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Aries New Moon March 24 - Brings Acceleration

Updated: Jun 17

What are you drumming into your life in this present moment?” Carol Weaver

New Moons offer a new beginning where something new can be introduced into the coming month. A new beginning is further emphasized as this is the the first full Moon after the recent Spring Equinox. And Aries, itself, is a signature energy for that ineffable something that emerges from nothing.

“The silence between the beats is where you hold hand with the invisible.” Blackwolf

Each spring, when the Sun comes into Aries, we witness the Aries spirit unmistakably magnified in the transformation of the natural world. Shoots burst up from the ground. Trees bud, as if by magic. Green suddenly fills the landscape. We wake to the song of birds and go to sleep to the chorus of tree frogs when days before there was only silence. The world teems with new life after the fallow and barren expanse of winter. And with this, comes heat. The heat of new life is the heat of Aries.

Growth is Accelerated with the New Moon

Growth and movement will occur in the places where we direct focus. Aries is the warrior, the pioneer, the innovator, the entrepreneur. The Aries energy is reflective of the acceleration occurring with the spread of the coronavirus, and possible feelings of isolation or trepidation. It can also accelerate our creativity, love for others, and activities that promote self-care. We can open to and harness the creative compulsion of the New Moon to sound the drum, to drum up something unprecedented and new in our lives.

Mars, ruler of Aries, traveling through Capricorn, has joined up with the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction that provides the context for what is unfolding this year. The fire of Mars gives added fuel to the inevitable process of breakdown and restructuring of the status quo that Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all about.

Pluto (destruction and rebirth) has been journeying through Capricorn (laws, institutions, government, financial system) heralding the destabilization of the framework of modern society. The destabilization is not without purpose. What is not effectively serving humanity or our planet will unravel. The presence of both Jupiter and Mars saddling up alongside Pluto serve to amplify and accelerate this process. Capricorn and Aries are both Cardinal signs and with 6 planets and the Nodal Axis in cardinal signs, there is bold initiative and big movements. For something new to emerge, first the old must be broken down. With this New Moon, we can feel and follow the impulse of what wants to emerge for us in the wake of what is falling away.

Aries is a fighter. We feel the urge to engage in a fight. It is up to us to pick our fights and engage in the good fight. Currently we are fighting the mass spread of a virus. We do this by staying at home, social distancing, boosting our immune systems. As our normal schedules and routines are curtailed, opportunities are available to us that weren’t there just a few weeks ago. Rather than fighting against or lashing out at what is happening, the fighting energy can be used in generative ways if we accept that what is happening is happening. We will then open to the possibilities available to fight for the rights of others, to fight for sustainability, to fight for peace of mind. We will each decide what it is we are fighting for, what we are ready to beat the drum for.

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.'

One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity.

In a crisis, be aware of the danger - but recognize the opportunity.

John F. Kennedy, Speech in Indianapolis, April 12, 1959

There is an opportunity in experiencing our common humanity as a world community. There is an opportunity in slowing down. There is an opportunity to help one another. There is an opportunity to tend to projects at home, to fortify our relationships, and tend to our overall well being.

During the Black Plague, Shakespeare took advantage of being quarantined and theaters being closed to write two of his greatest plays: King Lear and Antony and Cleopatra. The Black Death in the 14th century nurtured the talents of Michelangelo and Leonardo di Vinci. We may not be a Shakespeare or a Michelangelo, but perhaps we have a talent, a calling that will come forth like the buds on the trees, emerging as if from a deep dream.

There is no coming to consciousness without pain.

People will do anything, no matter how absurd,

In order to avoid facing their own soul.

One does not become enlightened

By imagining figures of light,

But by making the darkness conscious.

Carl Jung

Chiron, The Wounded Healer Takes Center Stage at the New Moon

Not surprisingly, we find the dwarf planet Chiron conjoined with the New Moon. This planet’s presence emphasizes that we are being presented with a healing crisis and journey. There is a wound that needs tending. There is an imbalance that needs addressing. We are called to reckon with the patterns of the past and realign towards a future that is nurtures a renewal of life (New Moon and Chiron square the nodal axis). The virus and its ripple effects have touched all parts of the globe and in the ways we live our lives as humans. We ask ourselves whether we or someone we love will get the virus and how many lives will the virus claim. There is also a deeper question being raised regarding how we live our lives and how we will live them moving forward. Within this question, there is a rich process of discovery and realignment possible for individuals and for humanity.

It is not lost on me that with humans shut in doors, smog levels are decreasing and deer are seen wandering city streets. Swans and dolphins are swimming in the canal in

Venice. There will be loss, for some of us great loss, as we go through this time, but we are also being given the opening for humanity to realign so we can live harmony with the earth and reconstruct a society that respects all life. This is a tall order and, fortunately or unfortunately, a dramatic disruption to the illusion that we could keep going on as we were happened to bring our collective attention to this.

Prema Sheerin, healer and coach, wrote in a recent blog, “Fear, isolation and imbalance are all signatures of our culture in this era. In personal healing we sometimes experience a ‘healing crisis’ that intensifies all our symptoms before they resolve and heal. What would it be like to relate to the coronavirus in this way? What if we broaden the context to recognize this situation as a reflection of a larger picture of imbalance that we are being called to address? Perhaps we can reframe our view from waging a war on the enemy-virus to hearing the siren for us to contemplate the nature of our relationships, with our Self, with each other, and most importantly, with the living world around us.”

Courage is a love affair with the unknown. Osho

We are in unchartered territory

as we navigate the coming weeks and months

‘To boldly go where no one has gone before’ could be an Aries motto. The Aries New Moon gives us the courage to meet the unknowns.

As we continue to move through the window of the New Moon, I invite us to identify where imbalance exists in our lives and the remedy we can begin to enact to meet it. Let us take the steps to hear and respond to the beat of our heart, to the pulse of creation and to sound the drum that will call forth a new beginning.

The New Moon is happening in the context of larger planetary movements. I have given them a nod in this article but look for a post in the coming week where I will explore the astrological movements that shed light on the coronavirus and curtailed economic movement and growth.


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