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Libra Full Moon Welcomes Relationship

Life is a balance of holding on

And letting go


The Libra Full Moon April 7, 2020 is Super Moon when the Moon, in its orbit, comes as close to the earth as is possible. With each Full Moon, water levels and emotions run high. Growth from intentions and actions over the last weeks culminates in breakthrough, crisis and/or completion of what was begun.

The April 7 Full Moon occurs against the backdrop of a world in crisis, mirrored in the dynamics of the astrological themes for the year. With the Sun in Aries and opposing Moon in Libra, we are shown where our attention is best focused as much of the world's activity is shut down and the future remains a set of unknown variables.

The Full Moon amplifies Experiences of Frustration and Yearning

with the Potential for Breakthrough in Feelings of Connection with Others

Relating well with others is the essence of Libra. Relationships mirror our values and our love in action. They are an outer manifestation of the relationship we have with ourselves. Libra values beauty, harmony, balance and fairness and we seek to actualize these traits through appreciating other's values and being empathetic to their needs.

The Full Moon highlights the dynamic tension between the desire to follow our impulses and advocate for ourself (Aries) and the need to adjust and yield to what will serve others (Libra). With a large number of us are Staying at Home, the desire to protect ourselves from harm is coupled with the desire to take appropriate action so that we are not the agent of another's suffering. Yet at home, we may find ourselves feeling isolated and/or in to-close-for-comfort quarters with others 24/7. Relationships that were working fine when we were all engaged in the activities of our life (Aries) are experiencing new challenges while there is nothing to distract us from extended close contact with the people who share our home. Likewise, we may be physically and/or emotionally separated from the people who matter most to us.

To love

Is to recognize yourself

In another.

Eckart Tolle

There is a growing restlessness and need to break free or restrictions (Mars square Uranus). It is prudent to refrain from impulsive, rash or ill thought out action. Cabin fever can propel us to spontaneously leave the house and take our chances. We can also easily project and rebel against some outside agent, a person or entity, that we feel is confining or limiting us. With customary diversions not available to us, we have the opportunity to face what we have successfully avoided. Previously, we may have moved freely in the world and yet felt trapped within ourselves. alone and separate. While we are in physical confinement, we are confronted with feelings of how we have entrapped ourselves, isolated ourselves all along.

What may have initially occurred as either a welcome break where we can have some down time or a period of time we felt we could tolerate, has led to ruminations of what will come after the immediate crisis has passed. As most of us have reduced life to its simplistic components, we are being given a unique vantage point in which to evaluate our true unalterable needs, discovering what we can do without, and clearly see what is missing from our life and has been missing for some time.

And for many of us, we recognize there is something missing in our relationship with others - professionally, personally, socially. We may simultaneously feel something missing in the short-circuiting of our potential to express our gifts, our joy, our enthusiasm and truth in the world and with others. The Full Moon square Jupiter/Pluto brings deep truths to the surface. Within our heart we feel what is possible. Then in our interactions we are faced with the gap between the reality and the vision for what we want to see happening. Not quieting the desire to reconcile the two, the Full Moon is the moment where breakthrough is possible, where something new can emerge in how we relate to and share ourselves with others.

People were created to be loved.

Things were created to be used.

The reason why the world is in chaos

Is because things are being loved

And people are being used

John Green

Virtual Connection Increases but may not Satisfy the Real Need

Saturn recently moved into Aquarius where it will remain for 2 years. An Air Sign, Aquarius rules the internet, inspired innovation and feeling disconnected or isolated from society. The Aquarian temperament loves humanity but holds people at arm's length. Aquarians can feel like the odd one out, the ugly duckling, longing to find a tribe of people who march to the beat of the same drummer she is hearing.

Saturn brings limitation, boundaries and restriction. As Saturn entered Aquarius March 21, an airborne illness spread that results in a difficulty to get air in our lungs. Air travel suddenly ceased. We feel how the world's people are connected and yet the boundaries between countries, between states are amplified. We acknowledge our actions can impact others. Simultaneously we are being isolated. In many ways, Saturn's influence has erected barriers that shut us in and have us face the feelings of disconnection and isolation that have permeated our life. The internet, ruled by Aquarius, is a tool that connects us to the whole world but can have us feeling more alone than ever. This amplification of this phenomenon and the resulting agitation will feed a growing desire and vision for how to have real time satisfying connection with others in a world where virtual connection is the norm and on the rise.

Renewal of Relationships is found through Conversation, a Desire to Learn, and an Openness to New Concepts

Venus, Libra's ruler, is in Gemini until August. In May, she will turn Retrograde, initiating further exploration of how to enliven our relationships so they reflect the beauty, harmony, and fairness we know is possible. In Gemini, we seek to have interchange. We are looking to engage in conversation, exchange information, learn something new. We are looking to share what matters to us and create a strong network of like-minded people. Venus' desire and agenda, while in her extended stay in Gemini, is further supported by the Libra Moon's quincunx to Mercury/Neptune. We are being challenged to speak the truths that guide us, the values we hold dear, and have inspired dialogue with others towards creating a new beginning for ourselves and society.

Western culture has encouraged and rewarded rugged individualism, the achievement of self-efficiency and a disproportionate dedication of attention geared towards self interest and self actualization. While these pursuits are self-empowering, without the component of interdependence and communal activity, isolation and loneliness results.

To achieve balance and harmony, the Libra Full Moon invites us to evaluate the proportions of energy given to fulfilling our desires (Aries) with being open, vulnerable, and generous in relationship (Libra). We may feel less in control, yet developing a vital interdependent web of relationships can meet our needs in ways we could never imagine. Supporting others, receiving from others is fundamental to the human experience. Libra would say there is no greater satisfaction than the experience of giving to another and being vulnerable to receive in return. With the Full Moon, we can better see where we have erected barriers that keep others at arm's length and begin to dissolve patterns of self-protection and distrust of others.

This tension to be resolved between the Aries/Libra access is not easy. The challenge is in how we can have our personal fire and spontaneity (Aries) within relationship (Libra). We can easily fall into the shadow of Libra, which is to gloss over deep needs or intense feelings for the sake of harmony. Meeting another's needs, giving in to what they value creates only the illusion of harmony. Self-sacrifice, martyrdom or subservience in the name of giving to another ultimately does not create harmony or intimacy. There is no fast track and no magical pill for authentic connection, just perseverance of heart.

To be in harmony with nature

Is to be in harmony with oneself

St. Francis of Assisi

Awakening Human Nature and the Human Potential

Perhaps there is no better way for us to learn about relationship than to spend time in and with the natural world. Nature is not always pretty. It has storms and death, but underlying all her activity, there is an order that pulses with harmonious interdependence. If we become attuned to its movements, its language, we can bring this forth and into our interactions and activities.

For those of us who are not able to leave the house, we can watch the movements of the sky through the window or observe a bird in flight. We can spend time with our pets, who naturally move in tune with their nature. We can chose to watch videos on nature rather than the crime dramas or the news. I highly recommend a documentary called The Big Little Farm. It is entertaining, mind-opening and a profound testament to how we can create heaven on earth by living in harmony with nature and with how things work. We have only to simply move in step, in an intimate dialogue with the world around and not give ourselves to implementing solutions that do not encompass an understanding of what the problem truly is.

And for those of us who have the luxury of stepping outside, there is no better panacea to the longing within ourselves than to spend time in the natural world. Every tree, every flower, every grasshopper is uninhibited from freely expressing its own nature within a web of relationship and connection with all that is around them. To experience this, even in short doses over a prolonged period of time, can effectively spark the potential for an enhanced experience of relationship with ourselves, others and the world around. When this happens, the potential that lives inside of us will have avenues of connection and expression beyond what we currently imagine is possible.


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