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Virgo Full Moon: Tend to the Obvious

Updated: Mar 7

Blessed are they

who see beautiful things

in humble places

where others see nothing.

Camille Pisarro

The Full Moon on March 7, 2023 at 16 Virgo invites us to bring our presence to the care of what is in front of us, zeroing in on what is right under our nose.

The strong Pisces energy of the last weeks has been opening our imaginative and intuitive faculties. The Virgo Full Moon stands alone in the sky opposite a slew of planets in Pisces and Aries at the other end of the sky. The Virgo Moon functions like a kite string, reminding us to keep it real.

Like a camera lens that brings a picture into focus, the Virgo Moon narrows the lens of our attention to the dimensions and definitions of plans that we can do something about today. We can discern what is working and not working, and look to make adjustments so that life functions more smoothly. We are inclined to want to nail down the details of longer range plans, yet we need to remain open and curious about variables that have yet to reveal themselves.

We may very well experience frustration and impatience with ourselves, with others and with circumstance. We may feel an urgent need to act on something and yet wonder why we are hesitant or confused about a choice to be made. The Virgo Moon informs us that this is all the more reason to keep things simple and tend to what is right in front of us. This can look like tending to our body, cleaning out the fridge, preparing the garden for planting, or going through a stack of papers.

We can ask ourself:

What is the best way I can take care of myself today to experience greater wellbeing?

Mars square the Full Moon

Neptune oppose the Virgo Moon

Full Moon Ruler: Mercury in Pisces sextile the North Node, conjunct Saturn

Full Moon Co Ruler: Chiron conjunct Venus and Jupiter

Uranus trine the Virgo Moon

Saturn in the last hour of its 3-year journey in Aquarius

Seismic shifts coming later in March!

To be alive

is to totally and openly participate

in the simplicity and elegance

of here and now.

Donald Altman

The Piscean New Moon on February 20 invited us to look inward, to shift our gaze away from the mundane and open to the numinous, the enduring, divine dimension of life. Three planets still occupy Pisces (The Sun, Mercury and Neptune) with Saturn poised to enter Pisces one hour after the Full Moon. The planets occupying Pisces continue to compel us tap into the unseen energies and feelings that underly and permeate our life.

The Virgo Full Moon asks that we seek balance within ourselves and days. We are, in effect, to have one foot anchored in the practical realities of our daily life and to have the other foot attuned to the subtler, everpresent influences at play.

We are to look at how to better organize our time and energy with an eye to enhancing the connection of our mind and heart, of our soul and body. Ruled by Mercury, the Virgo Moon helps us to articulate what we have been feeling and helps us to clarify the energetic movement that we are intuiting. In narrowing our attention to what is happening in the present moment, we can identify a detail that has been missed around future plans as we continue to identify and synthesize what we have been intuiting and feeling.

The shadow side of the Full Moon can be a tendency to overthink things, getting carried away with analyzing the particulars, and going into overdrive in order to ‘get it right’. We can find ourselves consumed with worry. Runaway Virgo energy is balanced by the Piscean energies that surrender to the mystery of what is unfolding. Understanding that there is no right way to do something, the Piscean temperment encourages us to allow our feelings to inform us as to what direction, what task to move towards, or how to best approach a project. On the flip side, if we are leaning too much into the Pisces energy, we can feel confused and overhwelmed. If we are experiencing an imbalance between the Pisces and Virgo energies, it is best to slow down and tend to what is right in front of us. We are to keep it simple and give ourselves to practical solutions The Full Moon compels us to find the balance between the Piscean and Virgoan impulses, between the expansive and the narrow, between the intuitive and the pragmatic, between the heart and the head.