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Virgo Full Moon: Daily Rituals

John C. Maxwell

Leo Full Moon: Be the Center of Your Life

The Full Moon on February 24, 2024 at 5 Virgo

heightens our awareness around the activities we engage that do not serve us in the way we hoped or the way they once did. Through the lens of our passion for what we want to see happen in our lives, we can clearly discern the habits and routines that it is time to leave behind. We are to make adjustments in response to new awarenesses related to what is not working and initiate something that will create greater health and wellbeing.


Full Moon Ruler: Mercury conjunct the Sun and Saturn

Jupiter trine the Moon and Sextile the Sun and Mercury

Venus conjunct Mars quincunx the Virgo Moon and square Jupiter

Full Moon Co Ruler: Chiron conjunct North Node


Full Moons are the peak moment of each lunar cycle when something in our life reaches a culmination point. The days leading up to the Full Moon bring increased momentum, activity and a mounting pressure. At the Full Moon, emotions and tides run high. Something comes to a head via crisis or breakthrough, and a desired resolution can be achieved. During the two weeks following the Full Moon, we are completing a movement, a cycle and distilling the wisdom from the recent lunar month, so we are ready for the invitation of the next New Moon. 


Leo Full Moon: Be Guided by Your Heart

Lou Barlow

All planets are moving forward and at a clip, supporting us to actively move forward, utilizing our innovative spirit. The pace of our life may feel busy and purposeful the last couple weeks since the New Moon. Then, along comes the Full Moon. Traveling at the opposite side of the sky from all the planets, the Virgo Moon offers an objective perspective on what is not functioning optimally. The Full Moon invites us to take the time to discern what adjustments are to be made for greater effectiveness and wellbeing to emerge in our life.


Virgo values Realistic Assessment. As an earth sign, the Virgo Moon invites us to ground ourselves in our daily world and mundane routines. We are to pay attention to what is right in front of us. As a mutable sign, Virgo helps us to be flexible so that we can more easily shift away from what is not working in favor of something that will. It is an opportune time to make a change to something in our diet, exercise routine, or something that will support a better night's sleep or creates more inner calm. 


Virgo values Daily Routines. Thinking of our daily routines as rituals or devotions acknowledges the powerful role they play in the quality of our life. Calling them rituals can also inspire an added level of care in how we enact them. I imagine the Chinese Tea Ceremony was created by someone with a Virgo spirit. The act of brewing and making tea becomes elevated and even transformative when it is done as ceremony. We too can bring mindfulness and love to each task. Refraining from multi-tasking, we can give our full attention to the task and hand and shift to a new one only after we have completed the one in front of us.


Virgo values Health. The Virgo Full Moon shines a light on imbalances in the body that need our attention. It may be something we have overlooked or even something we thought to put off addressing. It is opportune to begin a new approach to diet, exercise, sleep or to some practice that will foster well-being. The stomach and digestive system are ruled by Virgo issues related to the gut can be accentuated. We may feel compelled to seek a new doctor or practitioner about some symptom or condition, feeling the readiness to prioritize time and resources to treat ourselves to some select specialized care.


Virgo values Service and how we can contribute to the world around us.  However, at the Full Moon there may be more benefit in directing the urge to serve towards the care of ourselves.  If we are out of balance in our lives, we cannot help but bring that imbalance to what we do for others. By loving ourselves and serving our needs, we will have the well-being and fullness to give the gift we wish to give to the world.


The Virgo Moon Shadow

Unrealistic or high expectations we put on ourselves can lead to greater imbalance. The desire to 'get it right' can lead to excessive worry. Headaches, lack of sleep, and stomach issues can result.   We can avoid being hard on ourselves if we see life as a learning experience, not something to get right. And we are feeling stressed about a new routine, scale the goal back so to what is realistically doable.  

Small acts, when multiplied

by millions of people,

can transform the world.

Howard Zinn

Analytical Thinking Balanced with Intuitive Understanding

New Moon Ruler: Mercury

conjunct the Sun and Saturn,

oppose the Moon and sextile Jupiter


Opposite the Virgo Moon are four planets in Pisces. We are acknowledging what we will not to carry with us into our future. There can be grief around this or a needing to slow down to honor and release it in a good way. The Virgo Moon gives definition, boundaries and a reality check so we better understand where we are to take responsibility and where we are to release responsibility.

The house in our natal chart where the first degrees of Pisces is located will give us clues to the area of life where we are to complete something in a good way, and where we also may be intuiting the movement of something new that is just on the horizon. 


The Full Moon invitation comes to a head on February 28 when the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are in exact conjunction at 9 Pisces. We will be ready by then to make a tough decision. We have some new information, or more likely information that we overlooked that we cannot deny or set aside any longer. Saturn provides the rules and non-negotiable boundaries around health that may have us stopping to prioritize something concerning our health. Both Pisces and Virgo deal with service and the propensity to overextend or sacrifice ourselves for some noble cause, so we may find ourselves looking to shift a pattern of overgiving.


Confidence is Amplified


Jupiter is in its last two months of Taurus. Since last Spring, we have been supported in growing what we value most and growing our belief in ourselves to do just that. We have been supported in developing our resources and making financial decisions that better ensure our security.


Jupiter trine the Virgo Moon. We are discerning what has value and what does not. We feel confident in our assessments and in taking action to cut away what no longer serves or is viable. There are positive feelings around something that is ending, because we recognize it will make room for new growth and opportunity to enter.


Jupiter sextile the Sun and Saturn. We have a confidence built from experience and we can trust ourselves to take resolute action around what we are ready to build and what know it's time to say goodbye to.

Bridges symbolize change and flexibility.

They show us this simple philosophy:

When you are on one side,

you can easily move

to the other side!

Mehmet Murat ildan

Passion is Ignited and Tested

Venus and Mars

 Venus and Mars traveling together ignite passion. Conjunct for the next few days in Aquarius, there can be an intensification of passion for some ideal we want to realize.


Venus/Mars square Jupiter.  Jupiter just fuels this passion, having us ready to fight for our beliefs and for what we want to see in our lives. Jupiter also catalyzes an optimism that has us willing to risk trying something a little different.


Venus/Mars quincunx the Moon. The Virgo Moon is like the kite string to the Venus/Mars kite that is headed for the stars. The Full Moon provides a tug, a reality check. We can suddenly feel concerned about the viability of our dream and if we are up to making it happen. We are reminded to do our due diligence, to have a good plan, and not just let inspiration or enthusiasm drive us into some new venture.

 Abiding Self Trust

Full Moon Co Ruler: Chiron conjunct the North Node

Transiting Chiron points to where we are collectively healing. Past trauma that zapped our confidence to trust our gut, follow our impulses and assert ourselves will surface to be felt and integrated. In this process we are discovering a new ability to be unedited and spontaneous, confident enough to take the lead and assert ourselves (Chiron in Aries 2018-2027).

There can be an evolutionary leap forward now in our healing journey (Chiron conjunct the North Node). Within this, Chiron's influence connects us with our humanity and vulnerability. It is okay to approach something new with caution. Slowing things down can help us to be aware of how we are primed and ready to do something differently.

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