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Libra Lunar Eclipse: Release and Expand

I hope someday you see

this is all life wants:

for you to be

your own kind of beautiful

and not the kind

that makes you forget

who you are.

Kai Skye

Leo Full Moon: Be the Center of Your Life

The Lunar Eclipse on March 25, 2024, at 5 Libra

illuminates where we disempower ourselves in relationship and gives us the courage to make changes that clear pathways to love more fully. Changes we initiate now leave us freer to be ourselves. By validating ourselves and letting others off the hook of needing to be a certain way, we create healthier and stronger dynamics in the ways we relate.

This may look like saying goodbye to a relationship, meeting someone who will become important in our lives, or doing the work to renovate and renew a current relationship. It most certainly will include an internal shift we make where we give less importance to pleasing others at the expense of our self, or some variation of this theme.

Pluto trine Libra Moon

Eclipse Ruler: Venus conjunct Saturn sextile Jupiter and Uranus

South Node at apex of a yod to Venus and Jupiter

Penumbral Eclipse. The Earth will cast a faint shadow on the Moon. The shadow reflects something back to us. Like looking in a mirror, we see something about ourselves that was previously hidden.


Lunar Eclipses illuminate what has been hidden in the shadow of our awareness. Our feeling nature is activated. Buried emotions and fears may rise to the surface and we become aware of unconscious patterns and old programming that we are ready to release. Lunar eclipses bring something to a head where something can be completed and released. If we listen and respond to what our feelings are telling us, we can make a pivotal decision that will help restore emotional wellbeing. 


This is the second of three Libra eclipses that will occur within a one-year time period. The first was a Solar Eclipse on October 13, 2023, and the final Libra eclipse will be a solar eclipse on November 2, 2024. These eclipses build on one another and highlight issues of relationship versus independence. We are seeking to discard relationship patterns that have made us small as we discover more confidence to trust our impulses and take a stand for what matters most to us. We can identify the houses where the Libra/Aries axis resides in our natal chart to see which areas of life we can expect dynamic change.


Eclipses occur in pairs. A Solar and a Lunar Eclipse occur within two weeks of each other. together they seek to reconcile a seeming polarity that has surfaced. What we resolve in the wake of the Libra Lunar Eclipse will clear the way for the potential of the April 8, 2024 total Eclipse to usher in a dramatic new beginning.


The natal house where 5 Libra and 5 Aries resides in our personal natal chart will show us the area of our life that we are seeking resolution and a substantive shift. If we have planets between 3 and 7 degrees of a cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer), there is increased opportunity for us to initiate a significant shift out of relationship patterns that no longer serve us. The effects of the eclipse will unfold over the next six months, so there may not be a seismic shift on the day of the eclipse, but if we listen to ourselves, we can feel a new movement, a new way of engaging with life.

One of the greatest regrets in life

is being what others

would want you to be,

rather than being yourself.

Shannon L. Alder

Transforming How We Love

Pluto trine the Libra Moon 


Libra is all about how we relate to ‘the other’ and brings our attention to what our relationships mirror back to us.


Pluto empowers and transforms. Trine the Libra Moon, Pluto is guiding us to transform the way we engage with others. We can see truths that have been hidden from our awareness that reveal how we give our power away in the name of serving or maintaining a relationship.


Since the March 9 Pisces New Moon, we have had the opportunity to receive revelations or messages that arise in our meditations, dreams, a bird flying overhead or on the pages of a book we are reading. The month of March has been an invitation to give generous time for reflection and deep listening.

We are seeing clearly some way that we adjust ourselves in order to satisfy another or meet some external expectation. Perhaps we are overly focused on what others think of us or have a habit of comparing to ourselves to others. It may be that we continually overextend ourselves to another or we notice how we have changed ourselves to fit in and receive approval of our family, a group or in the workplace. 


Through the years, we have grown stronger within ourselves. We can better validate ourselves and not look outside for others to affirm our value. Blockages are being removed during the Eclipse that have inhibited our love and our courage.  We can readily see where we still engage in codependent tendencies and how take steps to release them so our love can flow with greater ease. It may be a time to let go of a relationship or risk losing a relationship by asserting a boundary or asserting what kinds of behavior we will or will not engage in.

Forgive yourself

for not knowing better at the time.

Forgive yourself for giving away

your power. Forgive yourself

for past behaviors. Forgive yourself

for the survival patterns and traits

you picked up while enduring trauma.

Forgive yourself for being

who you needed to be.

Audrey Kitching

Honesty. Forgiveness. Healing. Growth

 Eclipse Ruler:  Venus conjunct Saturn sextile Jupiter and Uranus


Venus is exulted in Pisces, accentuating our sensitivity, kindness and gentleness. We are likely to be more forgiving of ourselves and of others.  We are ready to not hold on too tightly to the people we love or to take on their problems as our own. Healing and deepening of intimacy are possible as we loosen the grip of attachment. In being less attached, we and those we love are given more freedom to express themselves authentically.


Venus conjunct Saturn has us get real about love. Love is not all rainbows and romance. It takes work and honesty with ourselves and with those we love. We may need to face the pain or the fear that has kept us in relationship dynamics that have left us feeling fenced in. We may need to establish a new agreement or set a boundary. It is up to us to act on the vision we have for our relationship with others and not wait for it to magically take care of itself.  Relationships with those we love can be strengthened if we look at the dynamics realistically and through open and honest dialogue.


Venus sextile Jupiter.  We are ready for our relationships to expand beyond their current definitions and limitations. It can be a wonderful time to invite someone we love to create art with us, go on a spiritual retreat or a hike in the woods. We are ready to not hold so tightly to the people we love. We more attuned to the divine love that permeates all life and there can be healing around intimacy and love through the time we spend with someone special to us.   


Venus sextile Uranus. We feel a restlessness with the routines and habits that have become part of the fabric of our relationships. Often the ways we regularly interact or spend time with another can feel comforting, but suddenly it may feel deadening. We are looking to feel more alive and spontaneous and less stifled by what has become predictable. Wanting more freedom in our relationships we are looking to reduce the demands placed on each other to continually prove our love in some specific way.


Releasing the Past and Expand the Potential for Love

South Node at apex of a yod to Venus and Jupiter

The Lunar Eclipse is a South Node eclipse, meaning that the Eclipse is shining a light on the past and what we are to leave behind. The South Node in Libra brings home the message that there are habitual ways we engage in relationship that are now limiting our future growth and it is an optimal time to discard and leave them behind.  We may feel a desire to sidestep or gloss over issues that can stir conflict or discomfort in relationship, but this may be the very pattern we need to face.


The Libra South Node also emphasizes skills we have learned in our relationships that we are to utilize as we assert our needs and wishes. As we give ourself to honest conversation, setting clear boundaries and potentially even saying goodbye to someone in our life, we can do this with a diplomacy, fairness and respect for ourselves and the other person.


Shifts we initiate in relationships over the next couple weeks will free up our fire, our passion, our confidence to stand more fully in ourselves to embody what lights us up.

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Thanks Olivia. I'm not sure I'm feeling this one...or at least not a big shift on Monday. But constantly evolving in my relationship with my guy (yes there is finally a man in my life, and a truly wonderful one!)

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