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Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: The Stories' Weave

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

We tell ourselves stories in order to live.

Joan Didion

The July 4 Capricorn Lunar Eclipse at 9:44 pm PDT

cues us to tend the sacred flame

within our hearts, homes and communities by telling and listening to stories

that further inform the shape of what we believe and hold as true;

this will result in a renewed sense of direction, connection and purpose.

The Eclipse Moon is aligned with the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra

The red glow of the eclipse draws our attention to Vega, one of the brightest stars in the night sky and to a constellation associated with the celestial music that produces the harmony of the spheres. Lyra's music connects us with our origins and reminds us of our place in the universe and our reason for living. Vega bestows inspiration, poetry and creativity to those who were born with planets between 13 and 16 degrees Capricorn.

Lyra has been known by other names

For ancient Egyptians, it was The Vulture and for select Native American nations, The Turtle. Music is the common link between the Lyre, The Vulture and the Turtle. In Greek myth, the first lyre was made by Hermes when he attached three strings to the shell of a tortoise. The flute is credited with being the world's first musical instrument and it was made by cleaning and hollowing out the bone of a vulture.

Playing or making music over the next hours and days can open us to the gifts of the eclipse. Music throughout time is not just about a pleasing melody. More often, a story is told accompanied by music - whether in song or spoken word. A song is naturally woven and composed with a story, and music has been an integral medium for stories to be transmitted and passed down generation to generation.

Vega is The Bard

Bards of yore 'learned by heart' epic tales, histories and myths that they would either sing or speak accompanied historically by a harp or a drum, and more recently by a guitar or harmonica (to name a couple). The bards were the living library and memory of a people. They spent their lives sitting around hearth after hearth transmitting the stories from their vast repertoire to seed and stoke the memory and tradition of their people. Their dedication provided a continuous thread that wove together one generation to the next.

The customs and beliefs of a people were woven into stories, embedded in songs and transmitted orally. To speak a story, to listen and be audience for a storytelling touches the soul in some ineffable way. Something is lost in translation when the learning comes from the printed or virtual page. There is a legend that in ancient Egypt when the Pharaoh was told that they could now write and keep record of their history, he responded: But what will happen to our memory?

The International Storytelling Festival takes place Every October in Jonesborough, TN and I have gone as often as I can to sit and listen to story after story from the best of the world’s storytellers. It quickens the stories that live in me. It feeds my feeling of our common humanity, my link to the ancestors and to the common heart of all people. Something essential is lost when I simply read the same story in a book or listen to an audio tape ~a quickening of soul connection and soul memory. With this eclipse, I encourage us to tell stories and invite others tell theirs.

“Its all story. That’s all there is...

Healing: is a negotiation of story.”

Lewis Mehl-Medrona

The events of 2020 are unprecedented in many ways, and yet evoke stories of events decades or centuries old. The weave of the story we have told ourselves about our lives, our culture, our shared history and shared dreams is unraveling with the potential of being rewoven in a story that will carry humanity forward and not towards extinction.

Capricorn is a sign of boundaries, bones, laws, and the responsibilities and obligations that are born from these. For instance, if we purchase a house, the boundaries of the house and property define the bones of the story we tell of the house and the responsibilities that arise to keep, maintain, and live in the house. Capricorn functions in this way with all things large and small that make up our lives.

The July 5 Eclipse and the United States


are Public Dreams.


are Private Myths.

Joseph Campbell

Since the recent eclipse on June 21, the Sun has been traveling in Cancer and for the eclipse Mercury Retrograde has cozied up to the Sun as the Moon comes to oppose them. The Sun's sojourn in Cancer has us seeking security, safety and a feeling of belonging. Cancer is our families, family of origin, our ancestor and our history, and feelings around one or more of these may surge at the eclipse. With all that has been unfolding, plans and perspectives are shifting. Mercury’s presence in Cancer punctuates our contemplation and review of initiatives, practices, and relationships with an eye to formulating an improved approach to feeling nurtured and getting our personal needs met.

The July 4 Penumbral (partial) eclipse is the final and third eclipse within a six-week period, marking a moment of crisis, culmination and potentially breakthrough. It will have a ripple effect that will last for some months.

This is an especially powerful eclipse for the United States as it falls on the country’s birthday and the path of the eclipse moves across the face of North America as its citizens are celebrating and setting off fireworks and other citizens are seeing it as a national day of mourning. The eclipse only serves to further accentuate and draw out the disparate stories and heated debate. Everyone is affected by eclipses whether or not they are in the path of an eclipse, but countries in the direct path are directly affected.

In my lifetime there have been two Lunar Eclipses in Capricorn. In the wake of the 1962 eclipse we had, most notably, Martin Luther King delivering his “I Have a Dream” speech and the assignation of President Kennedy. The second lunar eclipse in Capricorn occurred the summer of 2001, with the events of 9/11 dominating the news a short time later. Cancer (nurturance, country) experiences a crisis with Capricorn (buildings, leadership, boundaries). This doesn't necessarily mean the U.S. will experience something catastrophic in the coming months, but is it too much of a stretch to imagine it would? The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse certainly means there is no way back to the way things were in 2019 and that the crisis within the country is being fueled, not quieted.

The United States is feeling the rumblings of its first Pluto Return. In 2022, after 246 years Pluto will return to the exact place in the sky where it was at the signing of the Declaration of Independence (the birthday of the United States). Pluto, the planet of power, powerlessness and transforma