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Virgo New Moon: Order our Life with Love

With The Virgo New Moon on September 30, set an intention to dedicate ourselves to projects that require focus and undivided attention.

"Joy does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do, and thus into this world from deep within you.” Eckhart Tolle

This New Moon brings focus to the mundane. It offers nothing splashy, no great visions, and does not encourage us to take huge leaps, unless it is into a closet, the particulars of a business plan, a relationship dynamic or into an assigned book for a course of study. We can more readily dedicate ourselves to an exercise regime or take care of home repairs. The house where Virgo resides in our individual natal charts can indicate the area of life where we are motivated to giving dedicated and meticulous attention.

Magic is found in the ordinary

We can discover creative solutions or new ways to tackle the everyday with Uranus (planet of change) in harmonious aspect with the New Moon. Small adjustments can create sizeable shifts in the shape and experience of what structures our reality.

August was characterized by numerous planets in Leo, promoting an expansive energy that invited us to amplify our experience of joy and warmth. And just as September follows August, Virgo follows Leo. There is now a contraction that takes us from the grand to the specific, from formulating a grand vision to giving ourselves to the nuts and bolts of making it happen one step at a time.

August’s signature was ‘weekend’ energy. Each year as the Sun enters Virgo at the end of August we come round to “Monday’. During the summer, whether we set aside our work, or struggled with how to give focus to it, Virgo energy brings it assuredly into focus. There is a soberness as we are newly motivated to achieving practical results. We roll up our sleeves and give ourselves to the particulars of what is required to get the job done.

Virgo is an Mutable Earth sign. This year’s Virgo New Moon is chock full of Virgo energy with all five personal planets in Virgo. In fact, 8 of the 10 planets are in Earth signs and 8 planets in Mutable signs. A preponderance of earth grounds us, has us more aware of our bodies, our homes, our finances, the earth herself. Mutable signs are about change, flow and adjustments. So, the coming weeks are an excellent time to make adjustments in how we care for our material world and bring our dreams into form.

"Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate.” David A Wolfe

Virgo seeks order. It desires balance. Balance and good order are signs of well-being

In a world culture that is so off kilter, we can readily be overwhelmed by all that is not functioning well. Focus on what we can do rather than what we can’t. Give focus to small tasks that provide a sense of accomplishment when complete. Give undivided attention to how we can bring our love into the world in each thing we find ourself doing during the day.

We are better able to exercise powers of discernment, to sort the wheat from the chaff - more readily able to see what is essential and what is distraction. Our mental processes are engaged to define and give definition. Our ability to analyze and understand the particulars is enhanced. We may be less likely to see the overall forest, but we can certainly see what is happening at the roots, or in the bark, or in the health of a tree. There is a laser-like focus allowing us to tend to detail.

'If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well' is a motto that exemplifies the spirit of Virgo.

The tasks we are doing are not just busy work, they are sacred work. We are giving form and shape to potentials that live in our heart – to make our home a sanctuary, have our work be an expression of our talents and vision, and our relationships be an expression of shared values. With this New Moon, we are invited to give ourselves to the ‘chop wood, carry water’ approach to life. We are to be mindful and kind towards ourselves and what we are addressing. Beneficial results happen when we demonstrate patience and perseverance.

"As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breath out, cherish all beings.” The Dalai Lama

We can get much done in the next couple weeks if we avoid a few pitfalls.

Perfectionism is the shadow side of Virgo. If we cannot achieve the perfect result, we may criticize ourselves or others. This produces anxiety.

We may worry about all the tasks that unfold from the one in front of us, or fret over one small detail, and then feel insufficient to the project. We might over analyze, causing our mind- like a hamster on a wheel - to go round and round over-thinking things.

We can remember that the aim is not perfection, but about bringing our love into practical action moment by moment. As much as we want to get the job done, we can equally give focus to the way we engage the task. While we are likely to feel satisfaction in a job well done, we can feel equal or greater satisfaction in knowing the finished task is infused with love and care.

This is a time to accomplish small things that can make a big difference. A Grand Trine in Earth favors practical results. We can take the heart energy of Leo, the fire of the August, and channel it through us to enliven form with love. This is the ultimate task: to rebalance and re-order some part of our life with love.

The New Moon is aligned with the Head of the Dragon

The fixed star, Thuban, is part of the constellation Draconis. In the Northern Sky, the Dragon is curled around the North Star. The North Star is the treasure that the Dragon protects. Aligned with the New Moon, our eye is on the treasure. With this sight, we can see what is essential and what is not. Knowing what we cherish, we more easily see what needs to be done, and give ourselves to step by step process of tending to a defined project that can yield a satisfying result.

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