, make bold declarations, and set our course. A clear intention creates a worthy rudder to navigate what will come.

The potency and thrust of 2020 dynamics may occur like a wind beneath our sails giving us the ability to give shape to our dreams as never before. The dynamics can also feel like a head wind that inspires inner fortitude, or they may have a hurricane strength that requires flexibility and non-attachment to what has been, having us open to what will emerge in its wake. However we experience the winds of 2020, it will be a year that inspires discipline, tenacity, and a willingness to get the work done. Set an intention now and set a course for how we want to instigate and engage in the transformational energies that are afoot.

It is no use going back to yesterday

Because I was a different person then.

Alice in Wonderland

Planetary dynamics are declaring that it is time to face the music and make changes, for leaders to be accountable, and for systems to crumble that lack integrity or are outworn, and for increased momentum towards a culture that lives in harmony with the natural world. The Western way of life, of capitalism and consumption of resources is not sustainable. We are seeing glaring red flags of its demise. Holding on to things staying the way they are is a bet against time. We may find ourselves directly effected by the changes or provided opportunities for leadership in 2020, especially if we have planets between 22 and 25 degrees of a Cardinal sign (Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Cancer). At the very least, we will be present as changes happen around us.

You are immortal.

You have existed for billions of years

In different manifestations,

Because you are life,

And life cannot die.