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Scorpio Full Moon: What is Hidden, Surfaces

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Things are not getting worse –

They are getting uncovered.

We must hold each other tight

And continue to pull back the veil.

Adrienne Marce Brown

Strong Feelings arise with the Scorpio Full Moon April 26/27, 2021

The fast pace of the last weeks wanes. A significant shift has taken place that has us slowing down, and feeling more cautious. We are encouraged to curb activity so there is the spaciousness to be responsive to what is rising within us. The personal planets have moved into feminine signs (Taurus and Cancer) and attention has turned inward to allow for a reassessment of our direction and priorities.

We are embracing practical methods to increase stability in our life (Venus, Sun and Mercury in Taurus) marking a dramatic departure from the initiatory and bold energy we may recently have felt as these same planets moved through Aries. Mars has also shifted from curious and social Gemini into cautious and sensitive Cancer. The initial surge of spring past, we are adopting a more sober view of finances and how to utilize available resources, and what it will take to construct, build and realize short- and long-term goals.

The Scorpio Full Moon is a Super Moon, accentuating and stimulating our feeling nature. The Full Moon is illuminating the nature of what is inhibiting the desired movement in our lives, with the aim of releasing what is holding us back and slowing us down.

Scorpio is the deep oceanic waters. These waters are not illuminated by the sun’s light, and make up what is hidden within our unconscious. Water signs are associated with feelings, and the feelings nature of Scorpio is intense and passionate. We may be surprised by the depth of feelings around past circumstances that surface anew. Feelings we may have minimized or closeted away rise up to be healed and integrated.

The waters of Scorpio initiate healing and transformation. On the flip side, if we barrel forward, ignoring the feelings that are stirring, we can become obsessive or compulsive in our behavior. If we allow ourselves a pause and give space for our feelings, there is great potential for the full moon waters to cleanse and purify, and dissolve the effects of trauma we carry with us. Moving in tune with our feelings, while avoiding intellectualizing or compartmentalization them with rationalizations, we open to intuition, to the language of our soul, and the nature of the deep self. Beyond logic and the information provided by the 5 senses, the Full Moon opens us to the full dimension of our being is accessed, providing a fresh perspective about who we are and where we are going.

We may be feeling stagnant with all the earth and water energy. This is all the more reason to turn inward and see what is stirring beneath the surface that when released, will fertilize and nourish the desired growth within our lives.

Maybe the journey

Isn’t about becoming anything.

Maybe its about un-becoming everything

That isn’t really you, so you can be

Who you were meant to be in the first place

Paul Coelho

Mars and Pluto: Rulers of Scorpio

More about the Full Moon can be ascertained from looking at the movement’s of its rulers. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars and Pluto and speak to issues of power and powerlessness.

Pluto’s transformative powers are amplified as the planet has slowed to a standstill, stationing and readying to turn retrograde. Pluto’s motion further emphasizes the impulse to turn inward and be curious about the inner work that can be done to shed outworn beliefs and let go of the baggage we carry with us. In Capricorn, we can contemplate our experience of control or of feeling controlled in relation to boundaries and authority. Throughout the last decade Pluto has been applying steady pressure so create the necessary transformation so that the structures and responsibilities that define our lives are created and held in a way that does not deflate but empower us.

Mars shows us where and how we are ready to take action. We are fueled to face and overcome challenges and barriers that present themselves (Mars trine with the Full Moon). Yet, the potency of Mars in Cancer is weakened and is drained of its usual oomph and drive. Actions are colored by feelings and lack objectivity. Childhood needs and the desire to protect and defend what we feel belongs to us can color our perceptions while Cancer is in the sign of home, family and safety. With Mars, ‘out of bounds’ until May 24, we can be mindful of areas where we are projecting past experiences of not feeling safe onto a current situation.

Restlessness and Restriction –

2021's Key Dynamic is Amplified at the Full Moon

The square between Saturn and Uranus, the underlying dynamic of 2021, is stimulated. We are likely experiencing the conflict between Uranus (expansion) and Saturn (contraction). We seek radical change (Uranus) and yet feel tied to the way things have worked (Saturn). The movements of the year happen within the context of this struggle between embracing the new and feeling entrenched in the old. (For more on the Uranus/Saturn square, read The Astrology of 2021)

The Saturn/Uranus square is amplified in the following ways:

  • We have the ingenuity to break new ground, yet our emotions are unpredictable. We may have mood swings, anxiety and encounter something unexpected that makes us either more tentative or more erratic. (Uranus conjunct the Sun and oppose the Moon)

  • There is a feeling of restriction that makes it hard to emotionally connect with others. We may be reminded of past failures, triggering loneliness, grief and shame. (Saturn square both the Sun and Moon)