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2020 Eclipses - Timing for a Radical Shift

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

A bird in the tree

Is never afraid

Of the branch breaking.

Because its trust

Is not in the branch

But in its own wings.

Charlie Wardle

2020 Eclipses

January 10: Cancer Lunar Eclipse (2nd Eclipse of the Winter Eclipse season)

Summer Eclipse Season features 3 eclipses

June 5: Lunar Eclipse on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis

June 21: Solar Eclipse in Cancer at the Summer Solstice

July 5 Lunar Eclipse on the Capricorn/Cancer axis

Winter Eclipse Season (first of two eclipses occurs the end of 2020)

December 14 Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (visible in S. America)

Eclipses come in pairs. There are two eclipse pairings each year. Occasionally there is a cycle that features three eclipses like what we will experience in the 2020 Summer Eclipse Season. The additional eclipse emphasizes the potential for a radical shift in awareness and in circumstance.

During an eclipse: the earth, sun and moon line up with one body blocking another, thus disrupting the electromagnetic energy that continually flows towards the earth. The flow momentarily ceases, and in that moment there is an opening for something new to be introduced, a new awareness or potential. In the wake of the eclipse, there is likely to be a minor or major adjustment to some aspect of our live. It can be an unwelcome disruption if we have wandered off course and are in need of a jolt to bring us into alignment.

Lunar eclipses occur on a Full Moon when the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun.

Solar eclipses occur on a New Moon when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth.

The miracle of an eclipse is that even though the Sun is 400x the size of the Moon and is 480x the distance from the earth, from our vantage point here on earth, they appear to be exactly the same size, so exact that at an eclipse the Moon perfectly covers the Sun or vice versa.

Cancer Lunar Eclipse January 10, 2020

Prioritize Self-Care Amid Intensity

The heart is like a garden

It can grow compassion

Or fear;


Or love.

Jack Kornfield

The January 10 Lunar Eclipse is the second eclipse of this season, with the December 26 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn marking a radical new beginning. It is radical because for the beginning to emerge, there may need to be a breaking down or falling away of structures, habits or cultural norms so there is room for the new to emerge. In this way, the new beginning may initially look like a series of endings.

The January eclipse packs a wallop. There is an impressive, eyebrow raising number of planets traveling side by side in Capricorn (Pluto, Saturn, Sun, Mercury in a tight conjunction with Jupiter and the South Node nearby). The Moon in Cancer is at the opposite end of the sky creating a dynamic tension between responsibility and vulnerability, between career and home. between dogged determination and gentleness. The desire to nurture home and family and to assure our safety comes to the fore.

Emotions naturally run high at a Full Moon but this one is further amplified by the Eclipse and by the Moon being in a water sign. The Cancer Moon draws out our sensitivity, our feelings and emotional needs. In the midst of the unrest on the world stage and at home, this powerful New Moon reminds us to put care of ourselves into the equation of how to allot our time and energy alongside the pressing needs of what must be done. We can harness the Capricorn sense of discipline, routine and accountability to creating an exercise routine, healthy diet and/or healthy habits that will ensure we do not lose sight of self-care in the midst of the care we give to everything around us.

January 13 – Exact conjunction with Pluto and Saturn with five planets in Capricorn

There is big powerful energy at work this week. On the heals of the eclipse is a rare conjunction between these two planetary giants at 22 Capricorn. The conjunction has been building for some months now. We have felt its momentum in the destabilization of governments, laws, leaders and the status quo. The planet of transformation and the planet of boundaries, laws and authority have teemed up to herald substantive change within how human society functions.

Capricorn is the structure of our lives - the river banks that direct the flow of water, energy, ideas, even love. This conjunction indicates that there is one or more areas of our life that call for greater accountability and a restructuring. Somewhere the flow has become stagnant, dammed or constricted. This is where we can look for endings to pave a way for a new beginning.

Jupiter will join Saturn and Pluto come March and the three will travel together for the rest of 2020 emphasizing the virtue of adopting Capricornian traits of discipline, restraint, tenacity, and responsibility to meet the challenge and changes ahead.

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