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Pisces New Moon: Time to Go Fishing

The solution to any problem—

work, love, money, whatever—

is to go fishing, and

the worse the problem,

the longer the trip should be.

John Gierach

Leo Full Moon: Be the Center of Your Life

Fishing is not

an escape from life,

but often a deeper

immersion into it.

Harry Middleton

The New Moon on March 10, 2024, at 20 Pisces is an invitation to receive. We are encouraged to remove ourselves from the noise of daily life and find a place where we can listen with our whole being.  By doing this, we will access a sensitivity and receptivity that will yield a new insight, dream or awareness that we will be inspired to carry into our life.


We are cued to take some soul time where we take a break from worldly life, quiet ourselves, listen deeply and give ourselves to a process that opens us to being re-inspired. Rather than push through overwhelm, confusion or fatigue that may be amplified over the next couple weeks, we can recognize the pull to step away from the regularly scheduled program to seek a liminal space, a place between the known and unknown. There, we surrender and open to insight, a dream, a soul message. 


We are likely to discover a renewed trust in ourselves and trust to recognize and move with what we are being gifted. We can look for synchronicities, and express gratitude for how ideas and possibilities can emerge seemingly from nowhere with no justifiable cause.  


The New Moon marks the beginning of the current eclipse season. What we connect with the next two weeks will serve and guide us as move through the March 25 and April 8 eclipses and the April dynamics of the Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter/Uranus conjunction (more on all this later).


The New Moon is the optimal time each month to set an intention for what we will initiate and grow in the coming month. The area of life primed for a new beginning is revealed by the nature of the house in our natal charts where 20 Pisces resides. Those with planets between18 and 22 degrees of a Mutable sign (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius), will likely experience the New Moon invitation in a more urgent way.


Leo Full Moon: Be Guided by Your Heart

What Are You Fishing For?

A Stellium in Pisces

New Moon Ruler: Neptune conjunct New Moon

New Moon CoRuler: Jupiter conjunct Uranus

New Moon Sextile to Uranus

Jupiter sextile Saturn

Chiron conjunct the North Node

March 19 Spring Equinox – Aries Season Begins

March 25 Lunar Eclipse at 5 Libra

To say, “It is time to go fishing” is metaphorical, but if one wants to take it literally, then yes this is an optimal time to go fishing.   


To get the big fish, the new inspiration:


1.       We get distance from our daily life and responsibilities, and often the people connected to them. Because we are more sensitive and receptive at this time, we need to seek activities that take the focus off ourselves and connect to something larger and vaster than our personal life. The ego mind softens, we see life through a wider lens, and we gain a heightened perspective. (Stellium in Pisces).

The act of fishing transports us to a special world, and a state of mind, where we are free. – Fennel Hudson


2.       We drive or walk into nature and park ourselves on or near water. With Pisces, a water sign, being near or around water can support the movement of contemplation, reflection and connection. It can be a river or a bathtub. Or we can even meditate with a large bowl of water in front of us. Dreams occur in a watery realm, so keeping a dream journal next to our bed and writing what we dreamt can yield benefit. If water is not at hand, then seek the natural world which puts us in touch with natural rhythms and an enduring presence that permeates all life.


3.       We are not actually fishing most of the time we are fishing. If we look to reel in the inspiration, the fish, every moment that we are fishing, well we will miss the beauty of the fishing expedition. There is only so much strategy we can employ, and the rest is left up to chance. We cannot will a fish to take the bait nor does giving our full attention to fishing yield a bigger catch. The magic is in how we spend the time waiting for the fish.

There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot. Steven Wright


4.       We cannot account for most of the time spent fishing. We sit for long stretches not even focused on the goal of fishing. We are present to the nature around us. We are quiet. We listen and connect with ourselves in a way that we don’t in daily life. We enter that liminal space, the space between the known and the unknown, between here and nowhere. It is the space where we can hear some message that wants to come through while we have only half an eye on the goal of what we want to achieve for the day.

I go fishing not to find myself but to lose myself. – Joseph Monniger


5.       It is completely worthwhile to whittle away hours doing what seems like nothing while we fish. If inspiration doesn’t result, well then, all the more reason to go fishing again. There is a trust that the fish will come. The time spent waiting for the rod to bend or jerk is never wasted but an essential ingredient for a successful fishing trip. It is not rational or measurable, but we feel rejuvenated for the time spent.

What happens beneath the waters of is a mystery. Instinctively, we know that water is the place from where all life emerges and all life returns. While fishing, we come into that place where past and future and present blur. Time seems to bend as we commune with the realm of potential (Neptune conjunct the New Moon). Our trust deepens in our ability to move with the flow of life. Our intuition is strengthened. We come into relationship with the large cycles of our life and a presence of something that might be defined as a conscious, loving universe that nurtures and feeds us and all life. What we discover may not be easily put into words, but when we return to our mundane life, we feel somehow renewed and refreshed.


6.       During a day spent fishing we expected to encounter something unexpected. In fact, we may count on this. Still, we exercise patience and sit in a state of surrender with the recognition that we are not in control of when the fish, the inspiration will come our way. We have no control of how big or small the fish will be. And chances are it will arrive when we least expect it, when our mind has wandered, or we decide it's time for lunch, or we are gazing at the clouds wondering if it will rain. It is then the tug will come and the thing we want will take us by surprise.

 There is great potential to catch a big fish, a whopper of an inspired thought in the days following the New Moon. (Jupiter conjunct Uranus) It may be a new ideal or dream or a realization that expands our consciousness. And it is entirely possible that the fish we thought we went fishing for is not the one that we catch (Uranus sextile the New Moon).


7.       We take a picture of the big fish and share it with everyone, inviting them to celebrate our catch with us. Beyond listening deeply and receiving what wants to jump into our laps at this time, we then need to affirm what we received. We are to write it down, share it with others, make it real (Jupiter sextile Saturn). And celebrate it!  Celebrate the inspiration that emerges from the soul time taken.

The Shadow side of the New Moon will operate in some form if we do not heed the call to 'go fishing.' Overwhelm or confusion can lead us to feel world weary or completely exhausted. We may feel discouraged or disilluioned by life The world may occur as too bold, too loud, too fast and we look to escape in a way that leaves us numb to ourselves - social media, television, and substance block out intuition, sensitivity, and true inspiration.

Addictions can be exacerbated because substances can be mistakenly used to short cut the fishing process so that w arrive in the liminal space and get the inspiration in as fast and as easy a way as possible. Some of us may elect to use plant medicines to support their journey at this time, but if using a substance to connect us with a new awareness or vision has become a habit, we will likely encounter the problematic effects of being attached to a substance.

The Space Between Endings and Beginnings

The Pisces New Moon precedes the Spring Equinox

There is a stellium in Pisces; with five planets in Pisces, we are more intuitive than rational, more idealistic than realistic, more imaginative than pragmatic, and more in touch with the movements that underlie our life and all life.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is the realm of endings and beginnings. Pisces is the formless primordial waters from which all life emerges and returns. The new light quickened at the winter solstice then germinates through the winter months like a seed in the womb of the earth.  Then promise of the seed bursts forth into form with the Spring Equinox, March 19 when the Sun enters Aries. At this time, something breaks through to the surface that has been gestating deep within us.


The Pisces New Moon marks a period of time where we can feel the larger movements and cycles of our life. We begin to turn our attention to the new life that is coming. Part of this process includes releasing attachments to what does not serve our future growth. This year’s Pisces New Moon gives us the added potential for receiving some new inspiration, dream or ideal that will carry us through the spring and the eclipse season.

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