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Scorpio New Moon - Core Desires are Stirred

October 27, 2019

"Hello Darkness, my old friend

I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted

In my brain

Still remains

In the sound

of silence."

Simon and Garfunkel

A water sign, Scorpio’s expression is the depth of the ocean, the realm where sunlight does not penetrate - the realm where all life emerges and returns; it is the raw creative potential hardwired into all life. Hidden within the bloom of our efforts, encoded beneath the surface of what is readily seen, is the seed desire that motivates our actions, conversations and perceptions. The New Moon brings our attention to this place, to our deepest feelings and longings.

"Nature is alive and talking to us. This is not a metaphor." Terence McKenna

Scorpio brings intensity and focus. Core desires are accentuated. Transformation is afoot. Renewal is promised as we are reacquainted with the well of our emotional nature, allowing our feelings to guide us towards actualization of our soul purpose.

Venus and Mercury, along with the Sun and Moon, are also in Scorpio. This is a lot of Scorpio. Our sexual, creative and sexual energy is fueled. Desire for relationship and intimacy is heightened. Issues we normally shy away from contemplating or discussing can take on new interest: death, life beyond death, money, sexuality and topics society might label taboo. All this Scorpio will have us less interested in superficial banter or adhering to social norms as we favor giving attention to what empowers, transforms and gives voice to the whole of who we are.

We are attuned to the motivation that inspires a given activity, conversation or circumstance.

The New Moon brings us down to the root from where life continually blooms anew. Rather than addressing symptoms, we are tuned into the seed impulse: where it has become twisted, blocked, or has free flow to surge forward. A shift at the root will create pivotal change that ripples out into our lives.

What was minimized or set aside for another day, surfaces into our thoughts, interactions and feelings. To honor this, we can find time to be quiet, to leave the whirl of daily agenda and willingly enter the fertile, moist, rich soil of the dark time – and find ourselves at the bottom of the ocean, in deep space, in the realm of dreams, or resonating with the cosmic vibrations of creation . Attuning to the seed impulse buried deep within us, our soul potential and yearning is quickened.

"Courage is a love affair with the unknown." Osho

In this autumnal season as the earth goes back to seed, we embrace the falling of another year, welcome the spirits of the past to speak to us, and prepare for the season when will lie silent and fallow awaiting a new spring. The Scorpio New Moon has us shed layers of what we already know or have accomplished so we can once again encounter the desire embedded deep within our life’s design and the evolutionary urge to spring forth in an unprecedented way.

The New Moon in Scorpio is the place of magic and mystery, carrying us inside the dark forest of fairy tales, the uncharted territory where we encounter demons and dragons, but also unlikely and surprising support. Heeding the call and stepping into the unknown, we are drawn to possibilities that lead to greater connection with the source of all life and the vitality and creativity that is waiting for us to claim or reclaim. We are presented with the opportunity to let go of what once served and now limits us so that we create the space for a more expanded and authentic self to emerge.

Uranus is in exact opposition to the New Moon

We may be surprised by the strength of our feelings or of events that stir us to our core. Tensions that have been secreted away or repressed can be suddenly released. Patterns that have us feeling bound up inside can more readily come unraveled so there is greater access and freedom to our feelings and expression.

It is a creative time. How we each relate to the creative process will determine whether we feel out of control and unhinged, or wildly and strangely alive. We are in unknown territory, with our feelings in the driver's seat. If we can trust and effectively channel our feeling nature, we walk the dark time in beauty. There can be profound insight or revelation about what we really want and the pathway towards fulfilling our desire. Uranus is the Awakener. In hard aspect to the Scorpio New Moon, circumstances are ripe to awaken to our true nature in an unexpected and alive way.

Mars square Saturn and Nodal Axis

The placement of Mars, planet of action, assertion and passion, has us feeling revved up and ready to go. It is a bit like sitting at a red light, revving the engine, just waiting to charge forth when the light turns green. We are feeling primed, even impatient, about taking resolute action.

All personal planets are in forward motion. Saturn and Pluto have gone direct over the last weeks, and Jupiter is now picking up speed. We are encouraged to express, act and move our lives forward.

Mars square Saturn can be militant. We may feel the only way is to doggedly push through challenges and overcome roadblocks. There is great tension in this approach. It is beneficial to be tenacious, to having a focused and disciplined approach, but to exercise patience and perseverance over the impulse to simply charge ahead.

Mars square to the Nodal Axis prompts us to find a new approach to how we take action, how we respond to obstacles. Is there a way to exercise cooperation with others, care and compassion in the way we initiate change without losing any of our fire and enthusiasm for actualizing our desire.