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The Great Conjunction & Winter Solstice

May this be a morning of innocent beginning,

When the gift within you slips clear

Of the sticky web of the personal

With its hurt and hauntings,

And fixed fortress corners,

A morning when you become a pure vessel

For what wants to ascend from silence,

May your imagination know

The grace of perfect danger,

To reach beyond imitation,

And the wheel of repetition,

Deep into the call of all

The unfinished and unsolved

Until the veil of the unknown yields

And something original begins

To stir toward your senses

And grow stronger in your heart...

John O'Donohue

We have experienced our world grow darker and darker. Cycles of light and dark, day and night, summer and winter are in a perpetual dance of growth, bloom and going back to seed to prepare to bloom again. The darkest day of the year is at our doorstep. When the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, 2020 marking the Winter Solstice, the new sun dawns with the promise of renewed light and longer days. A new year begins that kindles new hope and fresh possibility. The gift within the new light will be nurtured, gradually increase and come to full bloom during the course of the coming year.

This Winter Solstice is Not a Typical Day of Beginnings; it Heralds a Paradigm Shift

Perhaps because 2020 was not your typical year, the year provided the necessary ingredients to warrant a monumental cosmic alignment to carry us forward with a generative and radically new orientation for humanity. There was a deconstructing of the status quo in 2020 as Pluto, Saturn Jupiter traveled together in Capricorn. It was essential for normal life and business-as-usual to be interrupted so we could disentangle and detach ourselves from a habitual way of behaving. We were compelled to loosen rigid thought patterns around how life is supposed happen. There were a number of other astrological alignments that contributed to the dismantling our ways of engaging life Notable among these was the Mars Retrograde this fall that slowed us down and thwarted us from moving our life forward. The two recent eclipses afforded us the opportunity to release old patterns, habits, and beliefs and ready ourselves for the shift now taking place.

Throughout 2020, we were invited to step out of our comfort zone, let go of dreams of how we wanted our life to go forward and make room for something else that could set us on a new, more authentic course. And this new course, this new paradigm is occurring because the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn has timed its 20-year cyclical reunion to take place on the very day the sun dawns anew. The presence of the Great Conjunction amplifies both the meaning of the conjunction and the solstice, emphasizing and punctuating the notion of a true beginning.

A big deal has been made of this day by astrologers and the media in recent weeks. There is good reason for this. To better understand the significance of the winter eclipse, the next section contemplates the astrological components of December 21.

Winter Solstice – The Dawn of a New Cycle of Growth

This is one of the most significant days of the annual cycle. On this darkest of days, The Sun rising above the horizon as it moves into Capricorn is the very definition of The Winter Solstice. The Solstice Sun proclaims that the days will now increase and a new year has begun. Since the dawn of humanity, peoples in cultures around the globe have celebrated the rising of the Solstice Sun. Different holiday and religious traditions that happen around this time reflect and reinforce the celestial message of new light and a new hope.

For a seed to achieve its greatest expression,

it must come completely undone.

The shell cracks, its insides come out and

everything changes. To someone

who doesn't understand growth,

it would look like complete destruction.

Cynthia Occelli

The Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn Join at 0° Aquarius

These two planets rendezvous every 20 years, and the dynamics of their meeting sets the tone and direction for the next 20 years, hence indicating the flavor of the coming generation.

Two Stars Become One. For the first time since 1623, Saturn and Jupiter will be at the same declination on the ecliptic path when they meet for the Great Conjunction, having them appear to us on earth as if they are one star, rather than two. In1623 though, the meeting of Saturn and Jupiter was not visible from the earth as the two planets were traveling in the sun’s light. The last time humanity could visually see the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter merging into one brilliant star was in 1226.

To witness this phenomenon, step outside in the hours just after sunset on the solstice and look in the SW part of the sky. Jupiter will be the brightest star in the sky, with Saturn’s much dimmer light joining it. As no one alive has witnessed this before, if for some reason it does not look like one large star, it will certainly at least appear as if the two planets are kissing.

The Close of a 200 Year Cycle. Since1802, Jupiter and Saturn have met every 20 years in an earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo). The collective focus has been on earth, on the material world and on earthly resources. The industrial revolution, the mining of the earth’s riches (coal, oil, ore), and the accumulation of material wealth and comfort has been the collective aspiration of western society for this era. Progress has been measured by material accumulation and wealth. The excesses of this era have created dire consequences. In years to come, history classes may refer to this period as the Dark Age of Materialism.

A New 200 Year Cycle is Initiated

For the first time in 800 years, Jupiter and Saturn will come together in an air sign with the Great Conjunction on December 21 initiating the beginning of new 200-year cycle where the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn every 20 years will take place in an air sign. Instead of material wealth, progress will be measured by scientific, cultural, and intellectual wealth. The arts will flourish. Scientific and technological developments will seek to serve all humanity because there will be an increasing recognition that all life is interdependent.